A passion for Mallorca

Valldemossa, MallorcaBack in the 1970s, Mallorca was a favourite retreat for young British and German tourists with a passion for drowning themselves in fruity cocktails along gorgeous stretches of beach until the sun came up. However as the decades have progressed, this stunning island paradise has evolved into something far more iconic and sensational. This Mediterranean paradise is now an exclusive and tranquil holiday destination and although it still caters to the younger crowds, many older generations are enjoying memorable holidays as well. Hill towns nestle in the shade of remote mountains and give historic insight into the culture of this island. A dazzling smile of sunny personality, Mallorca offers everything the heart and mind needs from bustling city life to peaceful and natural retreats.

Palma de Mallorca caters for every taste

Unless you parachute onto a hillside, you will undoubtedly land at Palma de Mallorca, the capital city. This is the largest city on the island and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, a beautiful starting point for any first timer to this magnificent island. This amazing city offers a real insight into the culture of this island and is home to a myriad of inspiring landmarks, many of which are free to visit. Bellver Castle is an impressive feat of design and a short hike there will reward you with stunning views of the coastline. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma for a memorable glance into some of the city’s architecture. And when hunger strikes, there is a plethora of exceptional restaurants here, which will cater to every budget.

Interior of Bellver castle, MallorcaThe burgeoning food culture is partially thanks to the proximity of the Mediterranean, which provides a delicatessen of fresh seafood on a daily basis. However the herbs, flavours are really what define this city as a hotspot in its own right. The local produce boasts its own credibility too and when perfectly raised crops are combined with the daily fresh meats and seafood, result in an explosion of mouth-watering enjoyment. Whether you are looking for romantic tapas bars, Asian cooking pots, backstreet cafes or swanky gourmet lounge eateries, you will not be left disappointed. An excellent variety of marketplaces open during every hour of daylight and evening too, meaning if you would prefer to cook for yourself, this is your opportunity to do so with the best choice of fresh produce and seafood.

Where to stay?

The housing market in Mallorca caters to tourists and expatriates, whether you are looking for short-stay accommodation or maybe even thinking of making Mallorca your home. Renter can choose a traditionally decorated apartment for a couple of weeks or a luxurious villa.  Those looking for a more permanent home  could buy an elegant luxury apartment alongside the coast, or opt for a traditional inland farm. A luxury real estate agent such as Dahler & Company Mallorca can help you find your perfect (second) home, offering a variety of luxury villas and apartments in Mallorca.

Cala Agulla, MallorcaBudget package holidays catering to the Club 18-30 tourist are steadily becoming obsolete here as Mallorca now appeals to the year round holidaymaker with more on their mind than cheap cocktails. Mallorca boasts many enticing natural attractions and the abundance of activities here suit every age and interest. Olive and almond groves, fragrant woodland valleys, rugged coastal mountains and limestone crags provide a wealth of hiking opportunities and that is only the beginning. There are several ways to really get the adrenaline pumping while you are here too,  one of the most exciting being cliff jumping. Although it sounds dangerous, the north coast of Cala Sant Vicenç offers some euphoric experiences. Cliffs ranging from three to 12 metres high are perfectly safe and provide a wonderful opportunity to break free and fly. Other activities available here include kite surfing, canyoning, cave exploration and scuba diving.

The locals make all the difference

This island wouldn’t be what it is without the wonderful and friendly local inhabitants who work hard to ensure tourists return every year. Friendly in their approach, these passionate people define the true culture of modern Mallorca.

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