After a life of travelling, where will you retire?

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The word retirement is synonymous with generally slowing down and taking things easy, which is absolutely fine for people who want to use this period of their lives to just relax, put up their feet and have a well earned rest.

For others, particularly people who have spent their life travelling, such an attitude is boring and unadventurous.  These sorts of people are, not surprisingly, the quickest to realize the potential that retirement has to offer.  To realize that this is perhaps the best time to have the adventures one always wanted to have but could not because of a lack of time, income, or because of other restrictive commitments.

On reflection, this seems obvious.  After all, after a lifetime of working hard and making an invaluable contribution to society, retired people suddenly find themselves being in the enviable position of having more free time than they have had since childhood and, as a result, this is the perfect opportunity to get out there and see the world on one’s own terms.

The travel market
In the Western world today, people are generally living longer than they ever have done before.  Consequently, markets that cater specifically for people in their senior years are generally booming and enjoying a growing and increasingly diverse and demanding customer base.  The travel industry is no exception.  Tourism agencies are experiencing a significant increase in business thanks to people who, instead of seeing retirement as a barrier to enjoying life, want to make the most of the time that is now theirs to do with as they wish.

It therefore only takes a little imagination, coupled with some exploration and research, to uncover a wealth of opportunities that will dispel the boredom and frustration that are an ever-present risk to people who are no longer in full-time employment.

Here are some ideas for vacation options available to retirees:

  • After a life of travelling, where will you retire?Cruises are an unsurprisingly popular choice with retired people as they provide a way of seeing the world in a safe, comfortable and luxurious way.  Adventures in exotic locations can be enjoyed even more with the knowledge that a comfortable bed and a range of high-quality restaurants and other facilities are ready and waiting for them at the end of the day.
  • City breaks are becoming increasingly popular with retirees as well.  Retirement invariably means a change in income and budgeting is important.  However, thanks to the increasing popularity of low-cost airlines and websites guaranteed to find the cheapest hotels, weekends sightseeing in cultural hotspots are becoming easier and cheaper to arrange for anyone willing to do their research.
  • Beach holidays are another favorite, and retirees can make the most of their freedom by enjoying off-peak rates that are rarely available to people tied down to full-time employment.  These also tend to be the quietest periods in resort calendars, generally meaning an improvement in customer service and overall attention.
  • Adrenalin-seeking vacations are perhaps a less obvious choice, but should not be dismissed outright.  Many retired people devote time and attention to their level of health and fitness in a way they never did in their youth, and choose to make the most of this by experiencing thrill-seeking activities.

A change of pace and location
One of the biggest advantages of retiring is no longer having to base where one lives on employment constraints.  Retirees can choose to live wherever they like and not where their job dictates.  As such, retirement is an ideal opportunity to start a new life in a new location, and perhaps try living in a completely different environment with all the potential for new adventures this brings.  For example, a retiree may consider relocating to a community somewhere such as Maryland. With its shopping, dining and cultural attractions, Maryland provides opportunities for a wealth of new experiences for someone with the time and inclination to explore.

A new adventure
Retirement does not necessarily have to mean slowing down, especially for people who have always enjoyed traveling and exploring the world.  In fact, for a number of reasons, this is perhaps the best time to exercise this desire and experience new things.  Retirement is undoubtedly a significant change, with almost every aspect of life impacted in one way or another, but with a bit of imagination, ambition and careful planning, particularly when it comes to choosing where to live, it can easily turn into the most enjoyable and exciting time of one’s life.

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