Win two First Class Senior Interrail passes

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This month we have a fabulous prize from our partners, Interrail by National Rail.

You could win two first class Senior (60+) Global Passes, allowing you and a companion to visit several of 33 European countries in a month.

With train travel being a superbly green way to Interrail by National Rail, you can wander by rail for seven days within a month, stopping at towns and cities you’ve always wanted to explore. Take major fast rail services between the big cities, or opt for more leisurely, local journeys. That rail network that’s available to you stretches from Bodo, Norway in the far north to Palermo, Sicily in the south, from Ankara, Turkey in the east to Lisbon, Portugal in the west. That really is a vast distance in railway tracks, criss-crossing the continent, and into Asia if you’re in much of Turkey. Should island-hopping in Greece be your fancy (a re-visit from your youth perhaps) there’s a ferry pass available too!

Trains are such a civilised way to travel, journeying through countries, so you’re able to appreciate the land and cityscapes on the way. Stations tend to be in the urban centres so there’s no need for transfers from an out-of-town airport either. You arrive in the middle of the action, ready to dive into your destination.

You might like to read about the adventures various Silver Travellers have taken over the years using Interrail Passes, one couple on an art and foodie trip, one pair with grandchildren and some for the sheer joy of travelling by train.  

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  5. The winner cannot transfer the prize to another person. The prize is non-refundable. There are no cash or credit alternatives to the specified prize.
  6. The winner must hold a valid passport and comprehensive travel insurance if travelling overseas. It is the winner’s responsibility to check any visa and health requirements for their journey.
  7. The winner and companion are asked to travel by the end of April 2024. The winner will be requested to write a blog of 500 words about their adventure, which, subject to editing, will be published on
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573 Responses

  1. We first interrailed in 1982 and have always said we would do another, visiting all those countries (behind the Iron Curtain) for which we would have needed visas and extra paperwork then. Now we are both retired and celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in 2024, so we’re up for it!!

    1. We’ve turned 60 and both just retired, what a cracking start to our travelling journey with this prize, amazing…

    2. We would love to take a train trip to visit relatives in Valencia, taking in some nice stop overs, there and back

  2. My wife and I would start in Scotland travel though the Uk, across the channel France (high Speed) south of France Italy and then he’d north through Austria Germany the Baltic states and then the Nordic countries.

    1. We were only talking about Interrail at weekend with friends. Sounds a wonderful way to travel. Would go to Italy and tour around – route there to be decided!!

  3. I would visit Germany, visiting Cologne and Munich and then onto Vienna, taking in some of the Swiss trains en route.

  4. I’d travel through France and Italy down to Sicily. We’d take in Milan and Turin where my husband lived as a child but hasn’t visited since.

  5. I would love to travel across Italy Switzerland and Austria to see the fantastic scenery and experience the culture and food. The route looks amazing

  6. I’d love to travel down to Sicily as I have a great x3 grandmother who came from there. Stopping off in Pisa, Florence and Rome on the way

  7. Would love to travel through Italy and Switzerland – remember one of the Great Rail Journeys tv shows highlighted the amazing scenery on this trip. Would be amazing to experience this. Great prize!

  8. Bratislava. we lived in Munich for a couple of years, the motorway we used to get from the office to home went all the way to Bratislava, so it was on our list, but the job finished 3 years early so we never made it. its time to go now were retired

  9. I would love to go to Italy and then on to Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro and then on to Albania (I briefly visited Sarande while on a cruise and loved it).

  10. Milan to wander the rooftops of the marble cathedral abd see fashion at its best. Then north to Lake Como with its stunning cafes and shops clinging to the rocks. On through the alps of Switzerland by train with stunning views and first class service.

  11. I would love to travel across budapest, prague or estonia..facinating cities ive always wanted to see.

  12. I would love to win these tickets and would head for Italy first and the to the Alps. It would be absolutely amazing.

  13. Anywhere would be terrific just to be able to travel 🧳 by train to all of those placed I’ve only ever dreamed about

  14. Wow, rail travel would be the absolute best way to visit all the countries and cities that I haven’t had the chance to get to. I could happily spend a month taking in as many sights as possible.

  15. I sadly missed the opportunity to buy half price Interail passes last year. But I had nevertheless continued to update my ideal itinerary for this winter 2023/24. Often the expense and tiresomeness of travel out and back home has deterred me from visiting the many temporay art exhibitions I would love to view since I would only spend one day at each destination! But an Interrail ticket would soon sort that out. Travelling from one venue to the next quickly, perhaps even overnight, all without coming home in between would be wonderful. So last possible exhibition dates to visit on my list are – Amsterdam for Van Gogh along the seine by 14th January 2024; Bilbao Guggenheim for Picasso by 15th January 2024; Antwerp by 21st January for Bruegel, Rubens, Rembrandt; Berlin by 22nd January for Edvard Munch; Rome for general prowling galleries (never been before) but especially MichelAngel in church and Caravaggio in Borghese; Paris, Musee D’Orsay before 3rd Feb 2024 for Van Gogh; and any time I could fit it in I would include never before visited cities of Helsinki for the Ateneum and Copenhagen for Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek for their reknowned impressionist and French works collections. Phew! Help me do this Interrail and I will be one happy Silver Traveller ever after.

  16. It would be nice to whizz down to the South of France for a few days to enjoy the food and see the sights before returning to grandparent duties.

  17. Would love to win this. Done lots of travelling but not many train journeys. Would make me feel like a young backpacker again!

  18. To start with I would love to take my husband back to Paris for our 50th wedding anniversary. its such a easy city to walk around and the cafes are great places to eat . Not having to deal with airport hassles would be such a relief.

  19. I would like to travel throughout Switzerland. Have visited once before and was stunned by the beauty of the mountains and lakes.

  20. Inter railing is on my ’70 things to do before I’m 70′ list.
    I would love to revisit France, visit family in The Netherlands and then to go to Germany where I have more family connections, and one day get to visit beautiful Italy in the summer. I have been many times to ski, but would love to soak up the art, architecture and culture that Italy is steeped in.
    A trip of a lifetime.

  21. I would love to take me husband who now has dementia on a train journey through Austria and Switzerland

  22. Me husband loves trains and I would love to take him on a journey through Austria and Switzerland to evoke memories as he now has dementia.

  23. What a fabulous offer! Would it be Nordic to the frozen north or through Italy and down to Sicily?

  24. I love the romanticism of train travel to foreign cities and would particularly love to visit Rome and any Norwegian city.

  25. Switzerland and Italy are two of my favourite destinations for holiday, so I’d have to use my pass to see parts of each of these countries that I haven’t yet explored……and revisit those areas that I really love, like the breath-taking Bernese Oberland, and Lake Garda, Lake Lugano and Lake Como in Italy.

  26. I would love to visit my family in Liverpool more regularly and a train pass would really help me to do this.

  27. I’d love to surprise my husband and plan an exciting route across Europe. We’d show the young ones how it’s done.

  28. So many places- Venice, Innsbruck, Vienna,Florence, Rome,- probably too many, but would love to have the chance especially with my recently retired husband

  29. Would love to travel across Europe to visit the fabulous Christmas Markets and pick up some tasty treats and gifts.

  30. Love to train across Europe and end up in Prague for ice hockey world championships. Let’s go GB🏒🥅

  31. I would love to go to Switzerland during the summer months to see the diverse scenery of sunny lakes and snow capped mountains and to breath the wonderfully fresh air .

  32. I would like to head north to Norway as I haven’t been there yet and I’ve heard a lot about the Flam railway

  33. A tour culminating at Switzerland with my fiance where his parents are buried. He longs to go one more time x

  34. I have a trip planned in my mind don’t know if it would work to travel through Spain, the South of France Italy and Scicily

  35. I would use a pass to travel across Europe – potentially the Baltic states, and savour the culinary delights of each country.

  36. Being a bit of a geo-nerd, I’d like to travel to the furthest possible extremities of North, South, East and West that the Interrail Pass allows – I think that would be such an adventure, and I’d have to write it up as a blog or book, or both!

  37. This prize sounds wonderful – just about to retire and looking forward to planning some trips – this would help a lot

  38. I would like to visit as many countries in Europe that I can in the allotted time – including most capitals.

  39. Rail travel is wonderful. Love sitting back, relaxing and watching the world whizz by while anticipating my arrival and next adventure.

  40. I would love to explore Italy by rail. We last did this in our student days over 50 years ago and it would be wonderful to explore how that country has changed. To what extent has bit retained its timeless charms that we remember from our travels “on a shoestring” half a century ago?

  41. Would dearly love to travel to the Algarve, time permitting, from our local rail station. It would save all the hassle of flying and be stress free.

  42. I love to read all the excitement engendered by simply looking at the lovely places the Silver Travel Advisor suggest; I imagine I am exactly there, I feel the sensations, I hear the sounds, I breathe in the air, I absorb the ambience and even more importantly I start planning for the trip myself!

  43. Should love to travel across Europe by train as far as Turkey. Istanbul and Cappadocia are on my must visit list.

  44. Would most definitely go up to Scandinavia and travel through all the Nordic countries including above the Arctic Circle plus a visit to the North Cape.

  45. Having never been able to go I would use my pass to go right down one side and back up the other of Italy to experience all the variations the country has to offer.
    My siblings have all been and don’t stop talking about their holidays there, so envious.

  46. Love to go back to Igls in Austria, went there with the school skiing, Innsbruk is a lovely city, and Igls is a village I would like to see without the snow. The snow was 6 to 8 foot deep so nothing was visible other than the roads which were cleared every morning. Happy memories of a 15-16 year old schoolboy. Later that year, left school, and started an engineering apprenticeship, life would never be the same again, but would never change anything.

  47. Great way to travel without all the hassle of airports and usually city centre to city centre. Would probably choose to explore the northern half of Italy and its beautiful cities and lakes

  48. I would love to travel through Scandinavia taking in the natural beauty of the Scandic countries and enjoying the wonderful hospitality and food.

  49. I would love to take a trip on the Orient Express. I love railways and the pleasant discovery of new places at an enjoyable pace would suit me and my companion. Such a journey would help not only me but my friend to really get to become familiar with the countryside and link to those travellers who too have passed this way.

  50. To travel by train allows the holiday to start the moment you board the train. It also enables you to meet locals to discuss the scenery and towns we pass.

  51. Brittany to the South of France, across the Dolomites to Northern Italy, across into Germany, north to Hamburg & Bremen, across to Amsterdam & Antwerp back to UK via Northern France !!!

  52. An inter rail pass would be ideal for exploring Eastern Europe and visiting the countries and cities my wife and I haven’t yet managed to see. To do it on a first class ticket would be even better !

  53. Myself & my partner are not so confident driving long distances now as we were when were younger when there was less traffic on the roads. Not over keen on Coaches either so Train Travel would be absolutely marvellous for us to get out and discover new places without any worries. Travelling through the Alps and passing the Italian lakes would be true adventure.

  54. Definitely Northern Europe to experience the beautiful scenery of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to discover their cultures

  55. My fella has done most of Europe but I think I would if possible use the prize to travel England I would love to visit London , Liverpool, Edinburgh, but if it has to be Europe then he keeps saying how nice Amsterdam is so we would travel from Amsterdam and beyond with maybe a visit to Paris to pop to Disneyland ( but don’t tell him that ) that’s my bucket list place

  56. We’re planning on visiting Puglia next year and are not keen on the prospect of flights, so a rail option would be a great way to travel Europe and get to southern Italy

  57. When working I used to go to BILBAO. Now retired I would love to re-visit, this time with my wife.
    Within the UK, family in Devon, the Cotswolds and Norfolk.

  58. A month on the rails following the Camino de Santiago — by train instead of on foot — would be spectacularly wonderful. I would love to follow the pilgrims and experience the culturally-rich cities and sites along the way through Spain. Good for the heart and soul.

  59. I would love to travel round Switzerland by rail with such wonderful scenery – but then again, all the way to Sicily sounds amazing, or so many other routes. This could be the start of a whole new bucket list!

  60. Love to travel through Switzerland then onto the Italian Lakes via Milan, down through Tuscany, Rome and Naples.

  61. I have often intended to visit Edinburgh and make a tour of northern Scotland and then return along the beautiful, scenic west coast.

  62. I have always liked to travel to places I have only read about to see for myself their attractions and meet the people. To do that with someone else would make it twice as interesting and enjoyable.

  63. I would love to explore the Roman ruins across Europe, including Spain,, Italy and Greece. I am fascinated by all the things the Romans invented that are forerunners of what we have today – like central heating, roads, steam baths!

  64. I love the idea of train travel through France and into Switzerland where there are so many scenic areas. This would be a wonderful treat for hubby and me.

  65. I would love to travel throughout England and Europe as there are many places I would like to see and have not visited. This would be a great opportunity and incentive to visit places on my bucket list.

  66. I would love to travel across Europe with my wife visiting family in Germany, Austria and Romania. The sights, beauty and peace of travelling by train, would just be magical.

  67. There is so much to explore in Britain, that it would be wonderful to have train tickets to be able to do it!

  68. I have just started researching a rail trip around Europe for next year so a rail pass would be fantastic to start me off.

  69. We would love to explore European Cities from the comfort of trains with a Global Interrail Pass,
    so many wonderful places to see and visit. We hope we might wion.

  70. The wind blew gently on our faces on a warm summer day. We continued our gentle climb up and then were greeted with a breathtaking view.
    The endless beautiful blue sea with the white flecks of the white horses running through the waves and crashing on to the rocks. Then over to our right we saw it, Myths and Legends came alive – King Arthurs Camelot. We could almost see Merlin and the Knights along the crest of the ruins. What magical mysteries lay ahead

  71. The options are limitless, how do you decide on the final itinerary?
    Places l would love to visit via rail include Istanbul, Venice, Greece, doable yes, but what about Portugal ?. The fabulous Douro Valley, historical Lisbon, sunshine of the Algarve!. Then l start to wonder about Scandinavia, The Netherlands…. Amsterdam is so charming.
    Think if l did win it would have to be a bit like “pin the tail on the donkey” eyes closed and X marks the spot !!!

  72. I did inter rail as a student almost 50 years ago and would love to cover the same places today to see the change- what an awesome experience

  73. Its my 70th birthday next May and I have always wanted to travel to Madrid and then onto Seville, Jerez and Cadiz but also to visit Alhambra and Granada.

    This would be a great opportunity to do this by rail instead of flying.

  74. I would love to do an Eastern Europe and/or Scandinavian exploration, taking friends who are seasoned rail travellers. If 2024 then it would include us celebrating our ruby wedding anniversary.

  75. I’d get the Eurostar into France, then travel down to Venice, stopping in various towns on the way.

  76. The opportunity to explore Europe via the extensive, efficient and well run rail network would be wonderful!

  77. As we don’t fly, an Interrail pass would be ideal for visiting Northern Spain and continuing to the Douro valley and Lisbon. Alternatively Switzerland and Austria!

  78. Traveling by train is far less stressful than flying; you arrive in the centre of the city and see far more of the countryside. International rail travel is usually high speed and often in modern, comfortable coaches.

  79. I would go to Lisbon. Went there for a one night stay many years ago but would love the opportunity to explore the whole area – and exploring by trains sounds amazing – I love train journeys

  80. We would love to travel around the Baltic Countries. Spending more time in the places we have experienced on a Baltic Cruise. Tallinn, Helsinki, Riga, Oslo and up Norway to Tromso and beyond. Plus lots of places inbetween.
    Perhaps down to Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia and around the ancient sites in Greece (when it is a little cooler )
    There are many more places in Europe we would like to see on our bucket list

  81. We have been threatening to travel to Scotland and tour around exploring this beautiful country for a few years, but the thought of all that driving has so far overwhelmed us (it’s a long way from Hertfordshire!). Hadn’t thought about doing it by train – that would probably allow us to sample some whisky too without worrying that one of us would have to drive and miss out! it would also be easier to plan a route.

  82. I would love these to travel though Switzerland as I did a a girl guide many many decades ago and this time take my husband of more than 35 years

  83. I would like to go to Madrid and then Rome for the Open Tennis.
    I went to Paris this year by train to watch the tennis at Roland Garros and had a great time.

  84. I’m always interested in the fantastic options you allow people to avail of. Now it can be more than a dream.

  85. With our Global Interrail pass we will be able to fulfill a lifetime ambition to experience the Norwegian fjords, before travelling to Sweden and Denmark to experience all things Scandavian, then onto Germany to take in the famous sites in Berlin, onto Switzerland to see the stunning scenery of mountains and lakes, then finally to Genoa Italy, from where we would explore Italy’s Cinque Terre colourful and picturesque villages found between the mountains and the sea.

  86. Have visited most capital cities in Europe but not Lisbon so this would be a great way to do so.
    We did Paris and Brussels on Eurostar last year in an attempt to be more green.

  87. On my bucket list is a rail trip through France stopping at historic towns and cities, Paris, Rhone, Montpelier. Plan to go through to Northern Italy ending up in South of Italy. Wonderful prize.

  88. Excellent way to travel and see several countries in a few days- can’t wait for the opportunity

  89. We would love to go to Scandinavia. It is an area we have never been to but has lots of interesting places, cities and beautiful countryside to explore.

  90. I would love to revisit Austria especially the Tyrol. Parents used to holiday there with me in the late 50s and early 60s. Dad worked for British rail and had free travel passes and discounts on fares.

  91. I use a Interrail Pass to visit the alpine countries of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland to see how different and how alike they are in their mountain and lake resorts. Train travel gives you the opportunity to travel through different countries at a slower pace and makes changing direction to see unexpected festival, location or hotel easier when you are travelling at that slower pace.

  92. Puglia is an amazing destination with excellent fish, pasta and icecream to enjoy after exploring unique churches and houses from the sassi cave dwellings of Matera to the trulii of Alberobello. Whitewashed hilltop villages complement the coastal fishing villages bathed in crystal clear blue skies. A laid back approach to life completes the ideal, different holiday experience

  93. We want to travel the length of Italy from the lakes, a little shopping in Milan, Luca, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum, Reggio de Calabria and a ferry over to Sardinia before heading home!

  94. Travelling by train lets you see and experience the country you are passing through.
    I would love to visit Vienna which would involve travel through a number of countries; a chance to revisit mainland Europe and absorb it’s many cultures.

  95. In the summer of 1962, as an undergraduate, a friend and I travelled by rail to Athens for the princely sum of £13. It was a big adventure. We returned a month later by ferry to Brindisi and rail to Venice where the money ran out and we hitched over the Alps and back finally to Dover. Winning an interrail pass would bring back that same excitement and anticipation of adventure.

  96. I would like to travel to beautifully named Eastern European capitals like Llubljana, Podgorica, Skopje, Bratislava and Chisinău.

  97. We would love to discover the heart of Germany and the many sights which are difficult to get to, and then explore the majesty of the Alps travelling south from Switzerland and into Italy where we can relax on the Lakes before settling into the Med on the Ligurian Riviera

  98. Would love to travel thro France and into Spain, it would be so exciting to see the beautiful countryside.

  99. With a Global Interrail Pass we would love to see Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Nordic countries for their wonderful scenery.

  100. I’d love to go to Burganland to try the local wine and see the variety of wildlife, flora, butterflies and birds in the area.

  101. This prize offers a fantastic opportunity to visit and explore places we’ve had on our bucket list for years! Places like Norway, Poland and Hungary.

  102. Love Croatia and would love to go there by rail, visiting France, Austria and Switzerland on the way. That would be a marvellous trip

  103. Our favourite holiday destination is a tiny island in the Dodecanese called Kastellorizo ( Megisti or Red Castle). Home to less than 200 residents, this hidden jewel sparkling in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea was once a sea plane base for both British Airways and Air France! The natural deep harbour made it a perfect transit point for journeys to far flung destinations. The remnants of their use on the island can still be found. It was also a perfect military strategic landing area between Turkey ( Kas being only 4 miles to the east) and Greece itself. Churchill sent an elite troop of the new commando unit to free the island from Italian possession during WW11….my father in law was in charge of that troop. Following heavy fighting he was captured, sent to a camp in Italy, escaped, walked back up the spine of Italy and across Europe to London to inform the authorities who then sent him back with more soldiers to free the others and free the population.

    Today, the island is a haven of peace and traditional Greek culture and hospitality. It is still relatively unknown as a destination and retains old fashioned ways and old world charm. When we visit it feels like stepping back in time to the 1950’s everything is as it was then. The Megisti hotel could be a setting for a romantic scene out of James Bond and you almost expect to see him in his white dinner jacket and a martini, shaken, not stirred sitting at the bar!

    The harbour, which splashes its waters over the worn cobblestones of the tavernas surrounding it is home to sea turtles who raise their heads to nod at you as you skirt around the dry parts trying to avoid wet feet. Fishermen haul their catches up onto the walkways with a surprising load of beautiful fresh fish which are served to you that evening with home cooked local produce.

    It’s rustic, it’s historic and it’s real, no modern fast food , no touristy clutter, simply a sleepy island going about its day.

  104. I would love to win this prize.
    My choice would be the Adriatic Summer route taking in beautiful lakes, waterfalls and beaches in Slovenia and Croatia. Entered and fingers crossed for an Adriatic adventure in 2024.

  105. I would love to travel all around Italy to the places I have never visited and taking advantage of visiting all the countries en route. It would be a fabulous experience,

  106. My husband of 37 years, he has been my rock and best pal during the past few years.
    I would be so, so lost without him by my side..

  107. Our daughter had a gap year and went interrailing when she was 18. We would like a gap year from retirement now and gallivant around Europe just as she did.

  108. I’d like to travel across the Alps then down through Italy and cross to lovely Croatia. From there I’d head south by bus to pick up the Bar – Belgrade railway line which we saw glimpses of during a coach trip in Montenegro. Then back via Cesky Krumlov & Prague, Berlin and Belgium for some good beer to celebrate a great trip!

  109. We have always wanted to do greek island hopping and now that we are retired and I do not like flying using a rail pass would be my ideal way to travel. We would also like to see Austria and Germany having never been. This would be a really exciting trip for us and I would love to win this competition. With my fear of flying our holidays have become very restrictive to the UK. My husband would be so pleased.

  110. Seabourn. Absolute must experience for lovers of excellent food and service, never forgetting the champagne and caviar!

  111. Wow! This is a wonderful prize. We have been meaning to buy Interrail passes for years so we can take our time and follow the beautiful Rhine from the Netherlands to Mainz and beyond and then back-tracking to follow the Moselle River where it branches off the Rhine and travel down to Trier. From there who knows! It’s a lovely thought.

  112. Global interail pass signs just the ticket – sorry about the pun. Would love to explore Italy by rail with my husband.

  113. Trains are my favourite way to travel & great way to see other countries without adding too much damage to the climate. As a person with hidden disabilities, I find train travel much more comfortable also the accessible services are much usable with friendly, knowable staff. Winning the across Europe by train tickets would be my ultimate future trip!

  114. I would like to go to Scandinavia – Denmark, Sweden and Norway, especially Sweden as I have never been there

  115. We would aim to visit as many countries as possible in Europe during that month with the Senior Rail Pass😊Including Norway and Slovenia, two countries we really want to go to!

  116. I’ve yet to travel on Eurostar despite wanting to do so & that would be a starting point for travel throughout Europe.

  117. Switzerland is known for so many wonderful things … mountains, snow, lakes, cities, chocolate, cows, cheese, watches and many more …. including their fantastic rail network. We would love to sample some of their alpine journeys, maybe from Interlaken which is renowned for being a top resort. Do hope we are lucky!

  118. I would love to be able to re-visit places in France and Germany that we visited on school trips over 60yrs ago. Also, if time allowed, parts of Belgium and Holland.

  119. I would love to win this trip so my husband and I could recreate an inter rail trip I did through Italy, Croatia and Greece as a student. We’ve got our rucksacks at the ready!

  120. We would take a month off and travel as much as possiboe from west to east plus a few ferry crossings across Greek islands.

  121. I’d love to see more of Europe in the comfort of a train. I’ve done lots of long haul flights to exotic places over the years but now prefer a slower, close up look at what’s right on my doorstep

  122. My husband Philip and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next year. We met in Munich in 1972 and lived there for 6 years. We’d love to revisit the city, travelling by train from London. After Munich, we’d love to explore Austria, Italy and maybe parts of Eastern Europe – Hungary, Poland, Romania all appeal….it would be “wunderbar” to win this prize!

  123. With such a pass the continong of Europe would be my lobster. I would seriously hope to visit every single one of the thirty three countries available with the pass. Or flounder in the attempt.

  124. What a fantastic prize, we would love to travel around the South of France And Spain next year, so this would be ideal.

  125. With an Interrail pass we would set off across Europe from our French home , head through Switzerland and Austria into Slovenia and some of the adjoining Eastern European countries admiring the splendid architecture and amazing countryside. Enjoying delicious dishes and wonderful wines 😊

  126. I’d go to Stockholm via Copenhagen, then Oslo and Bergen, the line between Oslo and Bergen is reckoned to be worth a visit in itself.

  127. My wife published a book on steam railways ( and is a railway enthusiast for anything on rails from narrow gauge, through standard gauge to funiculars and cable cars.

    Travel is a passion for two “old fogies”!

  128. A simple day out that I do quite a lot from where I live in North Yorkshire. I enjoy visiting Saltburn, which for me gives a lovely sea view with the great Funicular. I have a blue badge and mobility varies from day to day. So I travel on the quieter roads and then park on the top promenade area close to the funicular. We sailed our own old yacht, so I always have my binoculars with me. On good days, I like to go down in the funicular which is lovely and has glazed windows with seagulls on them. My husband was a great photographer and I have a few of his pictures taken from the funicular so that you have a good sea view framed by these stained glass windows. At the bottom you can then walk all the way out on the pier. You will see the windfarm sails going round and round looking up towards Middlesborough. and ships moving in and out. Then on a good day you will see the surfers out in the bay. They will vary in abililty and are always worth watching – of course the glasses help you to see close ups. There is a small car park on the lower level but we never succeeded in finding a space there and came to the conclusion that either other blue badge users were living in the car park or had got there by 5am to ensure a space!! However never worried us. So we would wander on the beach, meet other walkers and surfers etc. Then back up in the funicular to the car. They had made some lovely gardens along the promenade, so you can sit out and enjoy the gardens , watch runners and skateboarding , and dog walkers going by. There are benches about , but I do not have enough support so I take me own fold up chair and can put that out and again happy to sit there and enjoy the view. There are good cafes and small shops to wander around. It is a thriving small town with a lot of community things happening. Last year coming up to christmas they had a day where they had ice sculptures and father christmas in a pony and trap etc. It was all free to walk around and provided a lovely family day. It was actually very clever of the council as people looking for something to do with the children when money is tight all seized on the chance to have a great day out. So , of course, if you went into the cafes and shops you bought food and drinks and other things. A very clever thing to do as everyone enjoyed their day and learnt more about Saltburn. I love it as it has all the things I enjoy without the tacky seaside shops of other places and it is a quieter area than Scarborough. Been visiting Saltburn for over 20 years. Hope others will try it and that I am not shooting myself in the foot by telling people of my special place. If you stayed in Saltburn you could go and climb ?Roseberry Topping, drive up to Swaledale and visit Richmond , Visit Thirsk where y ou will see the great Yarn Bombers super knitted things on the bollards. They have done a great variety of things ranging from knitting the crown, carriage and beefeater for the coronation and then later this year they have a wonderful poppy day display. One year they had a yarn bomber on the pier at Saltburn where the knitted objects were on view along the pier, and included an octopus and a mermaid. They have a miniature railway in saltburn too and it is close enough to go to the North York steam railway and you can go from Grosmont to Whitby and that area is where they made the Heartbeat programmes. Well I think that is enough to whet your appetites and there is more. Of course now the autumn colours will be coming on the trees to enjoy on the trip

  129. I would love to win an Interrail pass. We were thrilled with a rail holiday to Lake Garda with Great Rail Journeys. It was so relaxing to be escorted and not have to think and plan for the journey. The rail journey highlight was travelling through the Alps.

  130. I would like to follow the route of the Orient Express and with the global pass be able to spend at least a day in each city along the route both outgoing and on return. This would mean two days visiting Paris, Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest and Istanbul.

  131. I’d like to see as much of Europe as possible, having previously been restricted by working we now have the time to look around!

  132. I would like to travel the length and breadth of Italy and it’s Islands with a Global Interrail pass!

  133. I have not had holiday for 4 years with covid and being Billy no mates with no one to go with. I really need a break whearever as I look after my cousin who got Parkinson . Such hard work.winning a holiday will make me go and for me for a change . Plus I do day volenteer at Leeds castle Maidstone

  134. I would love to win the Global Interrail Pass to enable me to travel the length and breadth of Italy and it’s Islands! Fingers crossed.

  135. I would like to go on a mystery tour on the train with my wife. Anywhere would be surprising and enjoyable. Thankyou.

  136. I have interrailed around 10 countries in a month around Europe.
    I would love to do the same around Australia and New Zealand.
    Probably would be easier as English Speaking.

  137. I would like to take my friend to visit Belgium, Holland and Germany. My friend has just turned 60 this year and I would love to give her the adventure of a lifetime.

  138. I would try and visit as many countries as I can in the given time! Definitely Italy (to visit my cousin who I haven’t seen for over 60 years and who I recently met up with on line thanks to the power of Facebook!)
    I would also go to Spain as I am currently revising my school girl Spanish using the Duolingo app as an incentive to travel and also to keep the cogs turning!
    France of course as that is the nearest country to keep and a means for getting to the other two!
    Decisions, decisions – the list is endless!

  139. Oh wow, where to go? So many amazing places that we could travel to with these passes, but I think we would explore eastern Europe then down into Greece and my new bucket list destination, Albania – fingers crossed!!

  140. I really want to go back to Vienna as I went there by rail when I was just sixteen! I was much to young to appreciate it although I do remember going on The Giant Ferris wheel and listening to the Strauss waltzes as we viewed the amazing vista from the top of the wheel. We also visited Schonbrunn Palace which was very opulent and spent a weekend walking in The Vienna Alps. My memories are so distant that it would be wonderful to re-explore and also to be able to afford to sample that delicious Sacher -Torte in Cafe Sacher Wien.

  141. My dad wouldn’t let me do this when I finished school but let my younger brother – humph! 4 decades later I realise that this still irks and it needs righting!!

  142. I would love to take the Euro train from London and travel through France and across to Italy. One last Silver-haired trip for me would be a dream come true.

  143. With a Global Interrail pass I would love to travel across Europe on the national railways, always assuming our own rail networks are operational at the time. I would take my wife on an unforgettable holiday. Starting from Manchester to London, via Eurostar to Belgium (I’ve always wanted to go to Bruges), to Brussels, on to Amsterdam, then down to Paris, on through France through northern Spain to Portugal and Lisbon (to see that beautiful city we first visited a few years ago). Then back through Spain to Madrid, where I have wanted to go for many years. From Madrid I would travel through to Barcelona, then up the coast into Southern France and on into Italy where there are so many places to see, including Florence, Venice, Rome and Naples. By this time we would probably be worn out but happy before making one last trip over to see Athens in Greece. It would take some planning, but what a trip that would be.

  144. I bought a month’s inter rail ticket as a student 48 years ago (£38!) and would love to follow the route taken then (Switzerland , Austria, Italy, France and Spain ) to see how the various places have changed !

  145. I’d love to go to Brussels to see my niece who I don’t see enough of these days, and also to Paris for a trip to Fontainebleau where I was born, but have never really seen!

  146. A one month interrail pass would take me around Europe, stopping in France to Switzerland to travel the famous Glacier Express, take a train up into the Alps and into Austria, then to the Italian lakes and down to travel on a train that takes the ferry to Sicily – travel on a train from Rome to Palermo!

  147. We are hoping to explore Northern Germany next year by train, so this would be the perfect prize to enable us to take off on our German adventure!

  148. I would start in Yorkshire, head to London and make my way to Zurich. Then to Chur to join the Bernina Express. I dream of a route through the Alps following lakes, gorges and mountains using bridges and tunnels. The scenery is magical and you can get the perfect view from the train. The trip of a lifetime.

  149. I would like to travel through France and then down the full length of Italy to Palermo, practising my French and Italian on the way.

  150. Recently stayed at Loch Tummel in Scotland, with Lochs and Glens. Superb location, overlooking the loch, lovely room, well looked after- and the last of the Lochs and Glens hotel list ticked off!
    Absolutely adore Scotland for scenery, friendly people, and food- but perhaps not always the weather!

  151. Wow! Leisurely, green AND FIRST CLASS! What a prize! Having inter-railed as a daring young thing, to win this would make my nostalgic dreams a reality!

  152. It’s got to be a Beer tour for me, so first stop, Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent. After that, Bavaria, and to finish off, The Czech Republic.

  153. I would like to travel too. Italy. This year it was confirmed my great. Grandfather was Italian . It would be an opportunity to discover to trace the family and explore the country and culture of my great. Grandfather my grandfather never knew his. Father and his mother died in childbirth it would be a chance to fill in all the family. History .

  154. I would choose to visit Italy, Spain and Portugal . We are both retired Art teachers and would love the opportunity to see and visit the renowned galleries and architecture. Also perhaps to discover some that we are not familiar with. It would be the trip of our lifetime.

  155. There are so many places that I can’t even begin to think. As my wife won’t go on a cruise this would probably be my only chance to travel any distance before I pop my clogs 🤣🤣

  156. We would love to see Belgiam and Germany by train. Not places we know well but would like to see them.

  157. I would spend a lot of time discovering more of Italy then Croatia and Slovenia are also high on our wish lists.

  158. I would love to travel to the Italian riviera, then across to the Adriatic coast and finally to Sicily before returning home

  159. I am just about to have a second hip replacement. I have not been able to go on holiday since 2019 (due to both pain and Covid). My first hip replacement this spring was a real life changer and as soon as I am back to full fitness I should be fully able to embark on plenty of walking and finally going to see many of the things I had planned to visit in my retirement.
    A ticket like this would be wonderful!

  160. This would be amazing to discover Croatia, Lithuania, Switzerland to start with then many more countries along the way. To travel knowing the security of having your travel pass to use would be fabulous.

  161. id love to revisit the greek islands . so many happy memories there . on top of that id love to explore many other places

  162. I have several places I would like to visit by train – Copenhagen, Austria, Switzerland, Italy – which I haven’t visited since I was a student. It will be very interesting to see how they have changed over the years as well as reminding me of pleasant holidays in my youth.

  163. I would take a route which included Vienna, Venice and Ljubljana, three cities I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. My plan would include France on the way home, a country I’d like to see more of.

  164. I’d love to go all the way to Istanbul by rail – one of the world’s most iconic rail journeys. Oh the joy of whizzing through ever-changing landscapes; stopping off in places, familiar only from TV documentaries; alighting in Constantinople as was, to the vibrancy of a metropolis where east meets west with a vengeance! This would be a fantastic experience, all made possible through Interrail Global Passes . . . .

  165. I’ve always wanted to visit Sicily! This would be my first port of call should I be lucky enough to win Interrail passes 😊👍

  166. I have been blessed with supporting Teachers and Pupils to Paris and Munich on many school trips but now retired would love to take my beloved partner before his Alzheimer’s makes it an impossible dream.

  167. Final destination, Split. Have heard so much about it however we have never managed to get there. On the way we would love to stop in Austria to see relatives and no doubt a few other stops along the way.,

  168. So much of Europe I would love to see. I love think I would plan a trip to Italy seeing some of the lakes and beautiful countryside.

  169. I would like to revisit Switzerland, I travelled there in my youth. Now I am much older I would like to revisit and travel again by train.

  170. I’d love to visit Paris, it’s a city that I’ve never been to though I have heard wonderful reports about it, I’d love to get dressed up and explore.

  171. We would love to travel around europe visiting the medieval cities to enjoy the architecture, food and wine. Italy would be first on the list.

  172. Would love to travel by train across to Switzerland to do some of the mountain passes and towns and cities .

  173. Italy. Such a wonderful country to visit. I have fond memories of doing an inter rail tour in my early 20’s. I would love to repeat the experience . Obviously, I would have a different experience as I would have MONEY compared to my youth!

  174. I would love to travel through France and then go onto Spain and Portugal. Just to see the culture and get some sun.

  175. We have long wanted to travel across Spain. We have relatives in San Sebastian and would go from there to Seville and Granada…and possibly further!

  176. With my pass I would travel to Sweden, Norway and Denmark on a multi-country train journey through Scandinavia. It is also my intention to visit Iceland, I’ve heard so many positive reports and reviews of the country.

  177. Five years ago, we had a very memorable holiday in Belgium, travelling by rail. But a week just wasn’t enough to do and see everything we wanted to, so we’d definitely start there. Then on to Paris, down to Strasbourg and across to Karlsruhe to catch up with old friends. From there, it’s an easy run to Bavaria, Austria or Switzerland – so who knows….?

  178. I would use the passes to complete an interrailing trip I made in 1983 when we planned to do a whistle-stop tour of Western Europe. I forgot about the time difference so we missed our connecting train and instead spent a month going up and down the French Riviera. Bliss.

  179. We’ve recently returned from a fortnight’s holiday driving around Ireland with the specific goal of seeing stained glass created by Harry Clarke in the early 20th century. I planned the destinations and booked hotels in advance, including non Harry days on the Wild Atlantic Way. This was all in the northern part of Ireland, spending several days in Dublin first. Visiting the churches (Catholic) was amazing – they were all open, and the people we met were incredibly friendly and really delighted we were visiting their lovely windows. We had such a good time (despite a very rough return ferry trip) that we’ll be going back to do the southern half next year. September highly recommended- light traffic, reasonable weather.

  180. With a global interail pass we’d probably be very boring and trot around Europe. We love Germany, where we’ve lived – would revisit Italy and go into Greece – the Peloponnese definitely beckon. Neither of us has been to Spain…

  181. So, let’s dream. 33 countries…Where to start?
    First off, I’d spend a happy hour or so with some essential reading, including the European Rail Timetable, European Rail Map and the Europe by Rail guide. And of course The Man in Seat 61 and all the other helpful sources of information out there. For me, the beauty of the Pass is that it gives you the flexibility to re-plan, re-route or even re-schedule as necessary. Ideal for someone who likes to go with the flow and not be tied down with advance purchase tickets.
    That done, and deciding to travel in countries known to be Pass friendly, my choice comes down to Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Partly because I can get by in German but also because I’d like to experience travel on some premier high speed trains like Germany’s ICE and Austria’s railjet trains. I’d travel out of season, to avoid the crowds: between January and March? And I’d travel first class all the way. This is a dream journey after all!

  182. I’d love to travel through France , then on through Italy. Stopping to explore Venice and Rome. Then , if I still had time, perhaps take a ferry to Sicily to discover a rural lifestyle before travelling home, maybe a different route.

  183. It’s so nice to go traveling to Etc,etc. So goes the old song. But it is true. We have all the time in the world, so, would like to take our time and smell the flowers. Where? Wherever life directs us. I am looking forward to reading about the travels, and advice from people who have done, maybe one, or many trips. Can’t wait!

  184. Vienna, in May to see Dreamer’s Circus in concert as well as the traditional sights, travelling via Salzburg, Berlin and returning via Verona and Milan to Aigle to see our daughter.

  185. Just cone back from a tour of Costa Rica, what a wonderful country! The scenery is wonderful, the wildlife amazing and the people are really friendly. Reading up on Costa Rica, it looks really expensive, but that is not the case at all. I went in tge rainy season, but don’t let that put you off, it didn’t rain all the time and mainly late afternoons, so top tip, go out early. The only downside for me was rice and beans, other than that, the best holiday I have ever had.

  186. After watching James Martin’s Spanish Adventure I would like to visit some of locations used & try out the the restaurants he visited.

  187. I would love to relive my long lost youth and hit the rails once more ( in considerably more comfort than previously) and explore the joys of Central Europe.

  188. I would love to take my wife around Europe, especially Venice and Rome as we are celebrating our 50 wedding anniversary in 2024

  189. I would like to travel to Norway, Sweden and Finland returning via Estonia. I did Interrail over 40 years ago and it was my best holiday ever!

  190. To be able to travel with a Global Interrail pass would mean we could finally reschedule our journeys to Prague, Vienna and Budapest which was cancelled due to Covid lockdown events. Its one of our bucket list wishes to travel rail to rail across Europe, knowing their rail transport is always on time with easy connection routes. I would also love to revisit Warsaw because it holds a place in my heart ever since I read The Silver Sword book as a child.

  191. I would love to win this fantastic prize! I would love to travel the length of Italy visiting Milan, Venice, Verona, Puglia, Lake Garda, Amalfi and Sicily. Then over to Corsica and Sardinia. I would travel down through France to get to Italy, taking in Bordeaux, Paris and Lyon.

  192. I don’t think I’d manage to visit 33 countries in a month but I’d like to try and do as much as possible in France and Germany.

  193. With a seniors inter rail pass we would love to explore the Mediterranean- and Adriatic coast through from Andalusia to France to Italy across to Croatia and beautiful Albania. Letting the train take the strain and leave more time to see the landscapes.

  194. Would love to tour Italy, going down through France etc.
    Would like to see Verona, Pisa, Pug,is among other places on the way!

  195. I would love to visit Warsaw and Krakow in Poland, Berlin in Germany and Bratislava in Slovakia. They all seem such interesting cites, with looks of history nd new cultures for me and my wife.

  196. I would love to go to Belgium. My Mother loved it there, but sadly, I have never seen what I believe is a beautiful City.

  197. It sounds so exciting and interesting to win this prize. I would like to visit as many countries as possible to see their culture etc. We would work out very carefully a route to do this

  198. We have always wanted to go to Scandinavia so this would give us the opportunity to just that. After that meandering through Europe would be a dream trip but would take in Switzerland.

  199. Cove Cafe
    Hayle Beach
    We went to find this place as we had an evening taste and meet event booked there.
    We had a tasty lunch with wonderful views.
    Parking is by the bluff Inn a few minutes walk away.
    We had a very good tasty meal and met the chef.
    Asked questions and the views are great

  200. Where to go with a Global Interrail pass?! Goodness, what a question!

    Well, though we’ve been to Norway, we’ve never been on a train there, and they must have glorious scenery, so that would be a start, followed by a trip to Stockholm (heard wonderful reviews) and then on into Finland, where we’ve never been at all.

    If there’s time, and the money hasn’t run out (?!) it would be great to see more of Germany (they have lovely trains – and run on time!) — and get down into Switzerland, which we’ve flown over many times, must have great scenery to ogle from a train window!

  201. I’d like to go everywhere in Europe I’ve never been to before. A chance to explore further than the usual tourist spots To embrace the history of cities I’ve not seen, plus trying out the restaurants of course!

  202. If I win I’d love to visit either Switzerland or Spain by train. Switzerland by train has been in my bucket list for years and the mountains are just magnificent. Although we’ve been to Spain many times we’ve not travelled to some of the more remote areas so that would be a fabulous trip.
    My husband has been quite ill this year so a train trip would really help get us back on track so to speak.

  203. I would travel to amazing Italy. Stopping off at Venice down to Florence across to Rome then down to the region of Puglia. I love Italy the amazing food , culture and everything about the country is amazing.

  204. Where would I go? Gosh that’s a tough one. From the U.K., I would meander through France – a place I have visited before and grown to love. Then to some places I’ve never been…Germany and Italy. After that it would be a mystery of discovery, I’d let the rail network decide where I go next 🙂

  205. I love to travel and would use my pass to go to places in Europe I have not been to such as Bulgaria. It is a pity that the war in Ukraine prevents travel to many places there and in Russia.

  206. I would love to go to Turkey as I have never been, or re visit Greece, where I haven’t visited for many years.

  207. I would love to take the trip I had hoped to do for my birthday this year: Eurostar to Switzerland, and then down through the alps to Florence.

  208. I have always wanted to go to FLorence but could never justify the cost as a dedicated trip. This would be a real holiday with the journey there and back via other destinations being part of the excitement.

  209. I I would love to travel from Calabria in Italy to Sicily and go on the boat train where the train actually goes on the ship. I saw Nick Knowles do it on television and it looks fabulous. The whole journey down through Italy was wonderful I would love to do that.

  210. I would choose to travel to and throughout Switzerland, travelling first class and in the winter months.
    I would travel on the main scenic routes valid with Interrail: the Bernina Express, Glacier Express, Golden Pass Line and Gothard Panorama Express, while taking advantage of free travel on the S-Bahn metro system in Zurich and free/discounted ferries, cable cars, hostel stays etc.
    No one does train travel better than the Swiss!

  211. I would love to explore the countries that used to be behind the Iron Curtain, especially those in the former Yugoslavia and Albania. I’d also like to explore my heritage in Poland. Rail is my favourite mode of travel because it’s sustainable, convenient and relaxing.

  212. Most of all I would love to go to Switzerland, especially to return to the Bernese Oberland which is stunningly beautiful. I would also love to go to some places I haven’t visited before: a couple of Scandinavian countries, preferably Norway and Sweden, for the scenery; and Italy for the food and the Mediterranean.

  213. Touring the Pyrenees, France, Basque country and along the Bay of Biscay coast of Spain. Then Madrid and the Mediterranean coast, South of France and Northern Italy.

  214. I’d love to go to Spain, Benalmadena first, to see a dear friend of mine who I haven’t seen for many years due to her moving to Spain. I would then travel on to Benidorm, because I love Benidorm and I have been trying to persuade my husband to go there for a number of years. With these passes, how could he say no!!!!

  215. I would go to every destination one after the other with my partner now we are retired. Excited just thinking about it. What an adventure

  216. With my Global interrail pass I would revisit both Paris and Siena as it’s over twenty years since I have been to both places. Love to experience the food and culture again.

  217. I have used the TUV for train travel in Europe and it was a fantastic experience with wonderfull views along the way. I would love to take my wife away with me on interrail so we can experience so much more.

  218. I would like to visit Switzerland with all their fantastic winter glacier and mountain pass railways like the Bernina express and to visit the Matterhorn and Zermatt. Breathtaking.

  219. At present my dream would be to travel on the Glacier Express in winter, it would just be so magical. I would be able to take my disabled sister to a country she has always wanted to visit, with no rushing through airports and being crammed in loke sardines in a tin! You get to see and experience so much more with a train, especially Swiss trains as they always run on time, so no worries about cancelations there either… Ahh just to dream…

  220. I love driving but this monthly pass would be a fabulous break for me from concentrating behind the wheel – a real example of letting the train take the strain and enjoying the fantastic scenery and panoramic views without the hassle of parking both legally and cheaply

  221. I’d like to use an Interail pass to visit various places in Northern Europe and Southern Scandinavia – particularly Rugen Island in Germany (where one of my husband’s aunts went in the early 20th century while working as a companion to a lady in Krakow), then to Copenhagen to catch an Oresund train that crosses the famous bridge to Malmo (I had penfriends in both of these cities in the early 1960’s) then on to Gothenburg. Then, who knows? Working out a route would be great fun.

  222. Would love to travel all through Italy by train visit the fantastic cities and towns passing beautiful scenery

  223. I would love to visit Italy. I have never been to Italy it’s on my list of places to explore in the future. I want to see so much so train travel would be a great way to see many destinations and see the changing landscape of the country. Plus the way trains allow you to mix more readily with your fellow travellers and experience the the journey in a more interesting way.