Barbados with a twist

If we asked you to sum up Barbados in a short sentence, we hazard a guess that you’d reference the sunshine, the pristine beaches, the inviting accommodation, and we’d agree with you! These are all of course reasons why thousands of visitors flock to the sun-kissed shores of Barbados. But, there is so much more for […]…

Highlights of Barbados

Known for some of the most open and inviting luxurious hotels, spacious beaches and rich culture and history, Barbados lends itself as the perfect post pandemic travel destination….

Barbados – we can’t wait to welcome you

Barbados has a packed calendar of events, with events to suit every interest happening year-round – music and culture festivals, horse racing, art exhibitions and sailing competitions. All in gorgeous weather and stunning surroundings, with high levels of Covid-19 security….