Win a Railbookers’ voucher worth £250

Win a Railbookers’ voucher worth £250 – holiday by rail and let the train take the strain!

Please note: this prize draw is now closed.

Rail holidays are rising in popularity, and no wonder! Avoid the hassle of airports, travel through countryside and interesting landscapes so you have a true sense of where you’re going to. The journey becomes an exciting part of your holiday rather than something to put up with.

This month our winner will receive a Railbookers’ voucher worth £250 so you can put it towards whatever rail holiday you chose, and there are many of them, in the UK and overseas. There’s an element of slow travel when you journey by train, although Europe has some very speedy services.

Here’s a couple of rail holiday suggestions to consider, although Railbookers can create an individually designed trip of your choosing – they love to get planning!

Venice and Florence via The Alps

Enjoy this luxurious seven-night holiday combining two of Italy’s most treasured destinations. Spend a night in charming Geneva and then journey through the magnificent, dramatic scenery of the Swiss Alps, riding the rails towards the enchanting city of Venice. This truly magical city never fails to inspire visitors. Continue the journey through the rolling Tuscan countryside to Florence and explore the “City of Art”, with its excellent food and superb atmosphere for three nights before flying back to the UK.

Grand Tour of Scotland

This country is ideal to explore by train! Experience Scotland in all its glory and visit its most iconic landscapes and attractions on this 10-day train journey. This spectacular itinerary features unforgettable experiences in Inverness, Isle of Skye, Glasgow, Fort William and Edinburgh. Explore the gateway to the Scottish Highlands in Inverness, tour the magical Isle of Skye and Eilean Donan Castle and travel along the West Highland line between Fort William and Mallaig. Take a trip to Stirling Castle and Loch Lomond as well as Edinburgh Castle and enjoy the ever-changing scenery as you travel from city to city. There really is no better way to experience this corner of the world than by train.

However, you can organise whatever journey you like with Railbookers!

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  1. No employee, agent, subcontractor or director of Railbookers or Silver Travel Advisor nor anyone else connected with the draw, nor any member of such person’s family, is eligible to enter.
  2. You do not need to purchase anything to enter the draw.
  3. Entries for the prize draw will be accepted until the closing date 30th April 2023.
  4. The winner will be notified in early May 2023, and full details of how to book will be given at that time. The voucher worth £250 must be used to book a Railbookers trip by 31st December 2023 for travel by 31st December 2024. The £250 voucher can be used towards any Railbookers holiday of 3 nights or more to any destination offered by Railbookers.
  5. The name of the winner will be displayed on this website. The winner must agree to participate in any reasonable press or PR activity relating to the competition. The winner must agree to his/her name and/or photo and/or likeness being used for publicity purposes, without compensation.
  6. The winner cannot transfer the prize to another person. The prize is non-refundable. There are no cash or credit alternatives to the specified prize.
  7. The winner must hold a valid passport and comprehensive travel insurance if travelling overseas. It is the winner’s responsibility to check any visa and health requirements for their journey.
  8. Railbookers’ standard booking terms and conditions still apply. Please see for full details.
  9. No responsibility is accepted for entries, notices, acceptances, tickets, goods or other documentation lost or delayed in the post.
  10. Winners and their companions will be solely responsible for any tax liability incurred as a result of this offer. The organisers’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered.
  11. This promotion will be governed by English Law.

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185 Responses

  1. I would like to take the train to Budapest from Fife and hope that the journey in the UK goes better than recent trips by train to visit relatives in London and Chester. I would be visiting my nephew and his family who live just outside Budapest and who I have never visited since they moved there.

  2. I would love the Grand Tour of Scotland. I am ashamed to say that although I am Scottish through and through I have not seen a lot of my own country. I am getting on in years and probably due to finances and not the best of health I may not ever see it.

  3. I’d love to go to Switzerland and travel around by train through spectacular mountain scenery. The service trains are really efficient, there are special trains like the Glacier Express and really amazing ones like the Jungfrau, Rothorn and Rigi which climb those mountains. The Swiss transport system is so really excellent. It’s great to travel around by postbus too and also sail across the beautiful lakes. And apart from the travelling there is so much to do whatever your inclination.

  4. Would love to do the Grand Tour of Scotland & never been on a holiday by rail. Would love to explore the Isle of Skye, Loch Lomond & Edinburgh because I have never been before & have been highly recommended to visit these places
    Would be lovely to win this fantastic prize to celebrate with my husband Richard our 44th wedding anniversary so fingers crossed

  5. You can’t beat a relaxing train journey. Just sit back and enjoy the view. No queuing, no navigating, no looking for somewhere to park Tried a couple of trips and we are now hooked. Some of the scenery is amazing. Highly recommended., Scotland was fabulous.

  6. I really would like to go on a rail holiday to Scotland. The places you visit sound perfect . I’d be thrilled to be visiting Loch Lomond where my beloved Dad took us when we were little 🚊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤️

  7. I would love to spend a couple of months with my husband travelling through France and Italy by train. Mum and I took the train to Bergen some 12 years ago on a trip organised by Railbookers as mum could not fly and wanted to do the Hurtegruetin Mail boat trip. Me, mum in a wheelchair and a 17kg rucksack. Happy memories.

  8. I’d like to go to Turin by train. Before the pandemic my husband and I went to Venice by train via Geneva and came back via Turin. However, we only booked for one night in Turin so didn’t have enough time to see it but what we did see looked really interesting. There was a chocolate festival being set up as we left which looked amazing. I would definitely like to go there again.

  9. I would love to travel on the Orient Express. I was booked on a holiday to do this which was cancelled because of the COVID outbreak and the cost seems to have become unaffordable since then. A trip in Italy from Rome to Venice on this train might be more affordable and would be beautiful!

  10. I have always been interested to visit Penzance which is the most southern point of the United Kingdom.

  11. Travelling by train would be marvellous, no more worry with roads and traffic would be a bonus.

    1. I celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend and would love to take the Bernina Express as part of my celebrations!

  12. I would love to go round Switzerland as they have some fascinating railways and I have a friend there I would dearly love to meet again. I was booked to go some years ago but had to cancel for health reasons. Fit enough to go now and I still have the Swill francs to spend!!!

  13. I would love to go to the Italian Riveria. Having been there many, many years ago I know it will be an excellent choice, which will be most enjoyable.

  14. I would like to travel fromScotland to Eurostar into Paris or Lille and on to Bordeaux then San Sebastián

  15. A tour of Italy by train would be the best. Seeing the beautiful countryside and cities without the hassle of the roads, stopping off to check out the architecture, sampling the food and wine of the various regions would be my ideal trip.

  16. Grand tour of Scotland or a trip on the Orient Express would be equally as attractive – as the say ‘Let the train take the strain’ !

  17. The grand tour of Scotland would be fantastic
    To see the country in luxury sounds pretty perfect to me.

  18. I’m split between going West to Cornwall, like my mum and dad did on a train for their wedding honeymoon to Par nearly 70 years ago, or travelling North to see Scotland.

  19. I would love to explore more of Switzerland and have the chance to travel on the Bernina Express and Glacier Express in the glorious countryside with its magnificent scenery.

  20. I would love to take my grown-up daughter with me on this trip. Any time spent with her is so precious, making fabulous memories for the future.

  21. I would love to take the Rocky Mountaineer again. We went on this fantastic trip 10 years ago and have very fond memories of it. If anyone reading this has the chance to go on this wonderful experience – take it.

  22. The dream would be the original Orient Express but I would actually like to take the train down into Cornwall this spring.

  23. Would love to go on the train to Rimini in Italy. I last did that when I was 16 as my friend’s mum was scared of flying. I am 71 now.

  24. I would like to travel to the Czech republic as it will be wonderful to wander the old streets and sample the regions fare!

  25. My son has just completed the Scottish North Coast 500 and it looked amazing so we would love to go there by rail.

  26. Ideally I’d love to take the train Belmond have said will be starting, from Bangkok to Singapore…imagine the decadent luxury of 4 nights or so in a luxurious compartment, watching the countryside of Malaysia slowly zipping past your window and what exciting departure and arrival points!! Realistically, I’d love to tour Scotland by train ….We’ve visited many times but this would be a slow and decadent experience of a different kind!!

  27. I would like to travel in an Individual Club Room on the Caledonian Sleeper train to Inverness and do a tour of Scotland from there. Exploring Inverness first as I’ve never been there and Dundee to see the
    new V & A and historic ship. This would be to celebrate a special birthday later this year.

  28. Who wouldn’t love to win this! My wife fancies a tour of Scotland this year…and this would be the perfect way to make it happen!

  29. I would love to go to Groningen in the north Netherlands by train from Grantham to visit my daughter. It’s only three trains but the first leg to London is more expensive than a return flight!

  30. Looking through the window pane
    While sitting comfortably on the train
    I’m transported to another plain
    I dream of going ANYWHERE!
    So wherever I go I won’t complain.

  31. We would travel to Italy. Venice, the Italian Alps, Florence and then down to the heel. We’ve been to Italy but would love to return.

  32. My dream Train Journey would be the Canadian Rocky Mountaineer as much of the spectacular scenery is not accessible by road.

  33. Next year will be our 50th Wedding Anniversary. What a way to celebrate letting someone else drive us by train through some beautiful scenery. If we had these vouchers we would love to go anywhere we were treated to . Would be very grateful.
    UK or Europe both have wonderful scenery.
    Thank you. 😊

  34. The Scottish tour sounds great – I love Scotland but hate the drive from the South of England! But there are so many places to go and so much of the world I’ve yet to see. A difficult choice indeed!

  35. Switzerland for us on the stunning Bernini Express. Or perhaps the Golden Eagle Danube Express for a longer, luxurious trip (if funds stretch that far!)

  36. Would love to visit Canada and travel on the Rocky Mountaineer as well travelling across Canada by train from East to West.

  37. I’d love to go to Switzerland and travel around by train through spectacular mountain scenery. The service trains are really efficient, there are special trains like the Glacier Express that I would like to travel on

  38. I just love train travel and would like to do any trip by train. Scotland has beautiful scenery but I have nit seen much of it. Switzerland would be amazing too !

  39. Would Love To Travel to Budapest or Go Back to Austria
    Train Journeys are So Exciting and When your Mobility is Limited Perfect
    Bring on the Sunshine and Lets Travel

  40. I would love to do the Grand Tour of Scotland. We have been lucky in travelling and visiting many places in Europe and much of England and Wales, but to explore Scotland is on our bucket list, especially to celebrate our Golden Wedding.

  41. Travel to the Shetland Islands via railway and ferry just got to be the best journey to take with my husband and as he’s eighty this July we’re on a mission to do it soon.

  42. Scotland has been on my ‘to go’ list for years. This year is my 70th Birthday and a rail trip around Scotland would be fabulous.

  43. Always wanted to do the Grand Tour of Scotland, reminds me of my childhood, always went on holiday by train

  44. I’d love to travel by train around Japan. As well as the bullet train I’d book on the wide view Hida train for the view from the massive windows and also I like the sound of the Romancecar for the scenery during the journey. I can but dream and make do with the Derby to Sheffield train for now!

  45. Ooh… many options! I’d choose to travel through France. I could practice my pocket-book French and catch up with some friends along the way.

  46. I think that it would be nice to take a train across Europe. Take in lots of countries without the hassles of driving and parking.

  47. There is a fascinating narrow-gauge railway that runs along the coast of northern Spain known locally as ” El Topo”. This means “The Mole” as the line burrows its way through many hills and mountains as it meanders for hundreds of kilometers along thr littoral. We became aware of El Topo on a pre-covid trip to Bilbao and decided that we would like to explore it one day. It is fun to travel to the Iberian peninsula by train, as we have done in the past by Spanish sleeper train via Eurostar and thence TGV to the Spanish border. Thus this then would be my dream trip, courtesy of Railbookers of course.

  48. I would love to go across to Switzerland and go on all the famous mountain train trips such as the Glacier Express and the Bernina Pass and by the lakes on a walking holiday, but using the trains to change location every other day!

  49. I would love to travel around Scotland by train as there are a lot of areas I have not visited yet and I am sure the scenery would be fantastic so lovely to be able to sit back and relax and take in the wonderful views.

  50. I would love to travel to Tuscany to visit the home area of my late husband’s family. I have never been there although I have visited other parts of Italy..

  51. I would like to travel through Spain from Bilbao or San Sebastian, stopping off at Zaragoza, and then down to Valencia.

  52. I would love to travel to Switzerland by rail and revisit the country I fell in love with when I was 12, but have not visited since.

  53. I Would like to go by train to Scotland and travel all over Scotland such beautiful country

  54. I would love to go an Interrail journey through Spain, to o serve the real Spain away from the usual tourist trails.

  55. My dream rail holiday would entail my wife and I journeying from the UK to travel through France, providing opportunity to do so freed from the stresses of driving and able to sit back, relax and observe the splendours of the passing countryside.
    Our ultimate destination? Via Nice, then eastward along the Mediterranean coast to Menton, close to the Italian border. A chance hopefully, to experience the annual Menton Lemon Festival 🍋
    Now that’s what I’d call a Bon Voyage.

  56. Love train travel,watching beautiful scenery pass by with no worries about driving a car,traffic jams etc.just sit back and relax.would especially like to visit Switzerland,the pictures of travelling there by train are amazing

  57. i have two train journeys on my wish list, one is the tour of scotland which is so beautiful, and the other is switzerland, i would love to travel to switzerland and travel on some of their trains in the mountains

  58. I’ve always dreamed of a trip on the Orient Express – it would be so exciting to arrive in Istanbul by rail!

  59. The Rocky Mountaineer would be on my bucket list. Fresh views and fresh air in a beautiful country traveling elegantly, yes please

  60. I love a rail journey and would happily take nay of these as a memorable trip. I think Venice and Florence via The Alps would be very enjoyable.

  61. I’d be happy to go anywhere where I wouldn’t have to drive! Let the train take the strain, as they used to say!

  62. I would love to travel the route my Great-grandfather used to drive when he drove the Flying Scotsman service. before the “new” Flying Scotsman engine was built for the route.

  63. I’d love to go through the channel tunnel again and take a trip around Belgium & Germany culminating in visiting the monorail at Wuppertaal

  64. We would love to do the SCOTLAND RAIL JOURNEYS . Have seen it on tv and it inspired us to see more of Uk particularly SCOTLAND . The reviews from fellow travellers are certainly a great advocate of those who have been and enjoyed the experience.
    Well I can’t even win an ‘argument’. Or a prize draw ! So can’t have any expectations … but let’s see 🙏🏻🤞 och aye ! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🚂🚈🌲🏔️🏡🤣😂

  65. Retired just before Covid hit which ruined retirement cruise. My dream Rail trip is Rocky mountaineer which we are lucky enough to be doing next Month

  66. I would like to do the Venice to Florence journey. Via the alps I officially became OAP a few weeks ago also a widow of 20 years I am looking for a safe way to holiday that I won’t find isolating and will give me confidence think great railway journeys may be the key to me enjoying travel again. Linda

  67. My choice of rail journey would be to travel on the Orient Express. The chance to indulge in the decadence of a bygone era would be too good to miss.

  68. We love visiting Scotland but driving becomes too taxing with age. A train journey would be wonderful and both of us could enjoy the view.

  69. Really love the inspiration of the holidays featured – can’t do them all but it’s fun to dream

  70. I would love to take a train across Europe to Italy and the port of Brindisi. I would have a cheeky stop at Marseille and then take the ferry from Brindisi to Corfu. I would lie on a beautiful Greek beach for a day or 2. Returning via Paris – seeing the city sights and enjoying some Parisian pastries!

  71. I would love to travel to Venice via Genoa and Milan, perhaps taking the nightsleeper from Paris.

  72. I would love to travel by train from Lands End to John O Groats, up the west coast and then down the east coast. What a trip that would be. Of course my wife would have to be with me. Thankyou.

  73. With one rail holiday to Lyon and Vienne cancelled by Covid I had to change a booking to a more expensive one to Edinburgh. It is still my fond hope to visit the gastronomic capital of France and to see its Roman antiquities. The addition to Vienne is because I had been a member of the Silver Traveller group visiting the city and Grenoble as a potential summer alternative to skiing holidays. The food there is almost as good as (I imagine) in Lyon and the museum of Gallo-Roman that I wasn’t able to visit then would be prime destination.

  74. We live in the south of England and would love to take the train up to Scotland to experience all the delights that the Scottish Highlands have to offer.

  75. My hubby and I would love to travel by train across Europe to Romania to see the wildlife and enjoy the wine whilst being able to sleep on some trains and wake at new destinations

  76. Would love to travel across Europe to Romania. Sleeping on the train to wake at a new destination. Such fun

  77. We would love to see Switzerland by rail. It’s such a relaxing way to travel and we can both admire the scenery.

  78. I would love to go anywhere, I live in Jersey and we don’t have any trains so any train journey would be wonderful. All the trips look lovely, the UK is beautiful but so is Europe, what a choice to have.

  79. I just like train journeys -the most relaxing way to travel……… so anywhere would suit me thanks!

  80. Scotland by train sounds fascinating. Visiting castles in various places. Also to sit back and admire beautiful scenery

  81. I would love to spend a night on the Orient Express. That has always been my dream rail holiday and is top of my bucket list.

  82. I would love to take a train ride through Copper Canyon in Mexico or across Vietnam/Cambodia
    following some of Nick Knowles journeys which look amazing

  83. I would love to take a train West\East across Canada in the Autumn. Take my husband for our 40th wedding anniversary next year!

  84. I have had Iceland, not the shop, but that cool northern country on my mind for years. I am fascinated by the name, the location, and the idea of being in the Arctic Circle. I just have to go and this may be the year!

  85. Well it has to be traveling by rail around the Netherlands for me – great trains and lots to see especially a trip to Leiden to see my Dutch grandchildren would be wonderful

  86. I have taken a few rail holidays in my time and have really enjoyed them. However, the price of rail travel is getting more expensive and winning this prize would certainly be a great incentive to take another tour.

  87. I would like to travel by train to Munich in Germany. My wife and I would like to travel there to visit a war graves cemetery in the area where my wife’s uncle is buried. He was an RAF pilot in the Second World War and died when he was shot down in that area. It would be lovely to combine that visit with travelling across Europe and seeing the changing scenery.

  88. My son and family live in Germany and it is difficult for me at 82 to fly. I have just read that with Eurostar I can travel to Belgium and onward to Germany. This would allow me to see my granddaughter before she sets off to see the world.

  89. I would like to take my husband on a relaxing trip to the Isle of Man. He has been very ill recently and has lost his confidence to drive, so a holiday would be excellent for him, at this time especially one by rail to such a beautiful and scenic island with such gorgeous sea views.

  90. My partner & I would love to go from Darwen,Lancashire to Budapest,Hungary.We had a very short stay in Budapest 4 years ago & found it a delightful city & didn’t manage to see all we would like to have seen. We are both rail enthusiasts & love watching the scenery pass by. To us rail travel is our preferred mode of transport .This would be lovely to win this prize.

  91. A continuous tour starting from London and terminating as near to New Zealand as possible . Quite a planning challenge !

  92. Such an encouragement to read this as we have been talking about our own holidays this week. One of our thoughts has been Scotland. Wouldn’t this be amazing to win a help with our holidays. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  93. Wow, travelling to Venice, via Florence, on the train is something I hadn’t thought about before, but sounds wonderful.

  94. Our dream rail travel is a trip on the Indian Pacific from Perth to Adelaide. We saw this on one of Michael Portillo’s rail journeys & have wanted to ever since.

  95. I have been to Scotland many times but there is still so much more to see. Recently I visited friends on the Borders and that visit rekindled my love for Scotland. Among other places we saw the Kelpies and visited Stirling but as I have said there is still so much more and this trip would help me explore and discover this country in far more depth.

  96. Always wanted to tour Scotland by car and do the Route 500 but doing any part of Scotland by train will ease the strain on anyone driving. We could see more of it’s wonderful countryside and experience some more of it’s food and wine….including Chateau Largo. And, not forgetting their famous whisky…!!!

  97. I would love to go by train to Vienna, passing through Switzerland and the beautiful scenery of both Switzerland and Austria.

  98. The Orient express has to be the main train journey to take……. unless you can tell me better ones ?

  99. I think I would like to use the prize towards interrail passes for myself and my husband so we coould wander across Europe.

  100. I and my wife would love to join the Classic Bernina and Glacier Express in early 2024. We both enjoy scenery and, as I am a keen photographer/cinematographer, I would have many superb memories to record and treasure.

  101. Would love to travel across France into the Bavarisn Alps in Germany.I did this journey a few times so many years ago.

  102. I would love to travel to Norway, Denmark and Sweden by train because of an ear problem I am unable to fly, so this prize would be ideal for me to travel to three countries I would love to visit.

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