Win an exciting Caribbean cruise for 2 people with Royal Caribbean

Please note this prize draw is now closed.

This month’s winner is in for a marvellous treat – a 7 night cruise with the world’s largest cruise brand, who certainly know a thing or two about the Caribbean!

If you’d like to visit these stunning islands, where sun sand and sea are blended to perfection, a cruise is the ideal way to enjoy them. There are many voyages to choose from and you’ll be able to find one that suits you to a tee.

You might sail from Barbados, then onto Grenada, St Kitts, Antigua, St Vincent, Domenica and St Lucia. A cruise is simply the very best way to enjoy the delights of all these very different islands in a week: tropical forests, volcanic mountains, colourful harbours, laid back beaches and taste of rum everywhere!

You could opt for a cruise that takes you to RCI’s private island at CocoCay in the Bahamas, experience Perfect Day in a true paradise.

And you’ll be voyaging on a ship that’s filled with adventures too – from swimming pools and sun loungers to the spa, the adult-only Solarium to fabulous Broadway style shows, a touch of Argentine tango and outdoor movie evenings after wonderful dinners at Chef’s Table or Chops Grille. You’ll find time to relax, be entertained and dine in style.

Royal Caribbean are experts in creating welcoming, happy cruises on ships where extraordinary happens.

Find out more from Ben Bouldin, vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd



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1,197 Responses

  1. I have always wanted to go to Barbados. Would love to treat my gorgeous husband Keith to a cruise. He is my soulmate, the wind beneath my wings

    1. I’d love to visit Antigua – and what better way than with Royal Caribbean – the jewel in the crown of Caribbean travel!!

      1. I’d love to go on another cruise, we tried a short one a few years ago now, to see what it was like, and loved it, with royal Caribbean, couldn’t imagine going with another cruise liner now 🛳

    2. I would love to take my partner Paul away on this wonderful holiday as he works so hard. He never asks for anything and is my world.
      This would be fantastic for us to get away together, visiting all these wonderful places that we have only dreamed of.
      I have had several periods of illness and Paul has always gone above and beyond to care and provide for me. I am well now and would love for us to be able to get away.
      Thank you

    3. Would love a cruise 🛳 today where in the Caribbean its the ship that excites me, looks and sounds amazing.

    4. I would love to experience the beauty of Grenada; the aromas of the spice market, swimming in the crystal clear waters and sipping a cocktail on the beach. Immersing myself in the wonderful culture and joy of the Caribbean!

    1. I would love to win a cruise to make up for our awful honeymoon experience. Covid, sea sickness, cruise company went bust, high tide so no excersions, horrible passengers and a broken lift!
      Anywhere hot! 👌☀️

  2. My dream Caribbean destination would be the Cayman Islands, or St Lucia, or Bermuda or in fact any of the Caribbean Islands.

    1. I have been lucky enough to visit many of the gorgeous Caribbean islands and my 3 favourite are Barbados, St. Lucia (Marigot Bay is stunning)and Grand Turk which is just as you expect the Caribbean to be with fabulous beaches.

      1. Bermuda still looking for the triangle, would love a royal experience to look fir it with hubbie for our 40th anniversary 👑😍

    1. Having never been on a cruise before I really don’t mind where I go…but somewhere warmer rather than colder! I don’t like extreme heat….it would be so good to have a holiday!

    2. Would just love to be on board with all Royal Caribbean has to offer, I don’t mind where, but somewhere with sun would be a plus!!

    1. I have been to Barbados many years ago for a conference and would like to return plus visit other islands to see the different cultures and foods.

    1. Any where in the Caribbean would be amazing. I would love to visit Mexicio and would take my mum for a girly a trip.

  3. Would love to take my wife Julie to Barbados. It was her 60th birthday during lockdown, so I have promised to make it up by taking her to Barbados.
    Fingers crossed for her special present.

  4. I would love to cruise around New Zealand and take my hubby for a special holiday.We,ve never been on a cruise before,so it would be fantastic time.

  5. Anywhere in the Caribbean would be lovely but if I pick a place it would be the Cayman Islands .

  6. I would love a cruise of South America. We should have been booking last year for my 60th & our 40th wedding Anniversary but sadly we were in lockdown 🙁

  7. I would love to visit St Kitts. It sounds such an amazing country with truly wonderful people

    1. St Lucia. Stunning views, fabulous hiking trails through the national park and beautiful beaches to relax with cocktails

  8. Bermuda , hear it is a lovely place , we love the Caribbean and can’t wait to go back, miss our cruising .

  9. St Kitts or St Lucia would be amazing, but would happy anywhere sunny and warm after this week’s weather

  10. I would love to visit Guadeloupe – to visit this Paradise, have a drink at Catherine’s bar, visit Honore Police Station ad enjoy the wonderful scenary both on and off set, the delights seen from my sofa to the reality of this lovely island.

  11. A cruise is the perfect holiday to have a taster of several different islands of the Caribbean. This would be amazing to win

  12. Absolutely love St Martens in the Caribbean, would love to go anywhere as I adore cruising especially with Royal Caribbean.

  13. What a lovely prize.I would love to win a lovely holiday anywhere really because I love going to different places.

    1. To win this holiday would be a Dream come True as: a) I have never been on a Cruise, and b) have always wanted to see the Islands of the Caribbean, especially with those who have expertise in this región.

  14. I would LOVE to visit St Lucia – and not only go dolphin watching, but also visit the home of Hotel Chocolat!

  15. Never been to the Caribbean so to experience it on a Royal Caribbean ship would be amazing. Great islands to see and fantastic things to do on board – great combination x

  16. Not had a holiday in years. I should have retired by now but as a nurse I have been helping with the Covid Pandemic. Now all I want is to relax on a warm soft sandy beach looking at a beautiful turquoise blue Carribbean sea. One day maybe.

  17. Cruising the Caribbean with Royal Caribbean would be amazing! Brilliant Royal Caribbean, like the Caribbean, is unbeatable for the best cruising experience ever!

  18. The Bahamas would be a dream destination for us, a holiday in paradise nice and warm to explore a new destination.

  19. Would love to go back to Antigua. We went there for our Silver Wedding 26 years ago and would like to return again, bet it has changed a bit!!!!

    1. We have not managed to visit the Bahamas yet so that would be top of my list. We also haven’t cruised with Royal Caribbean yet so would love to try your cruises. It is our Emerald Wedding Anniversary in June which would be a fantastic time to join your ship for some sunshine and total relaxation.

  20. Hawaii…my husbands got lots of Hawaiian shirts and never wore them. He’d simply have no excuse if we won.

  21. After two years of no travelling a trip on the Woolwich Ferry would be exciting but a cruise round the Carribean would be epic!!

  22. Cruising the Caribbean would be a dream come true. I really don’t mind which island I visit. Anywhere would be amazing after being stuck at home for 2 years.

  23. Barbados
    Woah, I’m going to Barbados
    Woah, back to the palm trees
    Woah, I’m going to see my good friend
    Woah, in the sunny Caribbean sea

  24. I would love to go to Barbados again. We went there many years ago and the people were friendly, the food amazing and the scenery spectacular.

  25. I’ve never been to the Caribbean and this would be a wonderful treat and taster of the islands. Sheer delight after the last couple of years 🙂

  26. I’ll be perfectly honest (and realise this won’t win me the prize) but I have never had a yearning to go on a sea cruise. The only reason I would go on one would be to take my best friend, a widow who is desperate to go on a cruise. Her youngest son is going with his wife and 3 grown-up children plus his mother-in-law on a cruise in the Mediterranean this summer but my friend is not included, even though she would have been happy to pay for her cabin! So, although my company wouldn’t match up to going away with grandchildren it might be a small consolation. The Mediterranean would be first choice but my pick for the Caribbean would be St Lucia.

  27. Love the Caribbean we were lucky enough to go on a Transatlantic cruise to the Caribbean and would love to go back. Such beautiful islands.

  28. I’ve never been on a cruise before and would absolutely thrilled if I could,this one looks amazing

  29. Would be wonderful to visit Caribbean as I did when I served the in the navy in the eighties. But this time sharing the experience with my wife.

  30. To win this cruise would be a miracle as i couldn’t win a raffle if there was only me bought tickets 🙁

  31. Barbados for our Ruby wedding anniversary and husbands retirement. Had to cancel 2 years ago and feel this will be our only chance to go now.

  32. A Carribean cruise is like the holiday of dreams, I would love to take my partner away and see the beautiful Islands! We would be ecstatic if we won! 🙂 Best of luck all!

  33. Antigua, I stopped over for 30 minutes once on a flight but would like the chance to actually explore the island

  34. My dream Royal Caribbean Cruise destination would be St Lucia with the stop-offs before and after being the icing on the cake!

  35. I would love to win a Caribbean cruise as its our Golden Wedding Anniversary this year and what a surprise it would be for my wonderful husband and an absolutely fantastic way to celebrate 50 years of marriage!!

  36. A fantastic prize a dream come true
    Royal Caribbean with the 5 star crew
    Paradise Islands lush and so green
    For once in my life live like a Queen

  37. Any of the island countries we have yet to visit – Grenada, St Vincent & Grenadines, Barbados, Dominica etc…collect them all is our motto!

  38. My Dream destination with Royal Caribbean would be Haiti , it has lots of historical sites to visit,
    including:The Citadelle , National history park, Monasterio de san Francisco , Colombus Lighthouse and man more. It would be the trip of a lifetime.

  39. flew over the Bahamas once, ive never seen such turquoise waters and ive always wanted to go ever since

  40. I’ve never been to the Caribbean, so any of the islands. I have heard St Lucia is beautiful, but all of the islands are likely to have something special.

  41. I’d love the opportunity to try a cruise, I’ve never been brave enough to book one before.

  42. Would like to visit both Grenada and St Lucia for both the excellent weather and the crystal clear waters around them.

  43. I would love to visit cayman islands to
    surprise my cousin who I haven’t seen for many years. It would be a dream come true.

  44. I would love the opportunity to finally go cruising! Always dreamt of going on a cruise around the Caribbean!

  45. I would love the opportunity to finally go cruising! Always dreamt of going on a cruise around the Caribbean.

  46. Would be an absolute dream come true as wanted to go on a cruise since my 20’s now a lifetime and a half later finally a chance

  47. I would love to visit all the islands in the Caribbean especially Saint Lucia as I have been there before. The closest to Paradise the we will ever get to!

  48. My wife and I would simply love to go wherever you want to take us in the Caribbean. We would be extremely happy to be in your safe hands.

  49. Hopefully travelling again soon and despite the obvious worries I would still love to see the main sites of China, great wall, terracotta army etc.

  50. Would love to cruise the east coast off Australia. The wonderful wildlife and beautiful sunshine would be such a joy

  51. I would love to say but I’ve not been anywhere yet so pick me to go anywhere so I can have somewhere to write about.

  52. I would love to see the more unknown islands of the Caribbean and see tropical beaches and coves in turquoise waters

  53. I was lucky enough to visit St Lucia and Grenada years ago – it would be great to explore some of the other islands, to see Trinidad & Tobago where my grandparents lived when I was small, to see the dramatic effects of the volcanic eruption on Monserrat, to speak French in Guadeloupe and Spanish in the Dominican Republic, to sample the local Curacao or relax in Barbados….

  54. After what we’ve been through over the past 2 years, any holiday destination would be wonderful!! My wife and I haven’t had a proper holiday since the kids were young so this prize would be amazing!

  55. I would love to cruise the Caribbean – warm sun, happy music, lovely food & pretty cocktails 🍹
    Just what I need

  56. To see cricket at the Kingston Oval in Barbados with a flying fish sandwich and a beer to complete the experience.

  57. A wonderful prize – but that ship is so huge, it would take half an hour to get from your cabin to breakfast!

  58. This year we are celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Two years ago we flew to Barbados to start our Caribbean Cruise. On the first evening onboard we were told “The Cruise is cancelled because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Tomorrow we must return to UK.”
    What a disappointment!

  59. I love cruising and I hope one day to take my Mum to Japan, I love the culture and the food and would love to show my Mum this from the comfort and prestige of a Royal Carribean ship.

  60. I would love to revisit St Lucia – the most magical place I’ve ever been. Along with seeing Barbados and Jamaica 🇯🇲

  61. I love the Caribbean so any island would be great but the exciting thing would be the fantastic ship experience as well

  62. would love to go on a cruise , we are both in our 70s and i would be a dream come true as we have never been on a cruise in our lives.

  63. I would love to feel free with my husband on your wonderful holidays anywhere where the weather is warm, the sea and skies are blue. Just recovering from a health problem would work wonders for us.

  64. love Royal Caribbean cruise line have been on a few med cruises with them , never been to Caribbean with them though it would be great

  65. I have never had a holiday abroad and a cruise to the Caribbean , has been a life long dream of mine , I would love to travel around the islands of at Lucia , at kitts And Barbados is the most beautiful destination on earth , with its white sandy beaches , to win this prize would be totally amazing

  66. Do you know, I would be just happy to go *anywhere* as I’ve never cruised before and haven’t had a holiday in about six years because I had a series of seizures that left me bed-bound and immobile for many months.
    However, after grim determination and sheer stubbornness, I’m walking again and finally I think I’m ready to get married. I didn’t want to while i was in a wheelchair, so I’m lucky that my fiance is very patient…
    We’re definitely looking to book a cruise for our honeymoon next year but we will have to wait and see what we can afford. Love will find a way.

  67. I don’t have the words to describe this wonderful cruise. In these awful times a ray of sunshine

  68. I would love to visit St Lucia and other Caribbean islands- I just watch the tv programmes about them and they look amazing with the white sands / palm trees and friendly locals not to mention the rum!! Fingers crossed 🤞

  69. I would love a trip to St Lucia. The warmth against my bones and my best friends would be amazing we both have severe arthritis. She has been such an amazing friend especially through Covid we supported each other by dreaming of winning lottery to go somewhere such as St Lucia.

  70. “With these words of wisdom LET IT BE me !” para-phrasing The Beatles.

    “When I find myself in times of trouble, ST LUCIA calls out to me !”

    ST LUCIA would be magic
    and ARUBA would not be tragic !

  71. 2 years ago we arrived in Barbados only to be told “Your Cruise is cancelled due to COVID virus!” Would love to go again.

  72. We have never been on a cruise. I would love to experience our first cruise anywhere with Royal Caribbean.

  73. Sailing a turquoise blue sea on a sumptuous Silver Traveller liner to warm white sand beach destinations – what more could a girl wish for …

  74. I always browse the travel advisor and as a “silver” traveler, I dream of the perfect, affordable holiday.
    Now that we can travel, a cruise to the Caribbean would be the perfect answer.
    I have never been, so my ideal choice would be Trinidad, Barbados and St Lucia.

  75. St Lucia – it looks as picturesque as my beloved Wales and has the added benefit of year round sunshine

  76. I would love the cruise to coincide with locations linked to international cricket games, especially England.

  77. I’d like to visit and contrast the French-influenced islands of the Eastern Caribbean – Guadelouper, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada. Time out to see the Pitons and the volcanoes

  78. Whoa, I’m going to Barbados, whoa palm trees, palm trees…. How fabulous to be singing this on my way there.

  79. After the last couple of years and my husband having a fall and breaking his leg it would be wonderful to have a holiday on such a fabulous ship and to see such beautiful islands.

  80. Would be amazing to win this cruise after a rubbish few years having breast cancer, losing my wonderful Dad and spending my 60th in lockdown. St Lucia would be my favourite destination but also Barbados, Bahamas & Antigua <3

  81. I’d like to visit and contrast the French-influenced isles of the Eastern Caribbean – Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada

  82. I would love ANY island in the Caribbean . My ambition is to do all the islands.
    Good luck all!

  83. Would love to go to all the places above plus Tahiti, though hopefully there wouldn’t be a mutiny on board

  84. Would love to return to the Caribbean, the crystal clear, warm Caribbean Sea, fresh sea food, conch fritters, magical sunsets, golden beaches and dreams come true.

  85. My ideal destination is Fiji, as it not only exotic with wonderful beaches, but as it is so isolated, it is more practical to visit as part of a wonderful Cruise.

  86. I would love to win this holiday as my husband and i are both 76
    and never ever been on a cruise. its a bucket list thing !!!!!!!!!!

  87. We’ve never been on a cruise so it would be fabulous to win, especially after the ‘year of hell’ we’ve had. I’d especially love to surprise my husband with a Panama Canal or Alaskan cruise to celebrate our anniversary.

  88. We have never cruised, not because we didn’t want to. But because there just wasn’t the time. Now we can, would love to expand our horizons. Jamaica has been on my wish list since I was doing exams at school and had to write and describe my favourite location. Luckily I passed the exam.

    Now in our 50th year of marriage, what a wonderful way to celebrate our Golden Anniversary

  89. I would love to visit the Caribbean especially St Marten. The cruise would give a good dose of sunshine.

  90. The Caribbean has long been on my wish list. St Lucia with its mountains and jungle and Barbados with it’s beautiful beaches would be my first ports if call. I’m attracted by the wonderful people who seem to love their islands and take pride in their culture. The food sounds amazing and as for the rum ……

  91. I’d love to visit as many islands as possible!
    Especially keen to see some West Indian cricket while I visit

  92. I would love to win this fabulous giveaway and take my husband on a Mediterranean cruise, visiting Italy and the Greek islands. This would be perfect for our Silver Wedding Anniversary on 3rd May!

  93. Sat down at the beach at sunset sipping rum listening to the soft sound of steel drums and reggae music, the smell of BBQ food…………….I am already there ;¬}

  94. Blue waters and pristine beaches… any Caribbean destination would be a dream come true!
    We mark our fourth wedding anniversary this winter and pray it will be one we can actually celebrate after the disappointment of ill-health, travel restrictions and lockdowns in previous years… sailing into the sunset (and sunshine) would be perfect!

  95. I have never been on a cruise or travelled to the Caribbean so to combine the two would be ideal. The facilities and itineraries seem very good and I’m ready!

  96. Bora Bora and Tahiti ….. would love to dance on the sand in a grass skirt with a flower garland around my neck …… before I get too old 🤣

  97. To see the stars on a beautiful clear night feeling the warm night air on my skin, hearing the distant music beating soft rhythmic notes pure carribean style, smelling the spices from the barbecue on board excited about docking in the cultural carribean Islands, meeting people from other places, sharing stories.
    I have never set foot on a cruise ship before, it is merely a dream eventually to become a reality, to cruise the Carribean.

  98. I would like to experience the joys of Cruising to Alaska. Most holidays that we have had were based on sunshine and warmth. I feel Alaska would be a different and wonderful break.

  99. A cruise to Barbados and neighbouring islands of the Caribbean would be an epic journey and the journey of my life. My daughter always asked me to take her on a cruise and finally our dream would come true.

  100. Would love to go on a Caribbean cruise, especially with Royal Caribbean – island hopping in luxury on a beautiful ship, with lots to do and every day being different, in guaranteed sunshine.

  101. My dream cruise destination would be Australia and New Zealand to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, missed during Covid.

  102. Any/all of the Caribbean Islands. St Lucia is high in my sights. I’d love to see the Gros and Petit Pitons – the two old volcanic plugs – especially from the sea, aboard the cruise ship. I would like also to walk / climb them (as far as my old bones allow!)

  103. I have always wanted to visit the Caribbean Island to experience their food and a very different culture. To visit all these island a cruise is the only practical way without spending the week traveling. In my twilight years this would be a dream come true

  104. I like the idea of soft sand and stunning blue sea so maybe St Lucia but I also like to see the local sights and sounds so maybe Aruba could be fun.

  105. I would love to go to Antigua. Many years ago our plane touched down there on our way to Tobago. It looked beautiful and have always wanted to explore it more closely

  106. St Kitts has always fascinated me and I would like to visit it with Royal Caribbean. A cruise line we both enjoy.

  107. Each island has its own character so island hopping is ideal. However I would love to visit Barbados and see Hunte’s Gardens and swim with the turtles.

  108. I do not like huge ships. My ideal cruise is on a ship carrying up to 2000 passengers .I like visiting caribbean, mediteranean destinations ,

  109. Any of the islands would be of interest. Grenada & St. Lucia would be near the top.
    A bit of sunshine & a slower pace of life.
    It’s been a tough couple of years, my husband & I both get our state pensions this year, it would be a lovely way to celebrate the next part of our lives.

  110. I went to Antigua for my honeymoon 24 years ago and my husband and I saw all of the cruise ships back then. It would be wonderful to go back and to travel to the nearby islands

  111. I would love to go to any of the destinations as have never been to the Caribbean. It would be such a treat.

  112. Many moons ago I went to Bruges, but the weather was so terrible we couldn’t disembark and had to stay on the ship lol. I would love to go anywhere, and see if the old adage is true: You walk onto a cruise, you roll off of a cruise! The food is usually always absolutely sublime!

  113. I have recently returned from my first Caribbean cruise and now totally hooked. Most of the islands were amazing but Bonaire has to be my favourite. The locals were so friendly, I felt safe and Bonaire is so clean and beautiful. I can’t wait for my next cruise. Cruising has really opened my eyes to a new way of travelling.

  114. I have always wanted to go to the Caribbean, and possibly be there when England are playing cricket! It would still be a great holiday if they were not!!

  115. I would love to visit St Lucia to see the Pitons, on its west coast and volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, luxury resorts and fishing villages

  116. Years ago I had a dream about the Caribbean. It looked like a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, friendly people and exotic cuisine. I have never been there. I have only seen pictures in magazines. It would be amazing to see all the islands in a week. I have never been on a luxury cruise in my life either. I will feel like a queen on the Royal Caribbean cruise . Winning this competition will truly be a dream come true.

  117. Cruising the caribbean ….what a treat
    Warm breeze in your hair,white sand at your feet
    A trip for my daughter to remember
    Away from a cold and gloomy December….

  118. Just to get away to a blue sea and big warm glow of the sun after all my time spent just looking out of my window at home dreaming of that holiday which just sparkles

  119. We would love to visit The Spice Island – Grenada for its beauty, hospitality and sunshine covered countryside and beaches – pure heaven!

  120. Never cruised before so this would be a chance to try and I’m sure anywhere in the Caribbean would be great to see

  121. I couldn’t choose just one dream destination but that’s the great thing about a cruise as you get to go to lots of places.

  122. I’d love to take my wife to St Lucia for our anniversary, sunshine, sea and sailing round the carribean in luxury – what’s not to like

  123. I’d love to take my wife to St Lucia for our anniversary, sunshine, sea and sailing round the carribean in luxury – what’s not to like

  124. Would be a wonderful way to celebrate fifty years of marriage visiting all those wonderful Caribbean destinations with my wife.

  125. A Caribbean cruise is definitely for me, sun, fun, and good times at sea.

    I would love to go – anywhere – however from what I’ve seen on the Internet and read in books, the Caribbean would be perfect for me (and lots of other people too !)

  126. Loved my Caribbean cruise 2 years ago and would love to do it again.
    Next on the list is Far East and Arabian Gulf.

  127. Renewed our wedding vows in Barbados in 1996, would love to return there, this month we celebrated fifty seven years married.

  128. My dream cruise ports of call would be Grenada the Spice island or Barbados where I could have afternoon tea in one of the plantation houses. The beaches and botanical gardens sound wonderful. If only…

  129. I would love to go to St Lucia. To see humming birds, waterfalls, white soft sand between my toes and caribbean music playing in the background.

  130. What a wonderful way to really enjoy cruising the Caribbean .Although we have been several times to many of the islands -we always find new things to do and places to visit for the 1st time ………..just hope we are lucky and win this SUPER TRIP !

  131. What a wonderful way to really enjoy cruising the Caribbean .Although we have been several times to many of the islands -we always find new things to do and places to visit for the 1st time ………..just hope we are lucky and win this SUPER TRIP !

  132. I would love to see the Pitons in St Lucia, as well as the glorious beaches and turquoise seas of the wider Caribbean. A cruise would make this possible – what a dream!

  133. Love to take my wife on a Cruise to thank her for all the hard work she has done for me over the last 30 years. Caribbean would be perfect. My dream cruise would be Australia and New Zealand .

  134. We have only cruised on the rivers and small ocean ships so would love to experience a large ocean ship in the beautiful Caribbean

  135. A cruise in the tropics could be
    The ideal destination for me.
    Long days in the sun
    Would be lots of fun
    Sailing on the Caribbean Sea

  136. Take me to where the sun shones brightest, the sand is the softest, the ocean is the warmest and the Latino way of life is chilled but fun!

  137. I visited the Bahamas some years ago on a brief cruise from Florida. I’d really like to visit The Dominican Republic and Haiti but visiting any of the Caribbean islands would be great!

  138. Returning to Nevis or Bequia by ship would be magical. Small islands but both sum up the all the best sights and sounds of the Caribbean.

  139. My wife Jill and I got married in Jamaica almost 25 years ago, It would be a dream of ours to see the rest of the Caribbean Islands in the best way ever, on a fantastic cruise.. We live in Wakefield and got the cruise bug from watching Jane McDonald who lives just a few miles from us..

  140. The barbarous cruise sounds fantastic visiting all the places that I would love and I would not be able to do this otherwise sounds like a lovely adventure and would make great memories in these my twilight years good luck everone

  141. I’d love a cruise around South America, including Buenos Aires, the Chilean fjords, Rio and Macchu Picchu.

  142. Honestly?

    Guadeloupe. Reason? Death in Paradise. I know it’s a fictional island, but I (like many) watch it primarily for the scenery and they look like a gorgeous set of islands.

    Mind you, when I was a child I always wanted to go to Bermuda – not for the shorts, but for the Triangle.

    I’d love the voyage, as well – seeing the sea and (hopefully) wildlife.

    You might want to consider the Galapagos on your itinerary.

  143. Having recently received a postcard from a family member who goes on a long holiday to Barbados each year it just goes to show the beautiful beaches on offer. By recommendation I would like to follow her choice destination.

  144. What a delight it would be to win this cruise, get lots of wonderful care on board, fantastic meals & service from the crew. Then visit an island of dreams.,what more can I wish for.

  145. Since she was a small child my daughter has always asked me to take her on a cruise but I could never afford it. A cruise to Barbados and the neighbouring islands of the Caribbean would be a dream come true for us and the journey of our lives!

  146. Having just received a postcard from a
    family member and yearly visitor to Barbados. The beaches look so inviting I would choose to follow her favourite holiday of choice.

  147. I would love to visit the Caribbean but be able to stop off at san marie where they film death in paradise

  148. I would love to visit St Lucia so that I could visit the Hotel Chocolat coco bean farm and factory to taste my favourite dark chocolate bars. Having such a manufacturing base in St Lucia working sustainably and ethically to provide high quality jobs on the island. Royal Caribbean is a great company and I would be delighted to travel on any ship to any destination! Thanks.

  149. I love the Caribbean. Before I retired it was my favourite place to lay back, relax and recharge. Now, it’s just great to have the sun on your back and enjoy the sites and sounds of each and every island across the Caribbean Sea.

  150. I have never had the courage to go on a cruise, I have dreamed and longed to go one and experience the delights of all the countries and islands to visit in the world. Winning this prize would give me the opportunity to overcome a childhood fear of big boats, which will then open up my life to the freedom of travel around the world. I looking forward to all the love and happiness it will bring me.

  151. Antigua sounds fabulous to me, this cruise is bucket list number 1 for me,
    PLEASE wave the wand for me.

  152. I would love to go on a Caribbean cruise with my sister in law for her 80th and my. 79th birthday celebrations. It would be unforgettable.

  153. The Caribbean sounds great, but I would love to go a bit further north on a cruise – to Alaska.

  154. Cruises are the best, most relaxing style of holiday you can ever have! I would love to do a cruise around the Caribbean as I have never been there before and it looks so beautiful! This would be my dream holiday experience!

  155. I would love to visit St Vincent, where my mother was born. She talks so fondly of her childhood there so it would be wonderful to see the place that was once her home.

  156. Starting at Barbados , a wonderful circle cruise of the best Caribbean Islands followed by a hotel stay back in Barbados will be my post COVID rehabilatation remedy!!!!

  157. I’d like to visit Antigua. The name sounds intriguing and mysterious !
    But my dream cruise would be around Australia and New Zealand.

  158. We would love to have a belated (15 years later) honeymoon onboard a cruise in the Caribbean! That would be heaven on earth!

  159. It would be wonderful to cruise South America and also visit the Galapogus Islands would be a trip of a lifetime, for our 50th Weddding Anniversary next year.

  160. I would love to go to any of the ports that might give me the opportunity to snorkel and see turtles.

  161. Domenica, St’s Lucia ,Vincent and Antigua too
    all places a must to view
    As well as Barbados .Grenada and St Kitts
    On this prize i’d like to get my mitts.

  162. To visit any island in the Caribbean would be absolutely wonderful. Definitely on my bucket list.

  163. Antigua is a place I would love to visit. St John’s Harbour and all the nautical history attached to the island would be fascinating to discover along with all the beautiful scenery and beaches.

  164. Dominica , St Lucia, Vincent and Antigua too
    All places a must to view
    As well as Barbados . Grenada and St Kitts
    On this prize i’d like to get my mitts.

  165. I would love to cruise around New Zealand and Australia. It would be a lovely way to explore that part of the world.

  166. Would love to visit the different islands of the Caribbean and to enjoy the weather, scenery and learning about the culture

  167. My dream Royal Caribbean destination would be absolutely anywhere at all for a wonderful first-time experience of a cruise. Fingers crossed………..

  168. I think a cruise is the best way to visit different places. So easy and great to be looked after.

  169. We love cruising around the Caribbean, especially, St Thomas, St Maarten, St Lucia, Bonaire, Curacao, and Aruba. There are plenty of lovely beaches, and the weather is wonderful.

  170. I would love to go to my dream destination Barbados . It’s our golden wedding in December so a carribean cruise would be wonderful

  171. I’d rather be surprised at destinations so that it’s a genuinely shared experience with my friend, a discovery together.
    I haven’t travelled in over 4yrs, since my partner was killed & I left with long term health implications, so this would be a nice gentle way to reintroduce myself to venturing and, my friend would love the surprise (if I was lucky) of being invited.

  172. As my husband is 75 this year he would love to go back to Barbados, and would love to see the Caribbean islands we didn’t manage to see

  173. St Lucia looks pretty and I’ve never been to the Caribbean. I’d have such fun with my husband

  174. I wouldn’t mind going anywhere in the Caribbean. All the islands look amazing and the people seem friendly and welcoming. I also like the idea of supporting their economy after Covid and helping them to get back in the feet. I mean who wouldn’t want to swim in the ocean and drink cocktails on the beach 🏖

  175. Amazing cruise specialists Royal Caribbean International would be an incredible experience for a holiday, thanks Silver Travel Advisor

  176. I would love to visit Doubtful & Milford Sound in South Island, New Zealand, for the amazing scenery.

  177. Anywhere on a Royal Caribbean ship would be great. Great food, great company and great destinations (hot weather would be nice too!)

  178. Just to relax and enjoy a cruise would be a great experience, but to visit the Galapagos islands would be the icing on the cake.

  179. Would love to go back to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. They had been devastated by a hurricane when we were there and badly needed tourism.

  180. I would love to visit Dominica because of its filming links with Pirates of the Caribbean. I have seen all the films and love this episode in particular. I love the characters Jack, Calypso, Elizabeth and All the Scallywags of the crew. The films are all favourites of mine so if I could visit all the islands supposedly where filming took place this would be a heavenly experience. I would also like Very much to visit the glorious islands of St Vincent, St Kitts, St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua & Barbados. Go on & make my day!

  181. I’ve only been once to the Caribbean and would love to go back to see some of the islands not already visited on that holiday.

  182. There’s nothing like a Caribbean cruise – each island is different and once you’ve been, you’ll definitely want to return!
    I’ve dreamed of returning to the Caribbean on a cruise it’s absolutely amazing Good luck everyone

  183. Visiting the Caribbean Islands on a cruise would be wonderful. I have so often watched programmes on cruising & the Caribbean. What an absolute dream way to spend a week discovering!

  184. Visiting the Caribbean Islands on a cruise would be wonderful. I have so often watched programmes on cruising & the Caribbean. What an absolute dream way to spend a week discovering another way of life!

  185. Just sailing slowly around the clear blue waters and sunny skies of the Caribbean sounds like bliss.

  186. After two years of not travelling internationally a return visit to Barbados would be absolutely wonderful.

  187. Any of the Caribbean lslands would be fantastic but St Lucia sounds lovely. It would be a wonderful way to celebrate our 50th Wedding Aniversary and my husband’s 75th birthday.

  188. I would love to visit Barbados. The only part of it I saw on my first cruise was the drive from the airport to the ship! Would be nice to see the island properly.

  189. Having written a blog over two years since the Covid pandemic about my travel memories triggered by wearing a different silk scarf each day and travelling worldwide by my magic carpet, I am about to give up writing when I reach scarf no. 199 in early June. To win this prize might combat withdrawal symptoms giving up writing and flying about on this threadbare carpet!

  190. I would like to cruise around the Far East to visit countries like Vietnam and Thailand, to name just a few.

  191. Can’t wait to go back to the Caribbean islands, they are amazing and the islander’s are so friendly, fingers crossed I win so I can suprise my wife

  192. It would be an absolute dream to go anywhere in the Caribbean! As a child, in 1959, I dropped in to some Caribbean islands on our way back to the UK from Colombia, where we’d been living, but that was such a long time ago! We had travelled on PSNC’s ‘Reina del Mar’, now long departed.

  193. Royal Carribbean is my favourite to go anywhere with my husband Gerry. We haven’t been a holiday for about ten years as we had a Dog (Flatcoated Retriever called Breagh and couldn’t bear to leave Her.

  194. Having recently been to the Caribbean, I’d love to go back to see more places and to experience a different cruise company.

  195. Antigua is one of my favourite places in the Caribbean. Never thought of taking a cruise before but much open to it than before..

  196. What a dream holiday this would be, especially since I haven’t been to anywhere in the Caribbean, (yet).

  197. My wife and I have always wanted to go to Barbados ; we have read about it and seen so many wonderful pictures of the island and to go there would fulfill our dream .

  198. St Lucia is my dream place to visit but just experiencing a Royal Caribbean cruise ship would be exceptional itself! Thanks for the chance, such a wonderful prize.

  199. I loved the Royal Caribbean cruise my husband and I went on. It was my first cruise and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. There were plenty of activities to keep you occupied on days spent at sea. Evening shows were brilliant! I would love to visit St. Lucia and Grenada.

  200. Having so many grandchildren it is difficult to find a holiday that could be appropriate for Granny and menacegrandadon their own. When discussing all the places we have found have always been appropriate to my stories they have liked. My version of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. The Hogwarts line, fantastic. Normandy beaches, an appropriate visit for young teenagers. Pirates, of course, courtesy of Jack Sparrow. So they have all suggested that a cruise just for us two would be a Caribbean cruise. As we have enjoyed Death in Paradise, we agreed that would be fun. We would have to return with plenty of stories more suitable for slightly older children, but with no murders.

  201. I have just recovered from a major operation and would love a little sunshine, food and culture and I have never been able to afford to travel outside of Europe.

  202. I would love to visit somewhere exotic with white sandy beaches and some wonderful wildlife, anywhere with some sun.

  203. Never been to the Caribbean but my mate’s mum is from Antigua so have heard a lot about how beautiful it is there & would love to find out for myself!

  204. The Caribbean is top of my ‘love to go to’ destinations and to cruise several islands on a Royal Caribbean ship would be 7th heaven ❤️🛳 🥂❤️

  205. The Caribbean is the jewel of the ocean and to experience visiting all these stunning places while on a cruise ship would be amazing!

  206. Have never been on a cruise but would love to win this fantastic prize and join the many who have done so before!

  207. I would just love to get away anywhere. To go somewhere exciting would be fantastic after the last two years!

  208. I would love to go to the Bahamas, we had one booked years ago but it got cancelled due to a hurricane

  209. How wonderful it would be to be able to go on a Caribbean cruise & be able to relax, be entertained & dine in style. We have never visited these magical islands to experience the sun, sand & sea and what better way than on a luxury cruise!

  210. I did visit Barbados in 1980’s and would love to go back along with the other jewels in the Caribbean which I would love to explore

  211. Oh my, what a decision! Okay then Mexico and the Caribbean – that would surely fit the bill!!

  212. Has to be the Bahamas. Safaris, white sand beaches, fish fry, perfume factories, dolphin experiences, royal history, coral reefs, snorkelling, iconic views, flamingos, pirate history, fishing, ancient ruins, mountain climbing, diving, caving, salt flats, kitesurfing, swimming pigs – something for everyone!!

  213. A trip to the Caribbean would complete my bucket list of to do trips! I look forward to learning more of the people, culture and many aspects of the geography of the land and islands, by experts!

  214. Has to be the Bahamas! Safaris, fish fry, perfume factories, dolphin and shark experiences, lush gardens, pink sand beaches, snorkelling, iconic views, cays, ancient ruins, fishing, horse rides on the beach, shopping, kitesurfing, pirate history, flamingos, beachside cocktails, mountain climbing, diving, swimming pigs – something for everyone!!

  215. Would love to go on a cruise , ive never been abroad so it would be life changing ,any where in the world

  216. My first and only cruise was in 1963 returning to the UK from Trinidad, where dad had been working. Would love to show my husband of 40 years the joys of the Caribbean.

  217. I would love to go to Royal Caribbean’s private island CocoCay. Many years ago I cruised with Royal Caribbean and visited Labadee which was out of this world. It seems that CocoCay has replaced this and I know that it will be memorable.

  218. would love to visit Barbados and the caribbean with my wife Wendy with the lovely white under our feet

  219. My mum was born in Shanghai and has never been back since she was 6 yrs. she was interned in a prisoner of war camp for 4 years during this time. I would love to take her back to ‘reframe ‘ the memories.. she is 85 years young and would be such a blessing .. thank you 🙏

  220. Have just returned from Cuba and would love to visit other parts of the Caribbean especially Grenada and St.Lucia .

  221. We have never been to the Caribbean and this year is our 30th Wedding Anniversary (4th July Independence Day so I wouldn’t forget it!!….oh the irony!!) …..this would be amazing if we are chosed.

  222. My dream destination has always been the Caribbean. I have a significant birthday this year so this prize would be awesome!

  223. We would love to visit Barbados, or any Caribbean island. We were supposed to go on a Caribbean cruise 8 years ago for my 50th birthday but unfortunately I had to have an emergency biopsy on a tumour in my leg on my 50th, so on the day we should have been in San Juan Puerto Rico, I was at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, London!

  224. As a newbie cruiser I would love to go anywhere !

    The Greek Islands appeal


    Plus somewhere hot & exotic

  225. Me and my girlfriend would love to visit the Caribbean for the first time where I can propose to her !!

  226. just the thought of visiting the caribbean gives me goose bumps, ive always dreamt of going there and maybe now i will have the chance, thank you for the opportunity

  227. This would be amazing ! We went on a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon 8 years ago, it would be wonderful to relieve this fabulous holiday

  228. Anywhere cruising in the Caribbean Islands with Royal Caribbean is a wonderful experience, so much to do & see, especially love Curacoa, Aruba and Puerto Rico. As the saying goes finger crossed, will I be the lucky one.

  229. So many places we have never seen. A chance to visit almost any sun warmed spot would be a dream come true.

  230. My dream cruise destination is the Caribbean especially Barbados and St Lucia. I have only been on a small cruise ship in the past and dream of going on a huge ship like this .
    We got married last year and haven’t had a proper honeymoon so this would be a dream come true x

  231. I would love to go on a Caribbean Cruise and stand at the edge of the Pitons in St Lucia, with my husband, take in a big breath of fresh air and see the look on his face 😂
    I’ve heard it smells like bad eggs.
    Oh what a picture.
    Second too none 🤣

  232. I’d love to visit Tortola again. The bustle of Road Town contrasts so widely with the deserted beaches. I was lucky to visit there many years ago when my daughter was an entertainer with P O and I prefer the quieter islands

  233. Its our 30th wedding anniversary this year what a party that wd be flying to barbados and sailing round the caribbean, its what dreams are made of

  234. St Kitts because I am an athletics fan (Kim Collins ) and Grenada because I worked with someone from there years ago and he painted an idyllic picture .

  235. A sunshine cruise would be the prefect reward after all the Covid restrictions we’ve endured. A dream come true!

  236. Bora Bora would be my dream destination to visit because it looks absolutely beautiful,just like heaven on earth,a girl can only dream though

  237. My dream destination on a Royal Caribbean cruise would definitely be the Caribbean! 🤞🙏 🚢

  238. In the Caribbean, I would love to revisit St Lucia but I have always longed to cruise around the Seychelles and the Galapagos.

  239. I have always wanted to go on a cruise.
    I am the only one out of my family and close friends that hasn’t been on a cruise. It will be a dream come true if I win.

  240. My dream Caribbean destination would be the most beautiful of all the islands – Saint Lucia.

    I would take my wonderful mum as she has never been to Paradise and so deserves to be treated like a Queen.

    Fingers crossed

  241. A dream holiday for us would definitely include a gentle cruise to the exotic islands of the Caribbean.

  242. This “silver traveller” would be absolutely thrilled to win this fantastic prize!
    If I won I would go “Caribbean” crazy!
    In fact the shock of winning may make my head of hair even more silver than it is now!!!

  243. i would love to see any of the smaller islands of the Caribbean . Beautiful scenery, and warm sunshine and I understand, lovely friendly people.

  244. I would love to visit some of the more unusual Caribbean islands such as the Seychelles and Curacao. But quite happy just to experience a Cruise as I’ve never travelled across the Seas before.

  245. An Alaska cruise would be great. Imagine seeing whales swimming along side. How amazing would that be.