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In recent years, there has been significant growth in the numbers of travel providers offering escorted, soft adventure and immersive touring holidays. The appeal to more and more travellers of simply turning up at a destination and being told where to be, what time to be there and where they are going next is really growing in popularity.

TourHoundOf course, the beauty of an escorted touring holiday is that everything is taken care of for you from entry to the iconic sights you visit, to tipping the luggage porters upon arrival at your hotel. Even your meal venues are sorted for you: you arrive at a table and await some delicious local food to be placed before you.

But how would it be if the process of finding and booking escorted touring holidays was as simple and as painless as having the holiday itself?

A decade or so ago, we all collected piles of travel brochures and sifted through them, perhaps scoring each possible tour against our tick list. As technology has advanced, we’ve become quite competent, proficient even, at researching online but with the ever-increasing number of escorted touring providers, finding and searching every one of their websites can be quite time consuming.

With so many elements to consider such as group size, inclusions, transportation, guiding, entry fees, meals and more, finding the ideal escorted touring holiday can still present its challenges.

TourHoundSome of us will take the “stick with the provider you know and trust” approach but with so many escorted touring providers now vying for our business, competition is also growing, and more providers are offering tempting prices, travel upgrades or free airport transfers to lure us to buy their tours. We are canny buyers these days and demand more from our holiday spend, so traditional customer loyalty is being massively challenged.

So, what’s the solution and how can the process of sourcing and booking the ideal escorted holiday be made simple and painless?

In the past, the car insurance market faced a similar dilemma and their solution was to be found in Italian opera singers and Meerkats. Quite apart from the infamous and sometimes irritating advertising undertaken by insurance companies, car insurance comparator websites account for over 40% of online insurance purchased with approximately 12 million people using such sites to compare and purchase their car insurance.

TourHound, the UK’s leading touring and adventure comparison website, felt there was an opportunity for a similar website to be created for the escorted and adventure touring market because, like car insurance, there are so many components of a tour offered by providers that travellers might want to compare. It’s not just about price!

TourHoundThe beauty of a tour comparison website is that all the content from a huge selection of tour providers, both large and small, is brought together to enable the search for that perfect tour to take place on one site without the need to hop from company to company whilst researching all the important factors.

Searching for your tour on TourHound is simple and very user friendly. You simply select a destination, a type/style of holiday and an approximate date, then hundreds of tours, with prices, from over 50 established and well-known operators are listed before you. You can then eliminate and refine your search selecting preferences such price or date order, your budget, flights being included and so on. Once you have found what you are looking for, TourHound simply pushes you through to the provider’s website to research more or to book.

If you’re using the TourHound comparator website do be aware that the listings and comparator tools used on the site exercise complete neutrality and there are no preferred providers or algorithm which push choice one way or another.  The holidays offered are 100% delivered based on the user’s criteria.

TourHound is Silver Travel Adviser’s choice of escorted touring search facility and is already helping so many consumers find the right escorted tour for them!

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Laurence Hicks

Founder of TourHound

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