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This month our lucky winner will receive a fabulous selection of picnic provisions for four people. Can there be a better way to celebrate summer than an al fresco meal with friends and family?

Packed with enough delicious food to keep four hungry picnickers satisfied, this delicious picnic contains a wedge of bold somerset reserve cheddar, smooth triple cream cheese, crisp butter crackers, a pork pie, a jar of Piccadilly Piccalilli and a pack of Scottish smoked salmon. and when those savoury treats have been devoured, there’s the impossibly-delicious prospect of salted caramel milk chocolate Florentines. There’s plenty to savour here!

Head for your favourite spot, be it a hilltop with glorious views or a cosy rug in the back garden and enjoy a sumptuous picnic.

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364 Responses

    1. My best picnic location was new years day on top of Castell Dinas Bran in Llangollen as the sun was rising!

    2. I enjoyed an Alpine picnic in Austria – fresh mountain strawberries and ice cold water from a mountain stream

    3. Undoubtedly on the little beach on Easter Island watched over by those amazing Moi statues and accompanied by my lovely partner

    4. Best picnic I’ve had was staying in London and getting hotel to supply picnic instead of lunch so we could spend a hot day in Hyde Park. Was romantic, special and lovely

  1. My favourite picnic was in the Botanic Gardens in Seattle, fabulous surroundings plus my husband surprised me with an engagement ring (ten years after we married). It was only sandwiches and coffee but it was the best afternoon of our holiday!

  2. Best picnic ever was sitting on a hilltop at the edge of the Serengeti watching thousands of animals crossing the plains below us. It is a sight that has to be seen to be believed as the reality is far beyond imagination.

  3. The best place for a picnic must be Kynance Cove in beautiful Cornwall, what a beautiful sight onto the sea

  4. The most amazing picnic sitting in the ruins of a cave house with special friends in Materia in Puglia.

  5. About 30 years ago, travelling through France, we grabbed a baguette (from a boulangerie) and some cheese and sparkling wine (from a local supermarket). Sat for an hour or so by the river Seine, admiring the scenery. Simple, but still remember it to this day.

  6. It’s always the North Yorkshire moors for our most favourite place to visit with our picnic basket full of Yorkshire delights

  7. Pont Rouge Marseille- pefect location ovelooking the Med, Nice cooling breeze and to top it of, all the supplies required can be purchased at the Casino Supermarket on the opposite site of the road.

  8. My best picnic ever was on Fulong beach in Taiwan. Passing locals wanted to know why ‘all foreigners love sandwich,’

  9. We had a wonderful picnic in the grounds of the Amritsar Golden Temple enjoying the culture and food amidst amazingly colourful people and sounds.

  10. My best ever picnics were in Hamsterley Forest in County Durham UK as a child. Aunt and Uncle and cousins as well as our immediate family were there. My aunt ran a fruit and vegetable shop at the time, and brought enough fruit to sink a ship. My late mother was a terrific baker and packed home made pies, cakes, savoury tarts, jam slices, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes – a wonderful feast after a long walk in the forest with our rough collie, who was always glad of a few morsels. I’m sure it never rained in the olden days!

  11. My best ever picnic was at my friend’s house in Scotland. It was a ‘carpet’ picnic on the living room floor, as it was raining outside!

  12. The best picnic had to be at Blue Spring State Park in Florida. We were surrounded by wonderful wildlife whilst we ate our picnic lunch on one of the rustic tables in the woodland and then went for a walk along the boardwalk by the springs to see the Manatees – such wonderful animals that are so gentle and appealing

    1. We enjoyed the wonderful experience of having a picnic in The Masai Mara during a safari in Kenya I’ll always remember feeding some Superb Glossy Starlings with bits of bread and one of the guides asked were the birds disturbing us !!!! “Not at all” was our obvious response !!

  13. Out best ever picnic was with our son while he was working in Abu Dhabi. He took us out into the desert one evening, where there was nothing but sand in all directions and no light pollution, so it seemed we were alone in the world under a canopy of stars – unforgettable.

  14. Best picnic…. sitting on the rocks by the waterfall at Ingleton Falls. The sun glinting on the silver water, the falls bubbling and gurgling, the sheep bleating, my children laughing and splashing, clambering over the glistening rocks. Food almost irrelevant as long as it was filling and easy to eat..grab and go.

  15. Great Prize. My best picnic was in Rovinj, Croatia in a fragrant smelling woodland overlooking the sea. Perfect!

  16. Picnic
    3 of us used to marshall at motor racing in Ingliston Showground, nr Edinburgh
    we decided for our first lunch that I would bring Ham, Johnnie chicken and Smithie, the wine.
    Over the next couple os seasons, our lunches grew such that other marshalls would drop past for a bite and a drink.
    Great social occasions

  17. Last week , my husband, our son, his wife and two grandsons went on a Pirate ship from Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Spain. The ship is called Anne Bonney after one of the few female pirates, born in Ireland but sailed across the world.
    The sail took us out across the bay and was complete with a female pirate who organised a treasure hunt on the ship for the children, with a pirate song, hidden clues and treasure at the end.
    A lovely family outing for all ages.

  18. After work driving 200 miles and lugging a picnic complete with a butlers tray onto Bury ditches in the evening sun

  19. No contest – the best picnic location is in Central Otago, New Zealand. Stunning scenery, beautiful weather (and you can easily find good local wine). Oh – the companions are great too!

  20. When my kids were young, we used to go for Winter picnics at Warwick Castle with jacket potatoes in tinfoil and a flask of hot chocolate.

  21. The most memorable picnic I have had was in a quiet little spot by a river in New Zealand shared with my late husband.

  22. Best picnic of all times was at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula, South Wales. It is a long and difficult walk from the nearest parking point, but well worth it. Glorious views and not too busy.

  23. Best picnic ever, on the beach near Monterey with a whale breaching in the distance, and a walrus on the beach, so good I can’t remember what we ate!

  24. Family picnics when little in local area by the river we’re wonderful and obviously nicer memories of lost loved ones

  25. The best picnic I’ve ever had was at the
    Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum Park in Hungary during the Hungarian Millicentinial celebrations in 1996. It was a truly wonderful experience eating fresh bread, cheese and local meats in the company of three doctors who I had persuaded to accompany me from Budapest. We followed the pinic with a tour around the cultural Village and then a trip on a boat down the Danube back to Budapest, a magical day.

  26. The best picnic was at Legoland on the grass hill where the miniature worlds are. Lovely to watch everything moving in the sunshine and having a hillside picnic 👍

  27. On cunard Queen Mary in Hamburg whilst the flotilla spectacular sight was welcoming us and waving our departure

  28. I travelled over to Perth Australia to visit my nana. wonderful day we went to Kings Park stunning views over Perth . Loved that trip it was the last time I actually saw her. May 1999. All the food made by nana she was fabulous cook and baker.

  29. My best picnic memory goes back to the fifties, when, on a family holiday, we were treated to a picnic on the bank of the River Wye at Symonds Yat in Gloucestershire. After great food , our hosts, my Dad, my brothers and I played french cricket. An idyllic day out!

  30. My best picnic was in the middle of Sherwood Forest when my children were small. We were entertained by actors playing Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, popping up out of the surrounding bushes and trees. It made for great excitement!

  31. I love having a picnic in the apple orchard opposite the entrance to Killerton House, near Exeter, Devon. It is lovely to see it during the different seasons, especially during blossom time.

  32. The best ever picnic was provided by the hotel we stayed at on Samur Beach bali. We ate glorious food (not knowing for sure what some of it was!) on a sandy beach in the warm sun gazing out at the crystal blue waters and the coral reef. Oh yes it was 1987 and you were having a hurricane back home in England (we didn’t know that at the time!)

  33. Best ever picnic? Costa Rica, after floating over a fast flowing river on a log raft – we were just glad not to have sunk so the food was a total celebration!

  34. My best ever picnic was at the top of Cleeve Hill, overlooking Cheltenham race course. The days racing at the Cheltenham Festival had been cancelled due to high winds. What could four elderly race-goers do ? Why, they went up Cleeve Hill, had a wonderful picnic and ended up practising the waltz !!

  35. I love having picnics on the banks of the river in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    We people watch and duck watch, it’s great.

  36. Under the tree canopy, silence apart from rustling leaves in the breeze, a hunk of cheddar, bottle of wine, bunch of grapes and good company. Perfection in Epping Forest, who’d believe London has such an Oasis of calm?

  37. The best and most memorable picnic ever was at the top of a volcano in Nicaragua.
    Best because of the spectacular views.
    Memorable because of the most awful smell of sulphur and, the hotel had made a picnic for us that consisted of a hard boiled egg and bread and butter with sprinkles on!

  38. Tiree in the Hebrides – sitting in the sunshine on white sands, not a cloud in the sky, with good food, good wine and good company – bliss!

  39. Best ever picnic was in sunny Central Park in NYC. It was the end of a busy holiday starting at san Francisco

  40. There’s no need to go anywhere but your own backyard for a picnic. A blanket on the lawn and a makeshift tent keeps the whole family happy.

  41. Just had a lovely holiday at the Sancta Napa in Cyprus was a little worried it would be mainly Younger Guests but the hotel was spotless food was lovely and the staff were so friendly and it was a mixture of all age groups we are in our 70’s and would certainly go back to this hotel

  42. There is always something to do on days out in London, there is London Bridge, Tower Bridge, London dungeons, madam toussaudes, plus so much more. There is a lovely different selections of places to eat ,street food at borough Market, soho , China town. This is just a few and there is something to fit any budget. Would definitely recommend.

  43. Best picnic for me was sitting atop Ben Nevis looking through the Observatory window at the wonderful sights all around.

  44. My best picnic was actually s few years ago in my garden to celebrate a family event. The weather and food we’re lovely but the best thing was that all of my family were there. It was the last time that we were all able to be together and remains a very special memory.

  45. Open Air jazz concert at Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk. Perfect summer evening and wonderful food in this exquisite moated hall setting.

  46. Been many a year since we had a picnic,what better way to resume picnicking,than with a Fortnum @ Mason Hamper,my taste buds a slavering just at the thought.

  47. Mount Tidae. Tenerife.
    LOCAL CHEESE – FRESH BREAD – SUNWARMED TOMATOES. All washed down with white wine from Tenerife’s own vineyards….. and wonderful views by day and clear starlit skies by night.

  48. My favourite picnic area would have to be in the gap of dunloe in co kerry Ireland or the killarney national park

  49. The best place I had a picnic was on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa many years ago. We were with family from England and had gone up in the cable car. My brother in law actually proposed to my sister and so we had reason to celebrate. I just remember all the little dassies
    (like rabbits) running around. Can’t remember what we had to eat but think there was some bubbly. Happy memories.

  50. Best picnic was on a wine tour in Minervois in the midst of the vines, just hubby and me and the tour guide serving us- bliss!

  51. My most memorable picnic was at the edge of the Windrush river in the Cotswolds during Covid-19 – quiet peaceful, us with the sheep and beautiful views

  52. Best picnic was in Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with the family. Played games and there was something for everyone.

  53. My late husband surprised me with a impromptu picnic when living in North Cyprus. He drove us to a designated picnic area near Herakleion Castle. The area itself wasn’t well maintained but that wasn’t important to us. He was a very romantic, kind man who wanted to do this for me, the woman he loved. Memories are priceless, aren’t they?

  54. My best ever picnic was in the Masai Mara after landing from a balloon flight. It was mid-morning and I remember the peace and stillness that surrounded us, as we ate our brunch and drank – champagne of course! The thrill of the flight, the many animals we saw far below us, and even the rather bumpy landing, remain a wonderful memory of a beautiful day, one of many we had in Kenya.

  55. A picnic in the forest ,high up above the heat of the South of France beaches below.As we lay down in the forest floor on a carpet of pine needles we looked up through the gaps in the trees to an azure sky.
    My partner and I enjoyed the most wonderful spread of all things local purchased at the nearby Provençal market…cheeses,olives,anchovies,huge red sun ripened tomatoes,a variety of salamis and cold meats…juicy nectarines to follow…the sweet juice dripping down your wrists with each bite…and all washed down with rose from the nearby vineyard.

    These memories are particularly poignant as this is exactly the same time of year that we would be there,having spent every summer there since the early 80’s….but sadly my darling partner passed away suddenly in the Spring and these wonderful memories of happy times in Provence are to be cherished forever.

  56. We have enjoyed picnics on the beautiful beach of Bolnuevo in the area of Puerto de Mazarrón in the region of Murcia Spain. A very Spanish quiet area with numerous small coves ideal for a leisurely picnic luncheon.

  57. I loved having a picnic on The Rocks in Sydney. The area is so full of people and sights and the view of the Bridge and the Opera House is breath-taking. I loved the cosmopolitan food bought from the QVC and the general laid back feeling. I hope to return soon.

  58. My best picnic was on the beach at 3 Cliffs bay in Wales. The beach was almost deserted and the colours were amazing.

  59. Our best picnic was in a tree house inthe African Bush for our Ruby wedding Anniversary, FAB U LOUS

  60. Best picnic place would be on the Shetland Isles, overlooking the capital Lerwick. Beautiful picnic, fantastic view.

  61. On an ice floe in the Arctic during a cruise. Champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries served by a butler!!

  62. Sitting on a Provençal rug and enjoying cheese, pâté and crusty bread with a cheeky rose wine whilst breathing in the glorious aroma of the lavender. Bliss!

  63. On top of a glacier in Canada during the most fabulous fly/drive holiday from Calgary to Vancouver.

  64. Port Logan on the west coast of Scotland, and Table mountain inCape town. Both utterly stunning and calming!

  65. My best picnic location was on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon while on a tour of Nevada, Arizona and California with my husband and two daughters.

  66. Best ever picnic?
    No contest. In Mendoza , Argentina, in a vineyard with (several) bottles of (very) local Malbec, a barbeque -parrida and tortitas!
    Slept like a log that night!

  67. I enjoyed my best ever picnic in Brittany, France. It was a leisurely meal of French bread, cheese, tomatoes and sweet pears accompanied by a good local wine . It was simple fare yet tasted so good, eating al fresco with family and friends.

  68. Have not had any holiday since 2008,as soon after in 2009 our young son died from Kidney Cancer,and then retired from employement due to GP advice as resulted in Severe Deppression,and PTSD ,and on permanent meds.So dealing with that,then 2020 had a major stroke which took months to get over.But during the years to 2023 ,many scans and diagnosed with many health issues ,include suspect cancer,and after last major blood test ,now diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes,and now awaiting major operation,so yes my health issues has been my downfall.
    But i am unable to have holidays at all,no passport,and unfit ,so my expanations to my health issues .

  69. We bought a picnic rucksack (cutlery, plates, glasses, cooler section etc) and went for a lovely Peak District walk – amazing Edale views as we enjoyed our food

  70. My best ever picnic was enjoyed here in the UK. Homemade scotch eggs with a variety of salads whilst sitting on a bench listening to the Cornish Pipe and Drum Corps at the Royal Cornwall Show. Delicious food and great entertainment.

  71. My best ever ‘picnic’ was in Goa, India. The food was delicious and served up on palm leaves. We were on a beautiful deserted beach. Unforgettable.

  72. Hi
    I think the best picnic I have ever had was on the beach at Carbis Bay, with my family. Such a lovely, beautiful setting, and it has a lasting memory of my children when they were younger.

  73. Our best ever picnic was after a cycle ride on the banks of the Loire river French cheese, wine and a lovely crispy fresh baguette a wonderful day xx

  74. Lake Interlaken, Switzerland. My mum and I had taken the funicular rail to a higher spot on Jungfrau . We decided to walk down ….. but didn’t realise just how far we had to walk! We set off, and an hour or so later, stopped in a meadow full of purple crocus. Our ‘picnic’ wasn’t on a grand scale – a sandwich each and a flask of coffee. But the view, the peace, the colour, were breathtaking. Snow covered mountain, warm meadow, beautiful wild flowers, absolute peace. It was the best ever picnic.

  75. My best picnic was for our ruby wedding. It took place in our daughters garden and consisted of lots of red items including salmon, salads and stawberries

  76. Best picnic ever was high in the Peruvian mountains with some cocoa tea looking for condors over the valley

  77. The best picnic I’ve ever had was on top of Table Mountains in Cape Town.
    It’s a massive flat area with incredible views of the ocean, mountains and the city.

  78. The beautiful grounds of the Mare Vineyard on Jersey. Wine and “black butter” from the estate as well as a wonderful mix of treats from UK, France and local delicacies.

  79. During a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon – limo took us to helipad and we stopped for a picnic in the Canyon and then flew back over the Las Vegas Strip at sunset – fabulous!!!

  80. My best recent holiday was in Minorca. A slower pace of life than other Balearics. Friendly people beautiful scenery and great local food.

  81. A picnic beside the Norfolk Broads with my hubby and doggy on a sunny day just enjoying the peace and quiet.

  82. Best picnic was in the Canadian Rockies and was well earned as we had to canoe our way to the beautiful picnic place.

  83. Having completed such a memorable and amazing hot air balloon flight, taking off just before dawn over a wildlife park in South Africa, on landing, we were greeted with a surprise wonderful picnic breakfast. My husband and I will remember the peaceful setting, its views and savouring such fantastic food and champagne always.

  84. The best holiday my husband and I have ever been to, was sailing from Southampton to the Caribbean, it was so good that we have sailed there five times. It was unbelievable, the lovely warmth of the people, rum punch, different islands and the sailing from and to Southampton, it was a holiday that kept on giving xx

  85. Picnic while watching outdoor cinema at the Scoop while also seeing Tower Bridge raised 4 (yes 4) times . Fantastic experience.

  86. As I love Greece, I made a picnic with Greek food in 2021, to have in my back garden. There was spanakopita, giant beans, Greek style garlic lamb, tsatziki, a Greek salad, all home made with crusty, sourdough bread. It was to treat my brother, sister in law and best friend, all Grecophiles, who had given me such wonderful support when I lost my husband in 2019. The day was filled with sunshine, figuratively and literally. Sadly, my brother passed away earlier on this year, but I have such happy memories of him, and this was one of them.

  87. on Polzeath beach in Cornwall during lockdown , the sunset was amazing , it was just like the Mediterranean

  88. Best ever picnic was up a mountain in Courchevel (French Alps) with a fantastic view stretched out before me whilst enjoying the finest French wine, bread and cheeses with a beautiful lady. Them’s were the days! 🙂

  89. Best picnic was on the balcony of our rented appartment in Port Camargue overlooking the Mediterranean. Just a basic picnic, french baguette, cheeses, salami and salad. Oh not forgetting the bottle of chilled rose’!

  90. My best picnic was sitting with my husband on the banks of the Loire on a warm June day, having bought fresh cooked prawns in their shells, good mayonnaise and French bread. Simple but delicious!

  91. A simple ‘traditional’ French picnic on a hilltop in central France with the valley spreading out far far below. We could see for miles and miles and every mouthful of food oozed flavour – I just have to see a display of French cheeses and I am back there on that warm lazy afternoon.

  92. Picnic on Man’s Head watching the surfers on Porthmeor Beach and looking to the island in November with fair weather and not so busy

  93. My favourite picnic is one spent in Hampstead Norries Berkshire. On a warm summers day sitting in a field on the bank of a stream with my two granddaughters eating peanut butter sandwiches.

  94. In the very warm and sunny Yorkshire countryside with my husband, mum and dad for their 40th wedding anniversary.

  95. One of the most amazing places ever visited was Ankor Wat in Cambodia That along with the other temples in the area took several hours to view in pretty hot weather but was more than worth all the effort. I managed it just a few months after completing radiotherapy for breast cancer and felt it was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of a very traumatic and difficult time in my life

  96. The best picnic l ever had was aboard a 1916 Solent Racer yacht on the river Dart in Devon – a picnic that finished with a Devon Cream Tea – sublime bliss.

  97. We planned a picnic in the Mendips to celebrate our 45th Wedding Anniversary . It was raining so hard that we ended up in the house of our best man and his wife, eating the food in front of the fire – wonderful conversations and memories.

  98. Narsarsuaq, Greenland. Just sitting on boulders, wrapped up warm, bottle of champers and picnic watching huge icebergs from the Qooroq glacier glide by.

  99. My best picnic was in Portugal. We had discovered many beaches but when we came across a dam it was truly magical. We had been driving around and just came upon Albufeira da Barragem de Beliche. It is so peaceful and a beauty of nature tamed by man. It was calm and enchanting. A place I have never forgotten. We had the our secret place to enjoy our picnic, heaven.

  100. Sitting on the beach at sunset on the Gold Coast Australia eating BBQ fish caught fishing earlier, something never to forget.

  101. My best picnic was on the beach at Kildonan on the Isle of Arran. The weather on that day was bright, sunny and warm. I was still a teenager and on this day was with my parents. We had a long talk about family, friends and ourselves. This was the first time we had a really serious discussion. Wonderful.

  102. A breakfast picnic of warm Pastel de nata and iced coffee was one of the most delicious meals of my life… not in Portugal but unbelievably in Thailand. Thank you for reminding me of this special memory. 😋

  103. My favourite picnic took place at Humphrey Head, Grange over sands , wonderful day, sunshine, kids and dogs and delicious food and views. Ages ago but still a crystal clear memory.

  104. Watching a lunar eclipse with my wife at English Bay on Ascension Island when I was posted to the South Atlantic when I was in the forces.

  105. One of my fondest memories is as a teenager on my first trip abroad sitting with my girlfriend (later wife) on the steps of Sacre Coeur, overlooking Paris enjoying a simple picnic of French bread, cheese and meats with wine, on a beautiful summers day. Half a century later I can still feel the warmth of the sun and the deep blue of the sky

  106. A castle in the borders of Scotland, with freshly brewed cuppa and sandwiches, sausage rolls, scones and cake. With the love of my life

  107. My best-ever picnic was taken on a bank in the ruins of Machu Picchu when all the crowds had gone and we more or less had the place to ourselves – many years ago!

  108. Had a wonderful picnic on the beach at Biarritz watching the sun go down in September on a beautiful day and evening! Magic!

  109. My favourite picnic was on a coastal footpath on the North Cornwall coast, sitting on a bench overlooking the sea.

  110. By the banks of the river Rhine at Breisach whilst waiting for the paddle steamer, sun was shining too.

  111. Best picnic ever was with friends at a charity concert at Wintershall, dressed in full DJ’s and evening gowns listening to Eric Clapton and many other great artists. One group near us had even brought the silver chandelier candlesticks!!

  112. In Upton upon Severn UK, Jazz band playing skillfully behind us, a river running by to our left with boats going by. Sunny day but not too hot. 2 good friends my Wife & I. Chilled champagne or cans of beer. Well organised food warm where we required & cold where not. Just over 4 hours of great music & in great location.

  113. My happiest picnics (tho definitely not my fanciest) have been in the garden with small children in the sunshine, precious moments some time ago.

  114. At Lorna Doone Valley in North Devon, our picnic took place near Oare Church, a fascinating old building.
    Such rugged beauty and marvelous rustic picnic food made this event very memorable.

  115. I remember a picnic on the beach near Fethiye in Turkey, with a local family who brought proper cups and saucers for the Turkish tea (!) and we had a huge watermelon bobbing about in the sea to keep it cool.

  116. Memories as a child, a walk in the forest or at the beach with my auntie and cousins and suddenly and miraculously a check tablecloth, a mountain of sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer would appear – no child went hungry on those picnics!

  117. One of my favourite picnics was a few years ago. We were at a very small independent winery on a hillside overlooking the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. We were able to eat our own food while enjoying a jug of their very nice wine. Blissful afternoon.

  118. On an island in the Pacific, just off Seattle. We ate freshly caught salmon barbecued on an open fire.

  119. My best picnic was on a hilltop farm, drinking wine with cheese just outside Sorrento with magnificent views of the Adriatic and the Amalfi Coast.

  120. A breakfast picnic having walked up a Lakeland fell to a quiet tarn is always a memorable and special moment

  121. On our allotment. With the sun on our faces, a rustling breeze in our fruit bushes and the squirrels being cheeky in the hedgerow. Cheese and tomato sarnies (of course) and a flask of coffee. Simple things are the best.

  122. Best picnic ever was March 1989. I had just passed my exams to be a Member of the Royal College of Physicians so my boyfriend and I went to Paris. It was a budget trip as we had very little money. The weather was exceptionally hot. We bought a baguette, a bottle of red wine and some cheese. We sat on the grass in The Champ de Mars and had the best picnic ever. This year we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary!

  123. Had a lovely picnic on Kangeroo Island watching all the wild life and looking out to sea, seeing pods of dolphins .

  124. Best picnic ever was on a small island in the Maldives, arranged by our hotel in Makanudu. It was our honeymoon, and we were delivered to this small uninhabited island where beach chairs were set out, with a huge brolly. There was a magnificent picnic of local Maldivian dishes, plus a bottle of champers, on ice. Left on our own for 6 hrs, we ate, swam and sunbathed. It was sheer heaven. Wish it could have happened every day.

  125. When we were kids we had proper picnics, we carried a tank with a tap for water and a kettle with a little blue gas canister to heat water for tea.
    These days it is a sandwich, with sausage roll, fruit and wine

  126. Outside our camper van in the early morning as the mist rose above St Mary’s Loch in the Borders and we ate a bowl of porridge.

  127. Best picnicking was in the Saudi Arabian Empty Quarter, just outside of Abqaiq. It was a friend, Eileen, her husband, Tom, and myself. We had a breakfast picnic so it wasn’t in the heat of the day. Tea, Zatar flatbreads,salad, cooked meats and eggs were the main part of our picnic. But the best part was being in the middle of the sand dunes, deathly quiet, watching the blistering sun slowly rise up the sky. Nothing has ever been like it, and I don’t think I will have an experience like it again.

  128. My best picnic was with my husband in a luxurious South African Lodge beautifully set in a Safari Park not far from Cape Town. We were driving the fantastic Garden Route to the Knysa Elephant sanctuary and stopped off for 2 nights to spend close up time with various of the ‘Big Five’ including gorgeous young cheetahs.
    An ‘olde worlde’ picnic – a rustic hamper, grilled fish with fried plantains and sparkling wine. What a holiday that was.

  129. On beautiful sandy beach in Barbados ……. champagne, blue skies, azure seas & golden sunshine to celebrate a ‘BIG’ birthday.

  130. The rain forest in Peru on the Inca Trail travelling to Machu Picchu; it was a wonderful experience

  131. Sitting on a rock high above the south end of Moraine Lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada, surrounded by towering mountains and gazing down on the deep turquoise glacial waters that seem like they’ve been poured straight from the heavens, after canoeing from one end of the lake to the other.

  132. On Sandbanks beach in Dorset, on a lovely spring day. The only challenge was stopping our doggie eating the sausages!

  133. At the Popeye Village in Malta with my family when the children were little, it was so much fun and no spinach was eaten!

  134. On the banks of the Long Water during the RHS Hampton Court Flower Festival in July this year. My husband and I sat in the sun eating our picnic (sandwiches bought from the contributers’ catering tent) during a quick break from being on duty at our plant society’s display in the Floral Marquee. The hummus and roasted vegetable sandwiches were delicious but I was rather jealous of the people around us who all seemed to have Fortnum and Mason baskets from the nearby collection point and were popping Champagne corks and no doubt eating much more interesting food than us. However, I felt rather smug that we had two more days to enjoy such a wonderful view and atmosphere.

  135. On the beach in South Kerala for my 30th birthday, just me mum and lots of school children. No real Lighting, No Proper Streets, Just peace and quiet with the sea crashing on the beach. This was 27 years ago, I won’t go back as it wouldn’t be at all like that!

  136. Spending a warm balmy evening at Cholmondely Castle in Cheshire, tucking into a home-made picnic &
    sipping prosecco while listening to an orchestra & watching a fantastic firework display

  137. not a difficult decision to recall —————Sunset at the foot of Ayers Rock in Australia !!!

  138. In bushland NSW Australia.
    The men took the children on a “safari” and left my sister in law and me to set up the picnic.
    We had just finished and the food looked lovely and very appetising. Unfortunately 2 large goannas thought the same and as they ran at us at speed. My sis and I made a hasty retreat to the safety of our wagon.
    When the men and children got back. The goannas were long gone, along with our food. And the picnic site looked like a disaster area. Sis and I were still locked in the wagon crying with laughter as we tried to tell the men just what had happened 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  139. My best ever picnic was at a viewpoint across the valley from Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. the view was stunning and a couple of bold chipmunks took some of our food.

  140. In the beautiful grounds of chatsworth house on a perfect evening with sunset, listening to music, and using our denby crockery for the picnic from a visit to the neighbouring pottery.

  141. Our best ever picnics have always been by a babbling stream or river in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District.

  142. In my sister’s beautiful garden meeting my new-born niece…very special moment in a special setting since we live in a cramped flat with no access to gardens.

  143. Lockdown over but still limited contact with others. Met my daughter and granddaughter and took their dog for a walk. We enjoyed a picnic on the riverbank. It rained (fortunately only light rain) but we carried on regardless and had a wonderful few hours together

  144. A memorable picnic was during a trip to Mumbai, stayed at the Tajj Mahal, before the terrorists messed it up. Hotel provided a picnic lunch and I took a small boat to Elephanta Island. Wonderful sights with few other people. Bought a beautiful wall hanging handmade from scraps and driftwood made by a very pleasant Indian girl. I took the boat from a jetty near the ceremonial arch close to the Taj. Suspect not many visitors would be aware of the opportunity. I was travelling alone but it was perfect peace.

  145. Took a cruise with MSC on the Opera, not as large as recent cruise offerings, but stylish with good food and entertainment. However a problem experienced was the cruise being like a bus service round the Med, we were expected to change cabins twice, although one didn’t happen and we only had to change the last night, which was frustrating even though we had substantially packed again for our return and MSC staff transferred the bags. Take care when making your bookings.

  146. Not my picnic but my husband’s who served in the Royal Navy. It is tradition when a ship deploys to enjoy a banyan (BBQ) on foreign shores, my husband & his department decided to do something different with a picnic on the beach in St Thomas – tablecloths, sandwiches, sausage rolls etc & plenty of liquid refreshment much to the amusement of the locals, culminating in a friendly football match with them, a fun day had by all.

  147. At the side of the road in Yosemite in the snow. We had not expected the snow of an El Nino year, with it being Easter. So we sat on the boot of the car at the side of the road. We had snow to our knees and shorts just above them! It was a long time ago (pre internet weather forecasts) but is still very memorable.

  148. My best picnic ever was on the beach at Bambrough Northumberland near the castle with my late wife and saughte when she was a toddler The weather was good and the food tasted great!. I

  149. On our 30th wedding anniversary we got up at 4o’clock in the morning, driven through the countryside to a waiting hot air balloon and fantastic ride over the Masai Mara looking at herds of wildebeest. On touch down the breakfast picnic was set out read which we shared with a male lion watching us from a near by hill. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  150. My most memorable picnic was in the Amazon Forest in French Guyana – with many different birds and animals around us.

  151. I’ve travelled a lot but one of the picnics that I have enjoyed most is another quintessentially British experience. At Killerton, National Trust, on their magnificent lawn with my family. Grandchildren were singing in their primary school choir before us with the beautiful rolling Devon hills behind. This hamper would have just hit the spot! If I were fortunate enough to win, we could all go back and enjoy revisiting those memories

  152. It must be the picnic in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. What a country, what a picnic! Yearning to return…

  153. Our best picnic ever was on a deserted beach in beautiful Western Australia- with my sister and family, who live there. The magic of the scenery and isolation -together with our family reunion will stay with me for a lifetime!!

  154. Sitting on the Coast path overlooking the sea and dolphins on a sunny day with a picnic of crab rolls bought from the tiny shop by the sea front, followed by a pint of beer in the pub – Johnshaven in Aberdeenshire. Peaceful and relaxing – bliss!

  155. Aah a Picnic a simple pleasure. So many memories …….. one of my best was as an 11 year old, a family picnic with mum and dad in North Wales near the Swallow Falls. Magic and a lot of fun as my sister, brother and i messed around in the stream eating our white egg mayo sandwhiches and drinking lukewarm tea from our discoloured cream thermos flask.

  156. My best ever picnics were in Windermere in lake district Scafell Pike is the highest and the most prominent mountain in England, having a panic would be wonderful!

  157. The first time we were allowed to meet up after the Covid lockdown my son, daughter in law and two granddaughters went with us for a picnic in Pembrey Country Park we had fairly ordinary picnic food but it tasted amazing as we hadn’t met up for over a year!

  158. I went to visit my daughter in Barbados, as her and her husband were sailing round the world.
    We had a lovely picnic on the beach, and the temperature was perfect!

  159. Best picnic ever in the New Zealand countryside in the middle of the south island where the views of Lake Hawea are simply divine.

  160. Alone in the ruins at Aspeddos Turkey we were joined by the custodian who shared our picnic and gave us a tour of the ruins.

  161. Crossing from Wales to Ireland by ferry, with friends and three children, we decided to start our holiday in style. While other travelers headed for the cafeteria or unwrapped their sandwiches we unpacked the smoked chicken, pate, French stick, Brie and nectarines and tucked in washing it down with bubbles of course. Probably the best meal of that holiday.

  162. My best picnic was in the Maldives. We were travelling around all the islands on boat cruise and one of the islands had an official picnic site where the boat crew very kindly set up a top notch picnic on the beach. We sat eating our food on the beach looking out onto the ocean. Magic!

  163. Lake beach on the Isle of Wight, my happy place from childhood with fond memories of meat paste sandwiches wrapped in a recycled bread paper. I still dance in the waves there whenever I visit.

  164. Funny memory but a good one. Best picnic ever was a pub outing to Biggin Hill Air Show. I’d taken egg mayo sandwiches, crisps and a drink. My fellow passengers had packed asparagus wrapped in Parma ham, crab claws and home made pate and crackers with champers of course. We all tucked into everything. No one’s efforts were better than others. Superb day out.

  165. My best picnic was at Niagara Falls with my aunt, uncle and three cousins who had moved to Canada in 1960. I was only 14 when I went there and had travelled alone to see her. I immediately felt at home in Canada and remember each moment of that visit to this day even though it was almost 50 years ago. The only problem with a picnic there was the spray off the falls made us all really wet through but it was so much fun.

  166. An impromptu refreshment break on the High Line in New York enjoying some glorious November sunshine!

  167. I enjoyed a lovely picnic, prepared by myself, on the east coast of Scotland between Edinburgh and North Berwick, in among the sand dunes.

  168. A lovely picnic basket with us on a day out along the North Yorkshire coast,is a the best day out.

  169. Early morning game drive on the Nambiti game reserve – incredible sunrise and snacking treats such as warthog biltong with strong coffee and cake. Almost surreal but it really happened!

  170. I must have been on hundreds of picnics over the years but I do still remember a picnic I had when I was less than seven years old. My dad was very good at baking, especially lovely loaves of bread. Along with my mum and my sisters we climbed up to the top of the Worcestershire Beacon and looked at the wonderful view. Apparently you can see 14 counties on a clear day! We found a sheltered spot and ate crusty bread and cheese, crumbly sausage rolls, home grown tomatoes, all washed down with Malvern spring water. We had filled our bottles at St Anne’s Well after walking up the 99 steps and believe me, Malvern water tastes as good as champagne when you are thirsty!

  171. My most memorable picnic was out in the Arizona Desert, just as the sun was going down. The memory will stay with me for ever.

  172. In our garden at home, many years ago, with the best iced coffee made by Mum – calm, serene, delicious!

  173. My best ever picnic was when we were visiting our daughter who was in Australia studying for a year. We spent Christmas Day on the beach in Cairns with a tasty picnic, lapping up the sun, sand and beautiful sea. As we we were Brits, we wore Santa hats, which left the locals a bit bemused!

  174. We were on a cruise ship and they took us to a beach where the crew off-loaded everything you could think of for a great picnic. It was a really memorable occasion.

  175. Sat on a mountain top in the sunshine overlooking Innsbuck with the sound of a alpine horn eching down the valley.

  176. Farasan islands Red Sea Sat on a white sand beach after snorkelling for hours on a pristine reef in 1978.

  177. My favourite picnic was in Pompeii, Italy. We collected a lovely box of Italian cheeses and charcuterie from the local delicatessen near our hotel and ate it, just like the Pompeians would have, in the park behind the main open air theatre in Pompeii. It was January 2023 so not many people around and it felt very authentic – no togas though, it was far too cold!!

  178. Best ever picnic was a picnic that I won at the Sunset concert in Jersey. Overlooking the sea, watching a lovely concert with friends and family as the sun went down. Perfect.

  179. Beside the Hippo’s Pool in the Ngorongora crater , Tanzania , with a resting pride of lions just over the hill .

  180. My most unusual place was having a breakfast picnic on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza watching the sunrise over Cairo. This was MANY years ago when such things were possible (albeit still not allowed)

  181. Starfish Point Grand Cayman. This beautiful area abounds in sea life and the beach is usually reasonably quiet. There is a good parking area, changing/toilet/shower facilities, and a short walk takes you to some relatively unspoilt areas to pitch down your chair and sit and chill with a delicious picnic and a glass of something. There are one or two eateries a short drive away if you want something extra on the way home, but the entire ambience is one of peace and chill. Just don’t pick any starfish out of the water, please. It’s not kind!

  182. Best ever picnic was a huge family gathering in Richmond Park, to celebrate Canadian relatives visiting. Masses of good food, wine & beer on a lovely sunny day, then messing about with games

  183. Sundowners by a high rock in Tanzania, where the local baboons went scrambling up its almost vertical face to spend the night in safety.

  184. My favourite picnic was at the first outdoor concert we took our kids to – watching Jules Holland at Eastnor Castle. We had a beautiful spread made up by the local deli to take with us. A cheeky pimms for us grown ups. And the abiding memory of my small daughter dancing on top of the cool box all evening!

  185. Some of my fondest childhood memories are picnics in fields on days out with my family where my uncle would boil a kettle to make tea on a Primus stove – I can still recall the smell. We would eat hard boiled eggs and bread and butter and home made jam tarts

  186. Went to a Zippo Circus show on Sunday past with three generations of my family. It was absolutely fantastic. Would recommend to anyone!

  187. I won a champagne picnic hamper at a “last night at the Proms” evening at Westonbirt Arboretum many years ago. The evening was balmy, the stars shone, the music amazing and we were the envy of all our neighbours as they tucked into the sandwiches. Made us feel very special.

  188. A balmy summer’s evening at Wallington Hall, Northumberland, waiting for the open-air performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to begin. Simple fare, but a fabulous setting as the birds circled homewards and the distant sheep settled for the night . . . .

  189. In Blenheim Palace gardens for my 50th birthday, just over 2 years ago. An alfresco event that was allowed under the COVID restrictions..thank goodness there was good weather!

  190. The Battle of The Proms at Highclere Castle (Hampshire) with a bottle of champagne surrounded by great classical music and spectacular Red Devils parachute Display Team – memorable!

  191. Hyde Park, where I was unexpectedly offered a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen (which I’d been expecting to just listen to, on the other side of a high fence) and it was fantastic!

  192. Oahu, Hawaii was so serine and stunning, a 50th birthday treat I will never forget. The whole island and the people were magical. (a real bonus was no mossies eating me alive)

  193. On the banks of Loch Fyne at Cairndow in Argyllshire! A spectacular location that really is hard to beat. Spent my childhood here many. many years ago and revisited it in 2020 with my two boys (39 and 18) on a gorgeous summer trip around the west of Scotland. Views to die for and just a great spot for a picnic!

  194. Our best picnic was on Mooloolaba beach in Australia. Friends took us to watch dawn break on the morning of our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We swam in the sea and enjoyed a lovely feast prepared by our friends.

  195. As the helicopter swooped over the Hoover Dam my stomach lurched. How was I going to manage breakfast after this? We swirled downwards, and gently landed right inside the Grand Canyon. Wow! Breathtaking. A short while later, our pilot and chef was rustling up pancakes, warm croissants and a delicious array of cold meats and cheeses. All washed down with iced cold champagne. Our breakfast picnic in the Arizona desert was an experience never to be forgotten.

  196. Virginia Waters in Surrey on a first date – memories of the picnic last long after memories of the short lived romance 😂

  197. Prawn and cream cheese sandwiches in fresh wholemeal bread, my home made Scotch eggs, freshly made potato salad, home-grown cucumber and tomatoes, washed down with chilled Prosecco on my newly laid patio, shared with my son and friends here in God’s own country of Yorkshire.

  198. My best picnic did not include a Fortnum and Mason hamper but instead home made goodies prepared by my Italian friend outside her house at Lago Trasimeno. The hilarious feature was wooden implements made by her husband from salvaged sticks and cut wood.
    It is always the company that makes a picnic memorable as much as the food eaten. Today is another cold, grey day of our so called summer.
    A Fortnum and Mason hamper would make even an indoor picnic feel special and make a lovely memory for this summer which has had few good days.

  199. Sitting in the sunshine with friends at a picnic table overlooking the River Dee between the Wirral and Wales. Bliss!

  200. Roadside picnic breakfasts in Northern Peru, miraculously produced by a mother-and-son team during a birdwatching holiday from the coast to the high Andes.

  201. On the bankside of River Wharfe ( Kirby Sands) nr Sicklinghall. Sunny Sunday , fun and laughter, so good.

  202. My favourite ever picnic was sitting at the hospital bedside of my late father, sharing all of his favourite foods all the while playing cribbage. It is one of the last memories I have of him and is a very special one.

  203. In the meadow below our house next to the River Dee with our grandchildren. Old fashioned traditional picnic food with “lashings” of lemonade. Life doesn’t get much better.

  204. Overlooking Luskentyre beach on the Isle of Harris in term time when I had just finished as a headteacher at the end of Covid lockdowns.

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