Top 5 things to do on the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway hugs the California coast for more than 650 miles. Peter Ellegard suggests some of his favourite things to do along the way 1. Get your kicks at the end of Route 66 Stroll 110-year-old Santa Monica Pier to the marker signalling the end of Route 66. The so-called Mother Road runs […]…

A guide to Expedition Cruises for over 50s and over 60s

Have you ever been tempted to try an expedition cruise but weren’t entirely sure what the experience would entail? We hope this article will answer any questions about exhibition cruises as they are a fantastic way to explore the world. …

The Mont Blanc Tour

Debbie Marshall heads for the mountains on a life-enhancing foot-powered journey….

Sailing Around Cornwall on a Tall Ship

It’s been a voyage of 155 nautical miles and I’ve done things I thought I wasn’t capable of. Certainly there are times when I’ve been out of my comfort zone and it’s not for everyone. However, if you’re reasonably fit, not too scared by wobbly ladders and have a sense of adventure, this is definitely one of those experiences you’re going to remember….

Aurora Expeditions

30 years in the making, Aurora Expeditions has a track record for pioneering discovery and adventure – and respectful travel is at the heart of our ethos. Whether you are a new expeditioner or someone who has travelled with us before; we say, ‘welcome to the […]…

Newmarket Holidays

is an award-winning British tour operator providing a portfolio of worldwide escorted trips, resort-centred stays, and event-focused tours. Founded in 1983, Newmarket Holidays is now one of the UK’s leading travel companies. Renowned for retaining a vast selection of air-inclusive tours within the UK, Europe, Africa, […]…

Croick in the Scottish Highlands

Wide open Highland glen vistas and fresh Scottish air – blow away any stresses as well as giving you the chance to absorb the glorious sounds of the countryside….

Hiking Through Paradise

On the Seychelles, you never forget you are only 300 miles from the equator. Every day is a paradise of pleasure in the garden of the gods….

Go wild in Morzine this summer

With meadows, wild swimming and wacky activity options, Morzine in the French Alps has as much going for it as a summer destination as it does a winter ski resort….