Seasickness and Nausea – How to Avoid while Cruising

Cruising for the seasick and nausea sufferersIf the spectre of previous bouts of seasickness and nausea haunts you, and is discouraging you from taking the plunge on a dream cruise holiday, you could well be missing out! With a few insider tips, medicinal solutions and herbal remedies can get you through with no ill effects or dodgy feelings (unless you hit the all-inclusive drinks packages a bit heavily, of course).

Here we run through a few of the tricks of the trade helping you trade seasickness for sea legs:

Sticking in the Middle

For those concerned the gentle rock of a cruise ship during those supposedly peaceful hours of slumber could be the root of any potential seasickness, booking a cabin in the middle of the ship may be the perfect solution. These central cabins will be subjected to minimal rocking, replicating the stationary sleeping conditions of a hotel room.

Specialist travel agent, Cruise 1st, offers this tip for securing a desired cabin: “Even with a guaranteed cabin, you are simply securing a class of stateroom aboard the cruise of your choice. To secure an actual physical cabin of your choice, it is always advisable to phone your travel agent and specify the desired cabin.”

Plump for the Biggest Ships

Like the first tip, the correct choice of ship could dramatically reduce the amount of rocking you’re exposed to during the holiday. The larger ships such as Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class plough through the roughest seas with minimal fuss and effect. This means your journey will be pleasant and calm – allowing you to enjoy a break on the seas without the onset of seasickness.

Sea Bands

A non-medicinal cure and preventative measure for seasickness comes in the form of Sea Bands. Used to alleviate the onset of nausea when cruising, or at any time, these clever little bands press on the Nei-Kuan pressure point of the wrist. Without causing any discomfort or pain, these bands come in both adult and children sizes.

GingerThe Seasickness Solving Diet

The vast majority of cruise trips are absolutely laden with a wealth of food to enjoy during your stay on the sea – but it may be worth saving a little room for nausea-easing snacks and ingredients. Green apples and crackers have both been found to counter feelings of nausea and motion sickness. However, perhaps the greatest culinary cure for feelings of nausea is ginger. But don’t worry, simple ginger sweets or ginger tea can both help ensure you feel tip-top so you don’t have to resort to sucking on a root.

The Medicinal Backup

And if none of these remedies are working for you, there are some last chance saloon medicinal options which can be taken to alleviate feelings of nausea and seasickness. Treatments including Dramamine, Meclizine (Bonine) and Benadryl are freely dispensed in chemists (and often aboard the ships in sundries shops), all of which can help to prevent seasickness. If you are travelling with children, there are child-friendly variations of these medicines, but it is highly recommended that their GP is consulted before you stock up.

The final solution would be the prescription-only Transderm Scop, a scopolamine patch which is applied behind the ear – intended to provide the most comprehensive solution to nausea and seasickness. 

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