Renting a Villa with a Private Pool – Travel Tips

Provide Pool Toys and Games

Tips when renting a villaMany families vacation together and prefer to have a villa with a swimming pool. Rather than purchasing toys, games and pool floats to use for only the time of the vacation, it is ideal to provide a few in a storage shed outside the villa. A small fee can be charged to the renters for use of the items, with them being responsible for replacing any broken or damaged items.

Provide Maintenance

When you are renting a villa that includes a pool, ask the homeowner if there is a maintenance schedule and if this is included in the rental price. In most cases, short term rentals do include the cost of pool maintenance. Also inquire when the maintenance person arrives to perform these duties.

Provide Chemicals for Additional Treatments

There may be instances where it rains during your vacation. Ask the homeowner if there are chemicals available to perform a shock or chlorine treatment after it rains if it is more than 12 hours before scheduled cleanings or maintenance. The directions for use are on all containers and can easily be administered by a renter with proper instruction.

Ensure That There is a Substantial Pool Fence and Pool Lock

Tips when renting a villaRenting a villa with a pool fence is crucial when children are vacationing. It is a safety measure that most families look for. This could be the reason that a villa is chosen over another. Pool fences and gates should have sufficient locks on them. This can be a key lock, top push lock or combination lock. It prevents children from wandering into the pool area unsupervised. This additional security measure is important to consider.

Include Pool in Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Injuries can happen due to slippery surfaces or cracked/broke surfaces. It is important to ask the homeowner if their insurance policy covers injuries to renters. In the event of an injury or accident medical expenses have to be taken care of.

Set Pool Usage Rules

A homeowner has the right to set rules for using the pool while you are renting. This can be items such as no unsupervised children, no diving, no glass containers, no alcohol and items of related to these. Setting rules is one of the best ways to protect the homeowner themselves and the property. Renters should follow any rules set forth by the homeowner as they are in place to keep your family safe while on vacation.

Maintain the Area around the Pool

TTips when renting a villahe area around the pool must also be maintained to prevent falls and injuries. This includes the cement or tile surrounding the pool and the landscaping. Lush landscaping is more appealing to a renter. The way that a pool area is presented is an element in a renter’s decision making process. Consider using materials that do not get slippery when wet to help prevent injuries or suggest that renters use water shoes when in the pool and around the exterior of the pool.

Provide Seating and Shade Areas

Seating and shade areas are also an important Seating allows for outdoor family dinners and for parents to supervise children while in the pool. Shade can be provided by landscaping or a large umbrella over a table. Some villas may include a canopy area with chaise lounge style chairs for comfort in the heat of the day. Families can spend more time at the villa relaxing when the pool area is properly equipped.

Keeping all of these items in mind, also figure in the cost of maintenance and the luxury of having a pool with the villa when determining the rental price. A slightly higher premium should be assessed for properties with this amenity. Also take into consideration that potential to have repairs after some renters leave the property. A disclosure should be put in place making them responsible for damages.

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