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Azamara Club CruisesOn Azamara Club Cruises, the shore visits and overnight port stays are legendary, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local country. The complimentary night touring programme is beyond sensational.

Imagine yourself in a boutique hotel with individual service and exceptional luxury, immersing yourself in the local culture and environment in a remarkable way, experiencing unique events available to only a few. Sounds wonderful for sure. Well, the distinctive blue hulls of the ships of Azamara Club Cruises will offer you exactly that and more; quite simply they are the very best of floating hotels. 

Azamara Club CruisesI recently met Emilio Freeman, the man who is creating the European night touring events. His enthusiasm for providing every passenger with a truly memorable evening is infectious. The concept started when the President’s cruise, hosted by Larry Pimentel CEO, took everyone on board to Fort Santiago in Manila, to be entertained with food, drink and a show all provided by local people. Another unforgettable evening occurred in Liverno, when 600 people, seated for dinner in two tiny castles, were serenaded by three tenors from the Florence Opera. Surely an unforgettable, magical atmosphere for those present. 

Azamara Club CruisesEmilio’s mission is to bring the chosen destination to life by highlighting what is extraordinary and unique through an exclusive event. Perhaps a party at the People’s Park in Yangon, Myanmar in sight of the Shwedagon Pagoda, with a cultural show, or a trip to the ballet to see Laurencia at the Mikhaylovsky Theatre in St Petersburg, welcomed along the red carpet by the musicians to a champagne reception. Or travel to the Cathedral Cave in Gibraltar, splendid with centuries old limestone stalactites and stalagmites, to hear the Royal Gibraltar Regimental Band play. What could surpass such a magnificent concert? And the beauty of it all, is that it is available to every passenger, included in their Azamara fare.    

Azamara Club CruisesEqually special are bespoke, intimate activities such as cooking with an Italian family in Sorrento in a small group or the fun and excitement of progressive dining in St Tropez, taking one course, then the next, in a variety of restaurants, whilst watching the glitzy town transform itself from day to night. You can also partake in gentle adventures, hiking to the Zubarah Fort in Qatar led by the ship’s captain or walking the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi coast, kayaking and sand safaris are options too!

Azamara Club CruisesWhat seems to make Azamara Club Cruises good, better, best is the resolute determination to provide an outstanding opportunity to engage with the countries visited, not for them the relentless onboard gaming and shopping but rather the provision of first class, exclusive destination events to ensure you can immerse yourself in whatever is uniquely superb, wherever you are. Well done Emilio. 

Silver Travel Advisor recommends Azamara.

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