Win a 15-night cruise for two people with Ambassador Cruise Line

Funchal, Madeira

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This month our winner and their companion will be heading for the Canaries, Madeira and Morocco on a 15-night voyage with Ambassador Cruise Line.

Embark on Ambassador’s flagship Ambience at her homeport of London Tilbury, 24 November 2022 and leave the winter blues behind as you sail south across azure seas to the warmth and charm of Europe’s furthest fringes – and beyond. What could be better than a trip to these wonderful islands and to north Africa when the UK is chilly and gloomy?

During the onshore excursions, you’ll experience bustling harbours, exotic shops and charming hillside valleys in Madeira, well known for their wonderful flora and the subtropical Canary Islands, famous for winter sun, before Ambassador take you to the fabled, ancient port of Casablanca in Morocco, where you’ll discover a hidden world of imposing mosques and lively, meandering street bazaars. We’re confident the glow will last all the way until next summer.

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  3. Entries for the prize draw will be accepted until the closing date 30 September 2022.
  4. The winner will be notified in early October 2022, and full details of how to book will be given at that time. The name of the winner will be displayed on this website. The winner must agree to participate in any reasonable press or PR activity relating to the competition. The winner must agree to his/her name and/or photo and/or likeness being used for publicity purposes, without compensation.
  5. The winner cannot transfer the prize to another person. The prize is non-refundable. There are no cash or credit alternatives to the specified prize. The prize has no monetary value.
  6. The prize from Ambassador Cruise Line comprises: 15-night Canaries, Madeira and Morocco cruise for the winner and companion with Ambassador Cruise Line onboard Ambience departing London Tilbury, 24 November 2022, sharing a category 9 twin cabin.
  7. The winner and companion who travel must be triple vaccinated against COVID-19 and have cruise specific travel insurance with COVID-19 cover.
  8. The winner is responsible for paying travel insurance; on board gratuities and service charges of £5pp per night; travel joining costs to the London Cruise Terminal at Tilbury; on board expenditure of a personal nature i.e. drinks, gifts, shopping, laundry, communications etc; any health certificate/visa charges that may apply.
  9. No responsibility is accepted for entries, notices, acceptances, tickets, goods or other documentation lost or delayed in the post.
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496 Responses

    1. I would love to go to Tenerife as I have never been there.I have read about it & the reviews are great,♥️👃

    2. Did you go on he toboggans? Wonderful (and frightening). I hope you pronounced Madeira right Madayra he locals are not impressed by the English calling it Madeera. That was a name promoted by some English comedian “Have some Madeera my dear”.

    3. I would love to visit Madeira; seems to have a lot of variety in landscape and architecture plus flora and fauna – what a lovely mix

    4. I would love to see Maderia, as I have never been, and I would like to take my twin sister with me as she has and would dearly love to see the island again.

    1. Free the mind and calm the soul , in the mystery’s that are told , the warmth of the sun to ease your bone from the cold , learning another coulture to open your eyes , making friend along the way , what else could you want , certainly not me x

    2. All the destinations would be wonderful, however I have to agree
      Marrakesh seems so mystical and intriguing, I’d love to visit here it would be amazing:-)

  1. My partner & I visited Madeira & Morocco, before he sadly passed four years ago. We had such a wonderful time in these places, that we were planning to return. However, circumstances have prevented that from happening, but it would make me immensely proud & happy to return….to re-visit our lovely memories. Sincerely, I would so love to win this trip.

  2. I would like to visit Marrakesh as it always sounds so mysterious and conjures up in the mind, spices and exotic scents!

    1. I would like to go to Marrakesh as my Daughter-in-law’s family co.e from there and it would be nice to get acquainted with her roots.

    1. This sounds like the perfect way to explre Madeira . We can only imagine the colourful experiences that our minds conjure up. It sounds like a lot of fun from what we have read. The perfect cruise to start us of with Ambassador Cruise lines and to test the waters so to speak!

  3. I would love Marrakesh the sounds and smells ,the bazaars , the colour ,the people ,everything intrigues me

  4. Marrakesh is somewhere I’d love to visit. We were all booked for my 60th birthday at the end of January this year when all UK visitors where banned from entering. Spent the budget on alternative celebrations so it will have to wait… unless I win of course 🍀

  5. I love the Canary Islands but would love to go to Marrakesh. I have this romantic idea in my head that it will be full of colour and spicy mystical scents and lots of busy busy life!

  6. All the destinations offer a different perspective but Tenerife has much overlooked parts . Particularly the north The cruise itself would offer a fantastic opportunity to relax after the last couple of difficult years

  7. Have never been to Morocco so would love to visit also the last cruise we did we couldn’t go a shore in Maderia so that would also be wonderful.

  8. Would be happy to go anywhere where there is a bit of luxury. The only cruise we’ve been on was when we were in our teens. It was an ‘educational’ cruise. We had to make our own beds and take it in turns to clean the dormitory. 😀😀 We’re in our late 70’s now and would love a bit of pampering.

  9. We love Madeira at Christmas time ,the lights and atmosphere are wonderful, there is a lovely walk from Funchal to the fisherman’s village or (you can get a local bus ), it’s a lovely place to chill out sit with a glass of poncha (local drink ) , the gardens are really nice ,go off the beaten track to find where the locals go and have a chat and meet some lovely people .

  10. Have visited the wonderful island of Maderia, and would love to visit again.
    Lanzarote is the only Canary Island I have visited and very interested in seeing more.
    Only one brief visit to North Africa and that was to Ceuta on a cruise and the chance of seeing more is very appealing.

  11. I missed going to Morocco last year because my husband was ill and so I would love to hae a second choice.

  12. Madeira, our first ever port of call, on our first ever cruise, over 20 years ago. Waking up and looking out of our porthole (it was all we could afford at the time) to the island and mountain, a very magical moment. It must be even more breathtaking from a balcony window.
    The friendly people, little alleyways of shops and fruit and flower markets, all so colourful, with their pure aromas and exotic colours.

  13. Marrakesh has been my favourite place since I first visited it in 1976. The sights, sounds and smells are exciting and the people are warm and friendly.

  14. I would really love to visit Marrakesh. It’s been on our ‘list’ for ages. I’m very keen on photography and would love to take some stunning photos of the fantastic streets and buildings with all their atmosphere.

  15. I would love to take my recently bereaved friend on this cruise to give her a chance to regroup. Favourite destination would be Morocco for the culture, vibe and markets

  16. I would love to visit Madeira as my late brother in law and his wife visited and loved the island. The whole cruise sounds fabulous.

  17. Firstly Tilbury for us is a very convenient starting place as we live in Kent. I have visited Madiera a couple of times and once to Casablanca many years ago but I have never been to the Canaries which we would love to visit especially as we missed our Golden Anniversary because of Covid and lockdown.

  18. Madeira is just a wonderful stop for either the botanical gardens, shopping, walking the levadas or just taking in the joy of the other sights and scenes in the Funchal area.

  19. Madeira is a fascinating place to visit. I love the atmosphere of Morocco. It would be great to visit these places again.

  20. I would love to visit Maderia and Gran Canaria again because we went to the Canary Islands in 2018. The sea was so rough and the we were on a lovely ship. The staff used to walk with me as I have a walking stick and was scared of falling. We never went to Tenerife or Morocco and it was our 50th Wedding Anniversary on New Year’s day. It would be a lovely treat for my husband and I to go on a cruise again.

  21. Marrakesh for me please! It’s a place on my ‘must visit’ list as I’d love to take in the culture, the hustle & bustle and the tasty cuisine!

  22. I have never been to Portugal but I have read how beautiful Madeira is. This cruise would be an awesome prize to win.

  23. Madeira, visit again the Ritz for coffee and cake, with a lady to join me. I think it’s about time now I’m 60 I’ll find a nice lady.

  24. I have always wanted to go on a cruise as it seems such a relaxing way to travel. Madeira is somewhere that really appeals with all the colourful fishing boats and beautiful flora and fauna.

  25. I can almost smell the spicy atmosphere of Morocco with it’s bazaars and imagine how it would feel to dress in floaty colourful kaftans. So different to anywhere else I have ever been and a chance to soak up the history and sights.

  26. I would love to visit Madeira, its history looks fascinating. To visit Maderia in honour of my late mother who had it at the top of her places to visit, but alas never made it.

  27. It would have to be Madeira it has many fascinating traditions and I would like to visit the house that Christopher Columbus lived in on Porto Santo.

  28. Magical Marrakesh has always been on my wish list. All the sounds and smells of the bazaar it would be fantastic.

  29. We would love to return to Funchal which we visited at Christmas 6 years ago. We found the vitality and friendliness of the local people so wonderful. Just listening to the school children singing carols in at least four languages was brilliant – my favorite was Feliz Navidad. The centre of Funchal surrounded by all the Christmas trimmings- elfs, Christmas trees, fairy lights and a Christmas market and more but in 24 degrees centigrade. It was magical.

  30. I would love to visit Marrakesh in Morocco as it is the one place on the list that I haven’t had the chance to visit. The thought of pursuing the markets and bazaars and exploring the beautiful mosques sounds like an ideal holiday

  31. The whole cruise looks fabulous but Marrakesh is somewhere I never thought I would visit so it’s definitely one for my bucket list!

  32. We visited Morocco 50 years ago just after we were married.
    It was different and exciting and we would love to go back.
    This cruise would be the ideal opportunity.

  33. I would love to visit the Canary Islands. My partner and I had a cruise to there booked for August but unfortunately had to cancel it as we both contracted Covid on a previous cruise and my partner is still recovering from it. Also would be happy to return to Madeira where we both spent a wonderful week a few years ago. It is a beautiful island and I would love to return there again.

  34. How lovely it would be to be able to look forward to a winter cruise to these wonderful destinations. The Canary Islands would be our favourite. Being an archipelago, there will be such diversity in each of the islands, and together with the winter sun, it would be such an experience for us. To top it all, the cruise would be the icing on the cake!

  35. Morocco would be very different to any trips I have experienced as yet…colourful, unique,
    vibrant and new cuisine to try…..a cultural delight!

  36. Las Palmas because the last time I visited was in 1968 at the age of 14, on my way to Australia with my family as a £10 pom

  37. I would love to visit all the ports on this cruise. I am presently recovering from spinal surgery, and have to walk with an walking aid, I feel like this holiday with help me back to good health

  38. I’d love to go to Marrakesh on an organised tour and experience visiting the markets and suks with their intoxicating aromas.

  39. This cruise sounds entirely absorbing and it would be a bonus to celebrate our 51 st Wedding anniversary on the 27th November as regretably our 50th was flawed by Covid .

  40. Madeira – without a doubt. Because I’ve never been. And because friends who HAVE visited say it’s lovely!

  41. I am a keen gardener and I would love to visit Madeira and spend some time in the gardens there. As a football fan it would also be nice to visit the home of Christiano Ronaldo in Funchal.

  42. Would love to visit Camara de Lobos as I have never been to what , I believe, is a very beautiful verdant island .

  43. I would love to go to Morrocco, as it looks and sounds really interesting, with ancient buildings and mosques.

  44. All of them. The trip sounds perfect for some winter sun and relaxation just before the busy Christmas season. We have never cruised before so it would be wonderful to have it all organised for us

  45. Hard choice some wonderful destinations but Madeira had been on my to do list for a long time. Stunning scenery and fauna, would love to do the levada walks

  46. Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Madeira are all on my bucket list, never been on a cruise before. This sounds sublime, fingers and toes crossed 🤩

  47. Madeira would be my preferred choice as it is such a green lush destination. The food is great and the people friendly. Plenty of history too!

  48. I’d love to go to Madeira to go on the sled thing down the street, it looks such fun as well as the island has natural floral beauty and somewhere I’ve always fancied going.

  49. My husband and I celebrate our golden wedding anniversary at the end of this year
    What a fabulous anniversary prize this would make. This would brighten up a happy end to a gruesome unstable year.

  50. Hard to choose; I love Tenerife, the buzz of it and the weather. I’d also like to revisit Madeira. Such fun going up in the cable car & down on the sledges being pushed by two handsome young men. But I’ve never been to Marrakesh. It always sounds so exotic, so that’s the one I’d choose as the one I’d most like to visit.

  51. Sally Dowling’s report of her cruise onboard Ambiance persuades me that this small ship of the Ambassador line is just the one for me. I never tire of the Canaries and I’ve never been to Marrakesh so the itinerary as suggested would be just perfect.

  52. Maderia I actually know a couple who come from there and they have told me so much about it I feel like I already know it.

  53. This prize is amazing, I have been a single mum and caring for both parents, who have sadly gone now, I need a break desperately, this would be a dream ❤️

  54. I would love to visit Morocco as it is a country I have not yet visited. I would live to see where my ammonite fossils come from.

  55. Madeira for me – I would love to go back as haven’t been since my partner died suddenly in 2013. We used to go every year prior to that.

  56. Madeira would be my no. 1 choice. I have heard such good reviews on the flora and fauna, which would love to see. Climate would also suit me perfectly.

  57. Morocco sounds fascinating – so different to the usual cruise stops! I would love this opportunity to expand my horizons and experience somewhere totally different.

  58. All the ports of call sound amazing, but especially Casablanca in Morocco which sounds so exotic and exciting. I’d love to sip a Moroccan tea at an ancient bazaar and shop for jewellery, perfume and maybe even a beautiful rug.

  59. Haven’t left UK for two years and haven’t cruised since 2019 -we had a member of the family in hospital that autumn and couldn’t get our usual trip and then covid hit. We have loved sailing from Tilbury, it is our favourite Uk port, and the cruise looks very exotic.

  60. I’d love to visit Casablanca,Morocco, the amazing sights and sounds and a complete
    Change of culture, plus some lovely weather.

  61. Madeira- I haven’t been for years, and my husband never has been. I remember it as a truly fragrant island and also had some great meals there!

  62. Moroccan magic would be fine,
    Brought by wonderful Ambassador line,
    Madeira is a piece of cake or fine wine
    All aboard Ambassador line!

  63. I would like to visit Morocco as I was in Morocco when Covid hit and we had to return home after being ‘locked down’ in a hotel for a couple of days. Despite being well looked after we did not get to see the amount of Morocco we had expected! A return visit would be wonderful!

  64. I would love to return to Maderia with my wife as we will never forget being in Funchal for the New Year as it is regarded as the best place in the world to see in the New Year and where all the cruise ships go on that date.

  65. Marrakesh for me and my wife would be amazing. The food, drink, people, culture would be something so new and exciting.

  66. To win A cruise to these destinations would be a ‘SILVER lining’ to explore!
    Sunshine & Seas, Culture; History & Scenery all add up to a winning travel experience.

  67. I’d love to visit Marrakesh, Morrocco. It looks so exotic and I’d enjoy bartering at the market and of course sampling the lovely food.

  68. We visited Madeira for my husband’s 70th and loved it. We would so enjoy another visit to this beautiful island once again

  69. Escapism, my favourite pastime, this cruise is an escape, so I can only hope.
    Back to the Future Musical, a great escape and should not be missed, and there is a lovely, tasty Greggs Bakery next door, go for brunch, then escape Back to the Future.
    Yep good feeling all round. Thanks June

  70. I would love to visit Maderia, the country looks so lush and vibrant in the promo photos, this would also be my first cruise!

  71. Madeira is an island with such floral beauty that it makes the Garden of Eden seem to have been made from artificial flowers…!!

  72. A cruise is something I have always dreamed of. This prize would be an amazing opportunity to follow my dreams

  73. Morocco. I belief the architecture and the and the markets are wonderful. The whole trip sounds marvelous.

  74. I would love to visit Madeira again it is such a beautiful island. It will be my 73rd birthday two days before the cruise sails and I can’t think of a more fantastic birthday present.

  75. I’d love to visit Madeira. I love anywhere with a lot of greenery – trees, gardens, parks. The mountain walks sound lovely, and perfect for wildlife spotting

  76. I like all the ports but Morocco has a magical feel about it. It’s in a lot of films I believe and of course, Ricks Place, and can only feel it’s a special, friendly place to be. Plus I could get a fez like dear Tommy Cooper. Somewhere to cherish and create those special memories.

  77. I’ve wanted to go to The Canary Islands all my life! I’m 72, and this pandemic has me withering away, I want to be excited again.

  78. I would love to go to Câmara de Lobos, Madeira. We had a holiday in Maderia several years ago and our walk to Câmara de Lobos was a highlight drinking poncho with the locals in a bar off the touristy route. We would love to return.

  79. I would love to revisit Gran Canaria and Tenerife and have never been to Marrakesh but Madeira is high up on my bucket list – but have never dared cruise – yet

  80. I would love to go back to Madeira, we went there on a cruise after they had suffered those dreadful mudslides. It was so awful what they suffered, I would like to see how it recovered

  81. All the destinations are tempting, but the exotic sights, sounds, tastes and aromas of Morocco would be a perfect antidote to chilly Britain in November…!

  82. To choose one destination would be an injustice. The beauty of Madeira to the warmth of the sun in the Canaries and the magic of Morocco with its beautiful mosques and streets to explore.
    I would think it was a dream.
    Amazing opportunity!!

  83. We have never visited Madeira, I think my husband would love it, as I believe it is a very colourful island with lots of different flowers & he is a keen gardener. For the last 12 years(pandemic years excluded) we have taken family holidays n Turkey. These have been really great for the grandchildren and we have loved them as well but it would be lovely to enjoy a break that was just for us. -Good luck to everyone who enters.

  84. The most amazing place I have ever been lucky enough to visit is Venice.It was an emotional and exciting experience from watching two gondoliers recue a baby pigeon that had fallen in a canal,seeing a Venetian Bridal party travelling along a canal to marry and finally a Peach Bellini in Harry’sBar.Many years ago now and sadly my husband passed away 10years later aged 54 so I’ve not been able to return since.Now age 72 I do want to visit again .

  85. Casablanca sounds truly exotic!! We’d love to experience the colour and vibrancy it offers. Fingers tightly crossed!

  86. I have visited Madeira once before and would love to go again and see the wonderful gardens and the levadas

  87. Although all the destinations are beautiful visiting Marrakesh as to be a must. I can almost spell the Moroccan spices, visualise the vibrant buildings and immerse in the local culture. With the added bonus of returning to the sea to the cruise ship. Sensory overdose! bliss.

  88. Marrakesh as this is a completely new area of the world for me to visit and I would like to experience what it is really like and taste the food.

  89. I would be happy to visit any of the destinations, each has its own magic, as we had to cancel our March 2020 holiday 2 days before our flight due to lockdown. We haven’t managed a holiday since 2018. As a carer 24/7 for my husband who is a full time wheelchair user what could be better for us than a trip to these wonderful islands and to north Africa when the UK is chilly and gloomy?

  90. Would love to cruise Madeira / Canaries over Christmas, with New Year firewarks in Funchal, seen from the ship.

    Also love to cruise Pacific Islands, Tahiti and Hawaii

  91. You’re all looking forward to visiting Morocco, and rightly so, although Casablanca isn’t as exotic as Marrakesh or Fez – both inland. I’m looking forward to Madeira which would be a new experience – looks fascinating from the details given.

  92. I would love to take my sister on the cruise and visit Madeira. We have heard so much about this wonderful place.

  93. We love Funchal. It is small enough to walk around, but offers so much in history, architecture, gardens, beaches, vibrancy and great weather.

  94. I’d love to visit Oporto and Santiago de Compostela! I’ve never been anywhere near these places and would really appreciate the chance to see them, as well as all the other lovely ports, most of which I’ve been to previously.

  95. My favourite is Madeira,because the weather is mild and lots of hiking you can do throughout the yesr.

  96. Marrakesh, Morrocco
    Has always been a place I’d like to visit and this being the year of our 40th anniversary would be a dream come true. Especially as we have both just acquired our first ever passports to enable us to travel outside the UK

  97. We visited Marrakesh 38 years ago and will never forget it. We’d love to pay a return visit to the souk.

  98. I love the Canary Islands and have visited several times in the past. Unfortunately due to two lots of cancer plus the Covid lockdown I haven’t been able to visit for several years. Hopefully I shall be lucky and win this wonderful prize. Fingers crossed (and toes).

  99. I had a lovely holiday in the Hotel Hollweger in St Gilgen, a traditional family-run hotel with good food, friendly staff and a lovely garden with a view of the lake. It’s one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in and I’m longing to return.

  100. Madeira – it would bring back so many happy memories of holidays spent there with my late husband. Beautiful island at any time of year.

  101. An interesting route connecting N Africa and the Canaries (whose first inhabitants – the Guanches- may have originally come from N Africa) and then the contrast with Madeira which developed later. Then there is the connection between the Canaries and Madeira as part of the mid Atlantic Ridge, both volcanic areas. Both island groups are significant in terms of early maritime navigation ( as staging posts for the Africa and Asian routes for the Portuguese + Brazil; and the Americas for the Spanish). Good on Ambassador in putting this route together.

  102. Would love to return to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria – a city that has the magical combination of style ,history and a cracking beach.

  103. I would love to visit Morocco not only to taste the wonderful fragrant cuisine but to see all the cute cats

  104. We love visiting islands to discover their individual charm and character but have never been to the Canaries so this would be a fantastic opportunity to visit.

  105. Would especially like to visit Madeira,as the one & only time I went I was ill. My partner hasn’t visited any of those places on the itenary

  106. Would so love to win this for my hardworking daughter Sophie, who is a AE Nurse working excruciating long shifts, she’s physically exhausted and emotionally drained but she Cary’s on regardless dedicating 109% commitment to the NHS🌈.She has worked throughout the pandemic, and so deserves a little treat right now, and would so love Maderia 🤞🤞

  107. I would love to go to Madeira, I it looks like such a beautiful island with I understand lovely exotic flowers, it would be a treat as we have had 2 big birthdays this year but not been able to celebrate

  108. I would love to visit Madeira to see the wonderful gardens and hopefully to sample some of the delicious Madeira fortified wine.

  109. I have always wanted to visit Madeira. This would be a wonderful opportunity to do so. Such natural beauty but if one was of the mind to search for the sublime one could also ponder at the terrifying potential for a devastating natural disaster. If a landslide was to strike the huge cliffs of the western parts of the island causing a tsunami it would sweep across the Atlantic and cause mayhem along the Eastern seaboard of the USA. Let us hope that this will never happen.

  110. I would like to visit Casablanca. Ever since the Humphrey Bogart film it has had a fascination for me.
    Having taken a winter city break to Marrakesh we know that we love Morocco and a cruise that includes Casablanca is on our bucket list

  111. I know my hubby would love to visit Casablanca and I would love to see Morroco. Hubby is 72 in November and has a back problem which is manageable and fine if he can get up and walk about but does makes flying difficult so a cruise would be perfect

  112. Madeira would be my choice, I have been a few times, at different times of the year, when the gardens are in full bloom, when they are not, when it is busy, and when it is quieter, but always it is welcoming and just beautifull, I have not seen it all, and doubt I will, but each visit I discover more.

  113. To see Marrakesh , and soak up all the history , culture and experiences , wow, what a boost that would and to escape a UK winter for a while as well !

  114. I have never been.on a cruise. This prize would be an ideal introduction to.cruising. I always make a feeble excuse to miss out on a cruise. Winning the prize would make me take the leap into cruising. After my first cruise I would write an honest article about the experience.

  115. What a wonderful cruise. Not only visiting the Calories but also going to Madeira and Morocco. Places I would love to visit. This sounds like an unmissable cruise.

  116. I would love to go to Casablanca -I have seen the film with Greta Garbo and Humphrey Bogart from many years ago and would like to see it for myself. I am sure it has none of the exotic feel from the classic film,but it will have some fabulous scenery and architecture, and maybe I might get a glimpse of something reminiscent of ‘Ricks Bar’ from the film. Here’s to looking at Casablanca!

  117. I’d like to visit Madeira as it’s warm, interesting, and I haven’t been there. It sounds so relaxing, yet fun. I’d like to see the gardens, and enjoy learning how people live there. I believe you can sledge down hills for a different experience. It sounds just lovely. Thank you for this opportunity to dream.

  118. A trip to exotic places such as Las Palmas, Marrakesh, Tenerife and Madeira is long overdue after lockdown and now the various crises on the globe. It would be nice to sail away to see how other nations are coping under the circumstances!

  119. Maderia, please. have always wanted to visit the stunning flora and fauna. having seen so many photos it has been on my wish list for some time.

  120. Madeira has been in my list for so long and also to go on a cruise… this would be a fabulous holiday if I was the lucky person to win it!

  121. I would like to visit Madeira as my husband has promised me a toboggan ride down the steep and windy roads. I only hope he lets the professionals do it and doesn’t want to do it himself.

  122. Madeira a beautiful island with such a diverse landscape with flowers/plants. I would love to take an excursion to see the otherside of the island

  123. I would love the whole cruise but if I had to choose it would be Marrakesh the architecture the people the sounds the smells and bazaar fantastic the whole experience

  124. I loved Marrakesh, Morrocco. The main square in the evening is an experience like nothing else. There’s a real buzz and vibe. We ate at various stalls trying out the local cuisine street food and it was amazing. It was all very friendly and felt very safe. Enjoy!

  125. The answer to my dreams, we would love to go on one last holiday together to Madeira although we are old and grey.

  126. I would love to re-visit Madeira. I went 20 years ago and fell in love with the island. The flowers are simply beautiful, and I loved the colourful fruit market.

  127. Marrakesh has long been on the one day we must visit list and this cruise would be the perfect opportunity and to see some other fabulous places.

  128. Santa Cruz, Tenerife would be my where I would like to visit for duty free shopping in the sun. How can that be bettered!

  129. I would most love to visit Marrakesh. I’ve never been before and it would be amazing to see the vibrant city culture

  130. I would love to go back to Madeira where my husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary eleven years ago. It was such a magical time for us although all the destinations look amazing.

  131. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. It has the integration of a fabulous beach, beautiful medieval architecture and a range of exquisite culinary choices in one place. A fantastic cruise stop to explore.

  132. I long to go to a fine, sunny Holidays, after the pandemic & other high, costly living standard as holidays are now mere impossible and do know that Silver Travel provides beautiful holidays and to win one would be a dream come true!

  133. I would love to visit madiera, as a friend of mine lived there and described the island as something of buety and i want to see it for myself.

  134. I would love to visit all of the destinations as the weather would be good when it is cold and wet in the UK and I have heard such good reviews of Ambassador so can’t wait to sail with them.

  135. The place I would like to visit the most from the cruise itinerary is Casablanca, Morocco as I have been to Marrakesh before, I loved meandering through the souks during the day and sitting in the busy main square at night watching the place come alive in a different way before returning to my Riad to sit on the terrace at the top of it looking out over the rooftops under the stars.

  136. Oh how I have dreamed of going to Madeira! This would be my ideal holiday for myself and partner especially doing with a cruise! The people, food, places to see, stunning beaches, natural lava pools, would be spoilt for choice! And obviously the weather! This would be a real lift for me after going through a very painful 2 years! Fingers crossed. Thanking you very much, Jan.

  137. I would love to visit Madeira again. Last time I visited it did not stop raining all week, prvking the comment from the locals: You should have been here last week! an from our coach driver: This is a lovely view when the cloud clears below us!

  138. Such an interesting itinerary ,with places to visit.
    Ronaldo started in Maderia ….. Let’s go ! adventurers.

  139. Oh yes – winter sun in Madeira! It would be wonderful to revisit enchanting Madeira after a relaxing cruise. I recommend taking the chair lift to a fascinating garden, designed by a Britain (I think we have the most imaginative garden designers). You could choose to toboggan back down! Las Palmas on the other hand would be a completely new experience for us. This cruise even includes evocative Casablanca with tranquil mosques in contrast to its colourful, bustling bazaars.

  140. As it would be hubby’s 66th birthday today, his first up in heaven. We lost him 12 weeks ago on 11th June. Heartbroken. I also have breast cancer too, treatment ongoing. We both had never been in a cruise. Hoping his birthday will bring me a bit of good luck. Would love to visit Marrakesh, but happy to just have this experience for both of us

  141. Casablanca, Morocco would be amazing (as would all the destinations). The architecture and vibrant markets look amazing – I just want to get snapping with my camera!

  142. What a wonderful opportunity this would be. It’s been a very hard year for us with cancer diagnosis, major surgeries, and a death in the family. It would be lovely to have something like this to look forward to.

  143. Having had a holiday in Madeira I can vouch for its wonderful climate & gardens.
    It would also be an opportunity to sail on the new cruise line

  144. It would have to be the excitement of Morrocco as it’s the only country on the itinerary I have never (yet) visited!

  145. Love to visit Madeira again, have not been since the pandemic.
    Perfect climate,food & scenery.
    Miss the long walks along Funchal seafront.

  146. It’s been 45 years since I was on a cruise that visited Madeira. I still remember the toboggan run so well and would love to do it again even though I’d be 70 this time. What fun!

  147. Morocco – for its bazaars & mystique and to visit Rick’s Cafe – 37yrs ago I attended an impromptu social onboard a RN warship and my now husband asked me out by using the phrase “In all the gin joints, in all the bars in the world, you have to walk into mine …” Here’s looking at you kid.

  148. We went to Tenerife for our honeymoon in 1980, and it would be a lovely way to celebrate my 70th birthday on 28 November aboard this wonderful vessel 🥂

  149. I would love to visit Marrakesh, Morrocco, getting a bargain in the souk, exploring the wonderful market stalls with spices and exotic food, a chance to experience a totally different culture and its people – a fabulous opportunity to explore exciting places and different counties without the hassle of airports and planes!

  150. I have always wanted to visit Morocco. It seems to be a very welcoming and extremely exciting place to visit. I hope I’m lucky enough to win as I could combine the trip with a visit to family who live in Gravesend. I live in north Scotland and haven’t seen my sister and brother since September last year. Good luck everyone and thanks for this awesome opportunity

  151. I have been to Morocco previously but not to Marrakesh so that would be good. I have visited the other three places too but would probably choose Madeira to be first on the list as the last time I was there Madeira was one of the destinations on the cruise I took my mother on to help her get over the death of my father. I still have some of the basket work which I purchased while there. Here’s hoping I’m lucky!

  152. I’d love to visit Casablanca, memories of watching the famous film starring Bogart and Bergman many years ago. Never been on a cruise yet!

  153. I love cruising, I love Tenerife, and would love to experience both again…and more!. All that lovely sunshine, all those lovely people, all that lovely food. I’d love it to be me!

  154. It all sounds absolutely fascinating but Morocco sounds very intriguing, with it’s markets, culture and delicious food. I have watched several travel programmes and it always looks an inviting place. Many thanks, this would be an awesome way to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

  155. I would love to go on a cruise anywhere with my sister, don’t get to see her often, it’s her 74th birthday on Tuesday what a lovely birthday surprise it would be. Just dreaming 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍷🍾

  156. Id love to visit Marrakesh, Morrocco with its beautiful gardens and architecture as well as fabulous markets ,it looks absolutely wonderful

  157. How I’d love to escape the harsh November chill
    Sailing the waves whilst saving on the energy bill
    Immersed in luxury and three meals a day
    Experiencing exotic places so far away
    Without wishing to seem too trite
    I’m sure each location would be a pure delight

  158. I have visited most of the ports on the itinerary and actually met my husband on board a small cruise ship visiting the Mediterranean islands and Spanish cities. We stopped off in Madeira and liked it so much that we revisited for a fortnight to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We stayed in Machico which was the first capital from 1440 to 1496. There we engaged a taxi driver to take us out on day trips. The advantage of this was that he used his local weather knowledge to plan our days out. My favourite day out was a walk along the levadas which are unique watercourses made by the earliest settlers. My husband didn’t like heights so it wasn’t so enjoyable for him! It poured with rain as we walked along so we were grateful to be met by the apologetic taxi driver midway through the walk. He took us to a local restaurant where we dried out and ate espetada and drank the local wine. I do hope to return one day but it will not be so much fun without my late husband.

  159. A bit of sun before Christmas would be amazing. Never been on a cruise so this would be so exciting to win. Marrakesh is one of my favourite places but never been to Tenerife so that would have to be my choice. Keeping everything crossed.

  160. Madeira , I visited as a teenager with my parents , I would love to go back and take my husband on a Toboggan ride , I think he would love it !

  161. I would love to visit Morocco as it is rich with culture and completely different to anywhere I have visited before. It would be amazing to explore the city of Marrakesh and see what it has to offer!

  162. I have been to most of the ports on this trip (but not on an ocean cruise) including Casablanca but would love the opportunity to visit exotic Marrakesh. Oporto would also be very much of interest plus re-visiting Funchal, maybe for afternoon tea at Reids.

  163. Morocco would be just amazing a country a i have never visited. Maderia would be great too as on our last cruise the weather was bad & we couldn’t get ashore. x

  164. We had our honeymoon in Tenerife in 2008.
    In 2016, we took our first ever cruise to celebrate my 50th birthday, and the cruise ship docked at Tenerife on my birthday. We were able to go to our honeymoon hotel and have a cocktail to celebrate my special day, our wonderful first cruise, and to remember that special honeymoon.
    We’ve not had a cruise since, what with pandemics, lockdowns, travel chaos etc…
    So it would be wonderful to get the chance to cruise to the Canaries again, revisit our honeymoon hotel and have another cocktail there to celebrate still being standing after the past few years!

  165. I would love to go to Madeira with my husband, as we have talked about going for years but time and tide have prevented it happening. It would be now or never for us.

  166. I’ve wanted to visit Madeira for a long time – was booked to go but Covid and lockdown put paid to that … so I’d love another chance to go 🤞🏻🙏

  167. Wow, choose one out of a great list, tricky, but I think the song Marakesh Express triggers a desire to explore there. A chance to visit the Medina Quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on this trip would be fanastic.

  168. I love to walk and would love to experience walking the lavadas in Madeira. I have heard they are very special and maybe they would then make me feel less guilty about over indulging on the cruise ship!

  169. Madeira for me spent xmAs there 2 years ago it was beautiful the food and people where lovely . The flower gardens are out of this world . Nice to take walks . Lovely weather at xmAs just love it so relaxing you can do as little or as much as you want to do

  170. Marrakesh, would be my first visit there. Would love to visit the markets and bazaars and experience a totally different culture.

  171. I’d most like to visit Madeira having heard friends wax lyrical about the island and how friendly the people are to tourists. On my list of places to visit would be the botanical gardens which sound to be wonderful! We can dream!

  172. I would like to go to Malta. There are many parts of Italy that I want to see. I want to see more Greek islands. There are too many places to mention but most of all I want to go go on a cruise before I leave my 60th year behind on 30/11/22.

  173. We love the Canary Islands and own a Timeshare apartment in Gran Canaria. We have never visited Madeira or Morocco so this would be an exciting cruise.

  174. Morrocco has always been on my bucket list to visit, especially whilst on a cruise, Marrakesh looks fabulous and I would love to see the sights and experience the cuisine.

  175. Marrakesh , Morocco the architecture, the markets , somewhere I’ve never been but would love to experience

  176. Love Madeira. Such a laid back and happy place. Lovely people. Would also love to visit the other venues. Travel broadens the mind.

  177. Marrakesh . Who wouldn’t love the onslaught on one’s senses of centuries of history ,the aromas of the souk, the inviting cuisine and the sounds of life unchanging for a millennia .This is truly travel at its very best.

  178. Love to revisit Madeira, the toboggans,levada and the cable car up to the botanical gardens.
    However, the other stops on the cruise would be fantastic.

  179. Marrakechbecause I was meant to go there to celebrate my 50th and there was a,mix up at the airport and I never got ther

  180. Would love to visit Madeira since seeing the toboggan ride down the cobbled streets many years ago and wanting to try it.

  181. Many years ago I thought I was going to get a lay over for two days in Marrekesh . Unfortunately, that never happened. I’d read up on the medieval city with all the maze-like alleys and busy market places (souks) selling all manner of traditional textiles, pottery and jewellery and I was really looking forward to the experience. The symbol of Marrekesh and visible for miles, the Moorish Minaret of the 12th-century Koutoubia Mosque, I have seen many times on TV. I would love to see that from afar and then work my way into the walled medieval city and immerse myself into that fascinating culture. I will be 70 this year and to finally see it after almost 40 years would be amazing.

  182. I would love to win this holiday how amazing it would be to see all destinations in this itinerary. I’m spoilt for choice as to which port of call would be my favourite Madeira looks so pretty Morocco mystifying there’s no doubt on this cruise there would be no time for a lie in.

  183. We sailed to Canada on the Marco Polo before the pandemic. This line belonged to Cruise Maritime, unfortunately, it went out of business due to the Covid economic climate. Imagine our surprise when after some research, we found the new Ambassador cruise line owners, had decided to invest in another cruise line again. We were delighted. So I am going to take the initiative and enter this competition to try and win a cruise on this new ( to us) ship. Although the itinerary is really superb, my favourite would have to be Morocco. We have never been there. The name conjures up flavours of Arabia, the history of Morocco must be fascinating, research for me I think. However nothing suffices like the sights of your investigations. Mmmm, I think that I can smell the spices now!

  184. Marrakesh, I am intrigued about the culture, the food the people, would be wonderful to be able to explore.

  185. I would love to visit Madeira; seems to have a lot of variety in landscape and architecture plus flora and fauna and I have always wanted to go there

  186. I want to go to Morrocco and rummage and scrummage through the souks, haggle and baggle my way to a bargain, …….. feel the heat heat and colour of the peoples… and return to a cool sumptuous cabin dreaming of memories

  187. Would love the chance to visit Morocco and Madeira on a luxury cruise as I’ve always wanted to go to both places

  188. Would live to go to maarakesh &Morocco haven’t been there it would be fantastic to be selected to win live cruises

  189. Has to be Madeira because it’s on my bucket list, it looks beautiful & I would love to gain knowledge of its history & culture

  190. As we’ve all been on a downward spiral lately the toboggan ride in beautiful Madeira is somewhere I have always wanted to visit,sounds a fantastic pick me up to get our travels back on track.Fingers crossed🤞

  191. Las Palmas as I like the look of Gran Canaria; if there was the time and opportunity I’d like to see some of the beautiful natural inland areas and maybe a nighttime visit to an astronomical viewpoint.

  192. Vigo would be my favourite destination on this voyage. Not only is there the Casco Vello to explore, a small but delightful old part of the town only a few minutes walk from the port, but the ship is docked long enough to also visit the historic pilgrimage destination Santiago de Compostela with its magnificent cathedral. Ambassador offers an optional Destination Experience to the city or for the really adventurous there is the express train which whisks you Santiago in 50 minutes – just be sure to get the train back in good time to rejoin the ship!

  193. I would love to visit Casablanca in Morocco as it sounds a fascinating place in a country that I have never visited.

  194. While I’d like to go to al of the destinations, the one that tops my list of the places I’d like to visit is Tenerife. The reason simply being that its somewhere that is so popular, but I’ve never been and would love to visit.

  195. Oh to see the hill side valleys full of vibrant colours of their flora. Oh to dip my toes into the turquoise Atlantic and to feel the sun on my face in mid November. Madeira for me.

  196. Morocco is a destination that would be thrilling to visit. A country of immense history and a very different culture. This would indeed be a dream cruise.

  197. I would love to revisit Madiera as we spent our honeymoon there in 1989. A return visit is long overdue and this cruise would be perfect.

  198. Whoa, what a dilemma! I want to see Madeira AND the Canaries, since I’ve never been to either, but have heard so much about both. I guess if I have to narrow it to one, I’d have to choose Madeira for the wine, the botanical gardens, and the Funchal basket toboggan ride.

  199. What a great cruise. And what a difficult choice. For me though, it has to be Casablanca. Ever since crying my eyes out over the ending of Rick and Ilsa’s doomed love affair, the film has been the epitome for me of all things exotic and unattainable. Hopefully now within reach?

  200. I’ve never been to Casablanca, it sounds such an exotic place, full of Moroccan history, I’m eager to explore!

  201. Australia, USA or Africa would be perfect. I have a keen interest in flora and fauna and these areas have both in abundance.

  202. Hassan II Mosque
    I’ve seen some beautiful mosques around the world…. in Cairo, Istanbul and even Hong Kong but I’d I’d really like to visit Casablanca and see the Hassan II Mosque which was built in the early 1990s. It has a minaret which is almost 700 ft tall and at the top there is a laser which has a light pointing towards Mecca. Constructed directly on the Atlantic Ocean by the architect to recall a verse of the Qur’an stating that “the throne of Allah was built on water.” Awesome.

  203. Casablanca would be my favourite place on this wonderful Cruise! Exotic and romantic, it would take me back to the iconic film of that name too! My fingers are crossed – “Here’s looking at you, kid,” !!

  204. Madeira a beautiful island with numerous attractions although all the ports of call have their own delights making the whole cruise very special.

  205. Always wanted to visit Madeira, but not a great flyer and Madeira run way is said to be not a great landing. A cruise would be perfect way to fulfil my dream.

  206. Itinerary looks amazing, love to vist Magical Morrocco, soak up the hustle and bustle in the mystical souks in buzzing Marrakesh!!

  207. I would love to go to Madeira because I’ve never been and I’m told the island is very beautiful. Apparently the food and wine is very good too so I would love to have a wander round the farmer’s market in Funchal.

  208. Several years ago my husband and I had a trip to Morocco booked. We arrived in Spain, from Australia, only to receive a phone call from home, telling us my mother had died. Feeling numb we cancelled our plans and flew straight home to Australia.
    We never did get to Morocco.

  209. I would love to visit all the locations but especially Câmara de Lobos, Madeira as it looks so colourful and is somewhere I have never been.

  210. I would like to take my new partner to see Gran Canaria as we have never been on a cruise together. We are both widowed.

  211. Would love to visit Madeira. I believe the coastline is lovely and the interior is very special, picturesque with fabulous flora and fauna. The entire cruise looks magical.

  212. They are all great places to visit, but Tenerife tops the lot for me.
    A cruise would hopefully stay long enough in port for us to go ashore and get to the hotel where we had our honeymoon 14 years ago.
    It would be lovely to go there, wander around, sit and have a drink and just reminisce, before making our way back to the ship.
    What a lovely cruise this is, and whoever wins will have a wonderful time.

  213. I would love to visit Casablanca. A different culture from any I have experienced, and have read about the impressive new mosque.

  214. I visited Madeira in 1963 when I was single. I’d love to go there again with my husband, and show him this beautiful island. We are both over 80

  215. I would be quite happy to visit any of these destinations but of them all my favourite would be Madeira. I have read much about the island but being a non-flier it is just a little difficult to access. This trip would therefore be ideal.

  216. Look forward to sailing on “Ambiance”… as I booked to sail on her when she was called “Amy Johnson” owned by CMV who sadly didn’t survive…but Ambassador has her now & doing really well, so I’d love a nice cruise to sunny shores of the Canary Islands etc. in November. Thanx

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