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Tobago offers visitors a relaxing authentic Caribbean experience that is unlike any other. From it’s pristine and remote beaches, to its well-defined protected unspoilt rainforest, this undiscovered tropical paradise, will live long in the memory.

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Touched gently by time, Tobago’s natural beauty is simply awe-inspiring. Scenic drives on accessible terrain through the flat coral plains of the South-West and hills of the Northern and Eastern ends of the island will reveal delightful images in succession. Turtle-watching, snorkelling and diving reveal many of the natural treasures of the sea. And there are many secluded waterfalls and our Man and Biosphere UNESCO listed Main Ridge Rainforest Reserve, home to ancient canopies of verdant green, over 260 species of bird and diverse wildlife.

Why Travel to Tobago?

Whatever your preference, you’ll find it in Tobago: truly unspoilt, untouched, and undiscovered.

The islanders are proud of where they live – why wouldn’t they be? – and there’s a distinctly Tobagonian way of life, which values its heritage dearly. This is apparent across the island, and especially so in the annual events calendar, which covers everything from music festivals, street parties, and an annual heritage fair featuring costumed dancers and ‘ole-time’ wedding processions, to more specialised events like goat-racing and ‘blue food’ celebrations. And if those last two sound odd, welcome to the wonderful world of Tobago.

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Our sites, attractions and amenities are easy to get to. Whether you’re interested in beaches, waterfalls or our award-winning rainforest, eager tour guides will happily walk with you. For those adventure seekers just follow the outlined trail! Taxis and public transport are readily available. Road connectivity reduces the distance between attractions to short stops and easy drives; while in Scarborough the capital, take a stroll along our promenade and the not-to-be missed Heritage Trail.

Single Travellers

Travelling alone in Tobago can definitely be a voyage of self-discovery and self-indulgence. Singles can spend the day doing absolutely nothing or enjoying all the activities this little island has to offer. Tobago is perfect for the single traveller because it is easy to navigate alone and also offers a range of soft adventure, leisure or eco activities, hot spots at night, through knowledgeable tour operators, all against the backdrop of a safe environment.


Tobago’s idyllic setting and ‘off-the-beaten’ appeal speaks to romance in motion. Couples who want to simply enjoy each other will find it the perfect hideaway while enjoying Tobago’s scenic beauty at their own pace. With no skyscrapers or high rises; hiking, diving, snorkelling, bird watching, are a few of the things you can explore together. Tobago is also ideal for destination weddings and honeymoons. The feeling is barefoot, but the amenities are modern, making for a wonderful, rustic, fun and loveable holiday.


A fun and relaxing family get-away awaits in Tobago. Child friendly activities for mum, dad and the kids abound or just chill soaking up sun rays under the shade of the coconut tree. There are also family-oriented accommodations that provide activities for children and babysitters, if required. Even more, all leisure, eco and soft-adventure activities can be tapered to accommodate little ones; making Tobago ideal for active and multi generation families or those looking to truly rest and relax.

The Mature Traveller

You are as young as you feel. 50’s is the new 20’s in Tobago. The warm weather and charm of our people is a winning combination. Tobagonians will make you feel at home and ensure that you find the best local pubs, restaurants and natural attractions. Tobago’s terrain is accessible and easy to navigate and there are activities for even those visitors who don’t consider themselves experts. Experienced certified island tour guides can tailor-make your programme.

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