Visiting the Stars at The Royal Albert Hall with Omega Breaks

Omega Breaks take you to the ‘stars’, literally, whether you go to our capital city London and see the wonderful shows that take place there or go with Omega Breaks to see the Northern Lights. Two very different experiences, but you will be transferred to another world, even if it is only for a few hours.

Omega are an experienced, knowledgeable company that have been operating for over 40 years. Check out their online brochure and see the variety of places you can visit. With over 230 coach pickup points throughout the country this gives you the flexibility to travel by coach, but if you prefer to travel by rail or car Omega staff will help you organise your break.

Glynis at the Royal Albert HallOur trip with Omega started with my bucket list request to visit the Royal Albert Hall, a place I have seen on the TV for many years but never had the chance to visit until recently and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Omega Breaks organised our hotel and theatre tickets. We made our own way to London by coach. On arrival in London we used our ‘treasured’ bus passes to get from Victoria to Hammersmith. Check at the Information Office in Victoria (or do your homework before you go) and get a bus to Hammersmith, we caught the C1, it was a long way around but we did get there and we had a good view of West London on our way.

The Novotel Hotel at Hammersmith is excellent, with a welcoming reception and comfortable rooms. Our Omega deal included a breakfast that was very substantial and set you up for a day of adventure around London.

From the hotel it is an easy bus ride to the Royal Albert Hall plus it is on the same route as Knightsbridge and Kensington both of which are favourite tourist spots. Also, the Novotel Hotel is near to the tube station so very convenient. Check with Omega for other hotels if this area isn’t your choice.

Omega Breaks Classical Spectacular

Included in our Omega package were the tickets to the Royal Albert Hall. Our concert was the Classical Spectacular with fireworks and laser lights. We had excellent seats in the choir area and could see the orchestra very well. It was a splendid evening with a fabulous atmosphere which was helped by the conductor, who was friendly and funny. Two opera singers lifted the evening, but it wasn’t ‘stiff and starchy’, it was established, well known classical music that we sang and clapped along to in a very British way.

The 1812 Overture had us jumping in our seats as the canons where fired and the drums of the orchestra ricocheted around this fabulous building. Included were the well-known classical tunes including Ravel’s Bolero, Rule Britannia and opera with lots of flag waving too. A wonderful evening was had by all.

The Albert MemorialThe following day we decided that one visit to the Royal Albert Hall wasn’t enough, so we left our hotel after breakfast and went on a tour of this fabulous building. This can be booked in advance, but we took the risk and got in for the 11am tour, which was interesting and informative with a very good guide. We were told about the history of the Royal Albert Hall and looked at pictures of all the famous people that had played on this famous stage. We sat at the side of the Royal Box – you are not allowed to go in this area for security reasons. We saw where the Queen goes for her interval concert drink, a real treat. We went up in the balcony an enjoyed watching the preparations for the band setting up for the evening performance and well worth the cost of £11 per senior visitor.

Omega Breaks Northern Lights with a Day Excursion flightOmega Breaks have now got an amazing trip on offer which is a chance to see the Northern Lights with a Day Excursion flight from selected airports. There is a pre flight presentation with professional astronomers at a cost of £229pp. A chance to see the Aurora Borealis is another bucket list journey of mine but which ever tour you choose to do with Omega Breaks it will be good value and a memorable trip and you will be seeing stars, literally!

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