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I regularly drive down into Europe with my wife and children. Usually these trips are to go and visit my wife’s family in Austria, but occasionally we take a holiday too.

Spending money abroad has always been something I think about very carefully as I don’t want to have to lose money on credit card fees for transactions in other currencies.

The Salingers - Austria 2020A few years ago, we discovered cards that could be loaded with money in advance, which you can use to spend overseas without transaction fees. However, in August 2020, when we were planning a trip to Normandy, we discovered Currensea as a new option: it’s even simpler, and we are now converts.

Currensea connects to your UK current bank account and can be used as a debit card abroad.  There are no transaction fees, and the only thing you have to do is ensure you have enough money in your UK bank account to cover your overseas costs.

Currensea cardWhilst in France, we used the card for all kinds of purchases. As we were staying in self-catering accommodation, we needed to shop at local supermarkets, and the card was also very useful at the endless number of motorway peage stations, both on the drive down and back, and while out sightseeing.

We used the card again, when we visited Austria for Christmas the same year! It’s easy, convenient, and is one less thing to think about when planning a trip.

Currensea is the best card I’ve discovered for spending whilst overseas. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is a regular traveller.

Silver Travel Advisor recommends Currensea.

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Howard Salinger

Managing director of The Travel Connection Group

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