Exploring religious sites worldwide

So much of our history worldwide is the result of religion one way or another. And McCabe Pilgrimages has developed unique tours that take visitors to the locations and buildings that are at the very heart of this. Whether you are a person of Christian faith or not, you cannot fail to be moved by the beauty and wonder of much of the architecture, be it humble or magnificently grand. And to stand in places where, over the centuries, thousands have stood before you, is truly inspiring. 


The Holy Land

In a group, you’ll be able to visit the iconic sites of the Holy Land, in both Israel and Jordan, where all three Abrahamic faiths have roots and deeply significant places of worship. Whilst Israel, and the city of Jerusalem in particular, is modern and bustling, there is a remarkable sense of history, religious and otherwise, which is ever present, whether at the Western Wall, along the Via Dolorosa or at Temple Mount.


Armenia and Egypt

McCabe have tours to less obvious countries too, such as Armenia, the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion, which is home to ancient monasteries (several UNESCO inscribed). Its exceptional scenery includes views of Mount Ararat where Noah’s ark came to rest. And Egypt, initially thought of for the Pharaonic splendours, is where the Holy Family fled to escape Herod’s Massacre of the Innocents. Many monasteries and sites along their trail are of great importance, particularly to the millions of Egyptian Coptic Christians, whose Christmas Day and Easter Sunday are celebrated as national holidays by all.

Cyprus cave church


Mediterranean island Cyprus is not only filled with Greek Orthodox churches, large and tiny, in the Byzantine style, replete with extensive icons, its history takes you back to ancient mythology and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. And tours here embrace the friendly Cypriot way of life and love for food and drink. There’s a hugely warm welcome wherever you go in Cyprus.

Malta’s mediaeval knights of the Order of St John


And Malta, home of the mediaeval knights of the Order of St John, is a fascinating combination of deep Catholicism and the history of the island’s many occupations, right up until 1979 when the British finally departed. The extraordinary cathedral of St John, housing Caravaggio’s masterpiece, is a gem of Baroque art, with the Knights buried below the visitors’ feet.

Other countries McCabe’s visit are India, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Italy  and Nepal.  

McCabe’s tours are led by ordained ministers, who offer spiritual and pastoral guidance, with expert knowledge of the history and relevant context of your destination. All are welcome, and there’s so much to appreciate, whether you wish to participate in the worship offered, or not. Visiting religious sites around the world provides valuable insights into international history, both past and present.

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Visit McCabe’s Travel for all the information about Pilgrimage Tours and also the Music Tours in Italy, which take you to performances at the Verona Arena, Puccini’s Festival and La Scala in Milan, all with visits to nearby places of interest too.


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