Five Questions to Ask if you’re Buying a Used Motorhome

If you ask anyone who owns a motorhome what they love most, you could hear any number of different answers. One of the biggest benefits is an unrivalled sense of freedom and adventure. When you own your own motorhome, the world is your oyster. If you want to take a trip, you don’t need to worry about booking flights or train tickets or organising hotel accommodation, you can just pack a bag and hit the road. You can go where you want, when you want, setting your own schedule, or just setting off and seeing where you end up.

Another benefit people list when asked about owning a motorhome is having their home comforts wherever they go. Often, people like the idea of camping, but are put off by the idea of being away from showers, TV, electricity, a kitchen etc. With a motorhome, you can enjoy all of the joys of a camping holiday, without losing any of the home comforts you enjoy.

Buying a motorhome is quite an investment, however, and some people might struggle to afford to buy a brand new one. For these people, buying a used motorhome can be a much more attractive option. However, if you don’t have much experience with motorhomes, it  can be quite confusing. To help make things as simple and straight forward as possible, make sure you ask the following questions before making a decision.

How much can I afford to spend?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself before you make any major purchase. Working out how much money you can realistically afford to put towards your motorhome will help you set out a budget, which in turn will help structure the rest of your search for the perfect vehicle.

What features are most important?

Even once you’ve set yourself a budget, you’ll still be presented with an impressive array of different options to choose from. Motorhomes are different sizes, offering different features, so listing your main priorities will help narrow things down. Is space the most important thing, or would you prefer something slighter smaller and quicker? What home comforts are most important for you?

Who am I going to buy my used motorhome from?

Once you’ve decided on your budget and highlighted which features are most important, the next step is to decide where to buy your motorhome from. One option is to look for a private seller, who may just be upgrading or have no need for their current motorhome anymore. Alternatively, you could look to online marketplaces like eBay, but these can often be confusing or daunting to first time buyers. Your best option is to go to a well-known motorhome retailer,who specialise in selling both new and used motorhomes.

What is the vehicle’s history?

When you’re buying any used vehicle, it is always vital that you learn as much about its history as you can. How old is it? How many miles has it done? Has it been in any accidents? Have any of the parts been replaced? What state are the appliances and other additional features in? You don’t want to buy something that seems like a good deal, only to have to invest more money further down the line fixing problems.

Does the motorhome come with a warranty?

Often, used vehicles will not be covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty, due to their age. While private sellers may not offer their own warranty, well-known dealers like Premier Motorhomes Ltd, will usually offer their own warranty of at least 12 months, giving you some cover and peace of mind.

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