Which cruise line is best for senior singles?

A cruise holiday ticks many boxes. Particularly if you’re a senior single, this type of trip offers a way to fully relax while visiting multiple destinations, taking in a new culture and meeting fellow travellers along the way….


Tobago offers visitors a relaxing authentic Caribbean experience that is unlike any other. From it’s pristine and remote beaches, to its well-defined protected unspoilt rainforest, this undiscovered tropical paradise, will live long in the memory. Touched gently by time, Tobago’s natural beauty is simply awe-inspiring. Scenic […]…

What is Adventure Tourism?

Picture towering mountains, sheer-sided cliffs, white-water rapids, secret coves and moss-covered ruins. If these scenes conjure an image of adventure in your mind, join us as we venture off the beaten track……

Why is Adventure Travel So Popular?

You might have thought that adventure travel was just for those in their 20s but in this blog post, we’ll show you why it’s a fantastic way to experience the world at any age….

Timeless treasures in Thailand

This country has it all – sensational cities, idyllic beaches, remote rainforests, excellent cuisine and inspiring temples. Let’s look at four of its finest spots….

Reimagine Singapore

Singapore is a ‘City in Nature’ with lush green spaces and a strong commitment to urban sustainability. The thriving city-state is easy for explorers to reimagine experiences as diverse as its culinary scene and where history seamlessly blends with modernity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bjGtW2mK7A Offering an array of new […]…