Head for Europe in 2023 for a 7 night holiday, taking up to 4 adults, with Eurocamp

PLEASE NOTE: This prize draw is now closed.

Here’s your chance to win a holiday for 2023, something super to look forward to – a week with Eurocamp in self-catering accommodation where you’re free to come and go as you please, spending time as it suits you.

Perfect for a group of friends or families, these European parcs offer a range of places to stay, each with private outdoor space, so you can enjoy special moments with your travelling companions. There are plenty of activities at the parcs too, swimming pools and water features, bars, restaurants and shops. Whether you’re a beach and sea lover or prefer walks or bike rides in the country, there’s a parc for you. And of course, who doesn’t enjoy exploring a new village or town, where you can try out the specialities of each region – Calvados in Normandy or paella in Spain: visit a local weekly market for fresh delicacies.

Our lucky winner this month will be holidaying for 7 nights in 2023, accompanied by up to 3 other adults, or another adult and up to 4 children, at one of Eurocamp’s parcs.

Fancy a stay on France’s Riviera, close to the glamour of St Tropez and Cannes, or hop across the channel to Brittany for an easy change of scene. If Spain is on your travel list, the Costa Brava or Costa Dorada will hit the spot, perfect for beach days. And who could tire of Italy, the golden light, delicious food and marvellous scenery: lakes and the Alps in the north, and Tuscany further south. The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Croatia all have parcs too, so you’ve got plenty of choice.

In addition to your accommodation, our winner will receive a ferry crossing worth up to £55. You may of course decide to take the train or ‘plane, it’s up to you.

The joy of Eurocamp parcs are that you can launch right in and join all the activities or opt for a quieter time, with space and distance an option. And travellers enjoy Eurocamp’s Peace of Mind Policy too, should any of life’s curve balls occur.

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396 Responses

    1. It is a wonderful prize, sorry to reply to your comment, but I have forgotten how to make a comment on this page. Old age😂

    2. I would love to win and take my family for a nice warm holiday as they do a lot for me since I lost my husband.

  1. I’d be more than happy to win this prize – I’ve never been to Tuscany so that would be my first choice.

    1. Sounds fabulous I would gift it to my son and his family they need a good holiday. They’ve worked so hard all through the pandemic while I’ve just worried about everyone.

  2. Loved your featured on the ‘Maiden cruise to Holland with Titan Travel on board River Discovery II’. Inspired me to travel to the Netherlands to see the tulip fields!

  3. Would love to win this prize. Been on holiday with Eurocamp before but that was a good few year ago but had an excellent time.

  4. Stayed at Eurocamp in the Loire. Loved it despite the fact that it was the end of the season and they were shutting areas down and it was a bit chilly. Plus the acorns were raining down on top of the static caravans sounding like bullets. Would love to go earlier in the season next time.

  5. Haven’t done a Eurocamp holiday since our girls were little!! We spent 5 summers at La Sirene in Argeles!! Wonderful memories!!

  6. What a great prize – we were thinking about Eurocamps with our disabled daughter. She would love it x

  7. We,ve never been on a camping holiday.This one looks brilliant,so would love us to give it a try.

  8. This would be a fabulous opportunity to holiday in France. Fingers crossed I get the chance to go.

  9. I would so love a holiday, haven’t had one in a few years now. Tuscany would be amazing, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy.🤞

  10. I would love a holiday like this. Never been to Eurocamp park before but it could easily be the start of a long term relationship

  11. We had so many wo derful Eurocamp holidays with our children. It would be fantastic to take our grandchildren

  12. I would love to win this prize,any of the places mentioned would be nice …just to get away

  13. Would love to win and visit Eurocamp with all other friends like me and my hubby who are now empty nesters. Loved it when kids were with us and would love to visit again with friends. Fingerscrossed we will be either sitting on those glorious beaches or walking thru lovely woods and back to delicious food.

  14. Would love to win this prize. So many new destinations which I have visited before as well.

  15. My family, locked down since 2020because if shielding, would just adore the opportunity to get out into different, open air surroundings and to properly relax

  16. Have memories of positive experience of Eurocamp from late 90s. Would be marvellous to find how things have progressed over the recent years. Brittany is wonderful, beautiful area to explore the Pink Granite Coast.

  17. Wow – this has led me to thinking. A lot of our friends regularly visited Eurocamp holidays when our kids were young and they always really enjoyed them. I thought maybe we were too old now, but mentioning taking a dog means that we could take our son, his fiancée and their dog for a real family holiday. How lovely to just pack up the car and go!

  18. A great break to win. First time visit to one of the camps something to really look forward to.

  19. I have spent many holidays with Eurocamp in the past. It would be great to visit again.

  20. Oh what a fabulous prize . I have always wanted to visit Italy and live La Dolca vita !

  21. Wow, that sounds a lot of fun. Would love to see the sea again, it’s been a long time

  22. What a brilliant prize. I would love to take my wife and friends to the Dordogne but to be honest all the choices sound excellent.

  23. Oh my goodness, yes please! Would be something to look forward to! Thanks for the chance xx

  24. I love reading any of the articles about long haul travel. I haven’t been on a Eurocamp holiday since I had young children. It would be great to see if they are still the same great holidays. I just loved having BBQ and local wine every evening and talking with neighbors.

  25. My favourite destination would be Spain,my family and I are sooo… ready to go.

  26. We love Tuscany, who wouldn’t. Beautiful scenery, wonderful food. So nostalgic remembering past holidays. Yes please.

  27. Wow! What a fantastic prize! Would love to win this. Seen these places before but never actually been. Cheers.

  28. Something to look forward to considering the last two years have been unavailable 🙃 Good luck to everyone who has entered 🙂

  29. Love Eurocamp! Heading for Houlgate in Normandy this summer so another visit next year would be brilliant!

  30. After many years of travelling through most of Europe with very young children using our own Camping Kit inc a trailer tent,with passing years we are now looking to re-visit Europe the much easier way -so we are really looking at EUROCAMP`S OPTIONS ,really feeling we can settle in very niceley and comfortably in one of their units .

  31. Would love a holiday. Have had to cancel last 3 years, like a lot of other people. Tuscany looks and sounds wonderful.

  32. I would love to win this holiday to take my grandchildren to Euro Camp , l have some very happy memories of travelling in France to get to our Euro camp site, when my children were young. The freedom for the then teens and the peace of mind for us parents knowing we were all in a safe and beautiful environment . Happy memories .

  33. Great mag very helpful. Have not done any of the holidays yet but keep reading because it keeps me up to date.

  34. Wonderful prize with a chance to have something to look forward to in 2023 ☀️

  35. It would be interesting to try out a Eurocamp site. Who knows? It could become a habit

  36. years ago had a great camping holiday in the dordogne. It would be great to visit tuscany now

  37. Sounds s great prize for a getaway with a well established company and a great choice of places to go to.

  38. Have taken our caravan to stay on several Eurocamp sites in the past and have always been extremely pleased with the standard of the sites and the facilities on offer. After two years with no trips abroad, to win a prize like this would be tremendous and I wouldn’t even have to tow the caravan! Here’s hoping.

  39. I would love to win this holiday for our friends and us to take a trip together, as it’s been a long time since we have been able to plan something and we all love holidaying

  40. It was a long way down the list of hopefuls so here at last is hopeful plus one with no doubt many more to follow. A fine prize for the year when we hope to resume foreign travel.

  41. Such a fantastic holiday and even better if free. I would love to win this prize.

  42. It’s been over 40 years since I went camping in Europe and now having terminal cancer I would love to return one last time with my family

  43. Oh WoW what a fab prize, would be great to win and stay in one of these lovely euro-camp accommodations 🙏🏼😎

  44. Fab prize afteraverydifficult time for everyone this would certainly lift one’s spirits and with the cost of living also to have a free holiday would be great good luck to all

  45. I would love to win this prize, though I would be spoilt for choice on where to visit. Never been on a Eurocamp holiday before so this would be a great introduction, fingers crossed.

  46. Never been to a Eurocamp but have heard great things about them so would love to win this competition.

  47. I would love this prize to spend time in Italy with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. We have never had the opportunity to have a holiday together.

  48. What I love about this is nothing is hidden from us , all is clear and easy to read .
    Good luck everyone and have a lovely day.

  49. I have had a few holidays with Eurocamp and can thoroughly recommend them. Arriving at a campsite to find a tent already erected and with so much provided, including a good-size fridge, makes life so much easier.

  50. Would love to win this super prize, I would take my daughter and her 3 children.
    Know that they would love this holiday.

  51. Had a fantastic Eurocamp holiday in France where we stayed in mobile homes on 3 different sites.It was a2 week organised tour led by a husband and wife.Every one in the small group drove between the campsites.A long time ago! Would love to win a trip as last holiday abroad was in 2017.Thank you for entering me into the competition.

  52. This would be a wonderful treat to look forward to after “staying home” for 2 years!

  53. Amazing prize and what a treat it would be to take the grandchildren on their first trip abroad.

  54. This would be a great great for us. We haven’t had a break for three years apart from three days in Cheshire for my son in law’s funeral. Thank you for the chance.

  55. Since the pandemic I have stopped doing ‘posh’ and actually started living . I will now try most holidays and the cheapest and most basic have left fond memories. Still enjoy the occasional luxury treat though. Haven’t tried this option yet. Sounds fun!

  56. Clearly lots of us would love this prize, just hoping we are the VERY lucky ones!

  57. been many years since we used a ‘tent’ and the idea of getting what would be a luxury ‘camp’, with not setting-up/taking down and packing away, appeals a lot! Fingers (as opposed to guy ropes) crossed!

  58. Would love to go with my daughter and her two children. She worked for the N.H.S right through the pandemic. Neither myself or family have ever been to Eurocamp. Great prize!.

  59. What a fabulous prize and amazing places to choose from! Someone is going to be very lucky.

  60. Silver is a super colour, full of sparkle and fun.
    Also providing smiley faces, especially if I won.

    Making precious moments, added to our memory bank
    For Grandma and her little ones on a trip to Eurocamp.

  61. We used to regularly go with Eurocamp when our children were young. Found them excellent value and had some lovely holidays. It would be nice to take our grandchildren now.

  62. simply much needed to see more of the world after a tricky few years, you only live once.

  63. I’d love to head off to Eurocamp for a holiday … the only problem would be … which one to choose!!

  64. This is an incredible prize. We hooked a similar holiday that was cancelled due to covid (twice!) and we were never able to rebook for various reasons!

  65. Have been on many Eurocamp holidays in the past and would love the opportunity of enjoying one again, which would be our first trip abroad for over two years.

  66. I’m almost 69 and I’ve only been abroad once in my life, on a wonderful holiday with my late and much missed husband. My son keeps telling me that we should arrange a holiday together; him, me and his wife. Since that sounds like a really healing thing to do, but I can never afford it, winning this competition really would seem like a dream come true.

  67. Always loved visiting France, but due to Covid and Brexit it has been quite difficult of late. Hoping of better times to come and brushing up on my schoolboy French language skills.

  68. What a great prize. We would take our grandchildren away for a different type of holiday. They would love it especially after bein* stuck at home for the last couple of years.

  69. What a fantastic prize. Would love to win this. Enjoying the articles on health, stretching and Pilates at the mo .

  70. Love the choice of holidays you offer, they are always very different to what you find elsewhere, great prize would take my sister and her husband.

  71. Fantastic prize, it would be lovely to get away and take my grandchildren we would have such fun. Just one of the great holidays you show us.

  72. Absolutely fantastic prize, haven’t had a holiday in ages, so this would be wonderful for me and the family. Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. Have always wanted to try an Euro Camp so this would be fantastic, thank you so much.

  74. An amazing prize from silver travel advisor.com … would love to win as an traveller who is slowly turning silver haired 😊

  75. I’d love to use EuroCamp as a base from which to explore the culture arts and crafts of a destination !

  76. I would love to volunteer at Giant Tortoise Sanctuary; I live for making a difference to our world!

  77. This would be absolutely lovely and I would love to take my elderly father with me 🙂

  78. I love all the competitions but this is the best one yet. It would be lovely to get away and reconnect with friends and family after the long, long lockdown.

  79. I would love be to win this holiday so we could take our grandsons with us, they’ve not been abroad yet.

  80. Would be a great trip to make to celebrate the completion of our son’s GCSEs this summer

  81. This would be a great way to celebrate the completion of our son’s GCSEs this summer

  82. I would love to spend more time any of the Eurocamp destinations exploring the local countryside. Peace and tranquility, good friends and family.

  83. I would look forward to upgrading from our usual UK camping trips this year to Eurocamp – somewhere warmer and less basic. Luxury !

  84. What a fabulous giveaway. Perfect for creating amazing family fun memories fingers crossed 🤞

  85. This sounds wonderful. Would love to visit the Costa Dorada as we have never been. The flexibility of Eurocamp would give us all we love for an independent holiday.

  86. My wife and I have never tried Eurocamp before so this would be an ideal opportunity to try them out.

  87. Invaluable site for booking Holidays! Particularly find the inspire me tab useful! Have enjoyed many a family holiday! Keep up the good work!

  88. Awesome site and great for inspiration.
    With a Fabulous Eurocamp prize 😎😎😎😎…what’s not to love!

  89. Sounds like a super prize – I’ve recently had a friend raving about the wonderful Eurocamp holiday they’d had at Easter. Fingers crossed – but good luck to all, x

  90. If I won this prize I could spend some quality time with my three loyal friends who live in London and whom I do not get to see as often as I would like now I am in the Midlands.

  91. Fabulous prize. Spoilt for choice with such a wealth of stunning locations. Fingers crossed 🤞 Good luck everyone

  92. I would love to gift this prize to my daughter and son-in-law and their 3 children. Perhaps they might be able to fit Grandma in too?! 😊

  93. Had a super holiday at a Eurocamp in Brittany when the family was young, would love the opportunity to try somewhere else.

  94. What a super prize. I have fond memories of family holidays with Eurocamp when our children were young. Now that they have children of their own, this would be a great introduction to the new improved Eurocamp experience!

  95. I had a great holiday with this company years ago. I always fancied another as everything went so well first time around.

  96. Loved the article ‘Visit Cayman Islands’, reminded me of the fantastic holiday we had in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac some years ago.

  97. Since reading about it, I have been imagining how we could invite friends who have been particularly kind to us through various health problems. To invite them to choose where the four of us could go, would be the best way to say thank you to them, I think.

  98. So many wonderful family memories would be made by taking your trips … Would love to go sightseeing around Europe… Thanks 😊♥️

  99. OMGosh!! My Husband and our Older Children would adore to Win this prize, we love to be active and outside, no matter the weather we love to be in or around the Sea or the Pool.

  100. We’ve been thinking about taking our children on a Eurocamp holiday for so long, this is just the incentive we need to take a serious look at doing it. Our friends rave about how great the Eurocamp holidays are – never heard a bad word about them. A win might make our Eurocamp plans happen a lot more quickly though, haha!

  101. wow my family and i would love to win , we love camping but getting the chance to get to stay at a eurocamp would be amazing , these parks seem to have so much to offer , thanks for the chance

  102. This is a lovely prize and would give me something to look forward to next year! Thank you Silver Travel Advisor11

  103. We were thinking of taking our grandchildren on a Eurocamp holiday, so this prize would be great.

  104. I would love this-bliss- Eurocamp style is relaxed-havent done that in a while- silversurfers still young at heart so outdoor fun in the sun if i won

  105. Fingers crossed travel will be back to normal in 2023! I’d love to go on a Eurocamp holiday. It would be something lovely to look forward to next year.

  106. Fabulous prize would take our grown up sons used to do this kind of holiday when the kids were small

  107. Sounds amazing, would love to win this to celebrate a milestone birthday with a group of my school pals who I have known for decades.

  108. This would be such an amazing prize to win – a chance for the family to get away and catch up with each other in relaxing surroundings! Thank you for offering this fantastic prize.

  109. the combination of Silver Traveller and Eurocamp was bound to result in a prize that so many people want to win

  110. Wow what a fantastic prize. I’ve liked the Facebook page too. I’d not heard of these camps before and they look amazing. Our eldest starts school in September and it’s been an absolute shock to the system to see the prices for our go to all inclusive sky rocket in school holidays. We’ve been considering something like this and these look absolutely amazing. Great article, very informative, and fantastic prize. Thanks for the chance!

  111. I need a well break with my precious family after been through so many storms the past few years!!

  112. This fabulous Eurocamp prize/giveaway sounds amazing as do ALL the other prizes/giveaways on silvertraveladvisor.com
    Good Luck Everyone.

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