It’s Bigger in New Zealand!

Let's face it. Holiday fatigue, where you want to take a holiday after your holiday, happens to the best of us. But not with your holiday in New Zealand!

Bigger Easy
Yes, New Orleans may be known as the Big Easy but New Zealand is the Bigger Easy and for good reasons, too. For one thing, the landscapes all across the country are easy on the eyes, picture-perfect scenery on the countryside, modern-day epitomes of easy-to-navigate beautiful cities, and just gorgeous places anywhere you turn here. This is a country where films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy have been shot because of its glorious beauty, after all.

For another thing, the lifestyle in New Zealand is so easy. Your holidays to New Zealand will be so hassle-free you will wonder why you never even thought of coming here before. The public transportation system runs on time, the roads are in excellent condition, and criminals are few and far between, among others.

Of course, you can also combine a holiday in Australia with your New Zealand holiday. An Australian holiday can be spent viewing the busy cosmopolitan cities and then you can hop over to New Zealand to enjoy a different theme. Choose from among the numerous packages for holidays to New Zealand to discover its hidden wonders.

Did you know that New Zealand is one of the least densely-populated countries in the world? There are just 4.36 million New Zealanders living in an area of 270,534 square kilometres – truly, more than enough elbow room for everybody to enjoy their holiday while still meeting new people.

What do New Zealanders do with all the space in their country? Well, you have to take a New Zealand holiday to find out and enjoy for yourself.

Here's a general idea, nonetheless: You can explore the sublime mountains, forests and fiords; enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and water sports on the beaches of lakes, rivers and seas; and make your own adventures among its towns and cities, among others. Name whatever it is that you want on your first hassle-free holiday and New Zealand has it in abundance.

Bigger Choices
Because of its vibrant culture combining British influence and Maori traditions, New Zealand offers bigger choices in terms of food and beverages. Where Kiwi cuisine was once just a bland imitation of British fare, it is now one of the well-loved international cuisines that five-star hotels are proud to include on their menus.

Veer away from hotel food, nonetheless, and be adventurous in your choices of food and beverage. Must-try food include dishes made from paua (abalone), kumara (sweet potato) and kina (sea urchin), which can then be complemented by award-winning wines and craft beers made in the country.

Don't forget to partake of Maori culture, too, which you will enjoy upon arrival in New Zealand – you will most likely be greeted by a Haka dance performed by burly young men with their faces painted and their tongues out as a sign of welcome

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