5 Fascinating Reasons to Take a Trip to Canada This Year

When we think of Canada we think of stunning scenery and a polite population. A trip to Canada can be a life-changing experience you will never forget. Whether you’re looking for adventure, a break from everyday life or just simple travelling, Canada has it all. Here we’ve compiled five fascinating reasons to visit this vast country across the pond.

Canada’s Nature and Wildlife

Though Canada has a huge range of wildlife that roams the entire region, the country is most famous for its majestic moose that travel wherever they please. Regal creatures that walk with grandeur and purpose, and whether that purpose is standing in the middle of a street or posing in front of a beautiful backdrop is entirely up to them. 

For travellers looking for a thrill, travel to Churchill, Manitoba to witness the mighty Polar Bears migrating to and from the Arctic. Churchill is also home to the breathtaking spectacle of the Northern Lights and offers tours and guides to help you experience the wonder.

For seasoned sightseers, Canada is also home to Niagara Falls in Ontario. The cascading waterfalls connect Canada and the USA in a magical marvel. 

Or perhaps taking to the snow or ice is more your thing? If so, head to the Rocky Mountains to see the frost-covered peaks and weave your way through the many miles of ski runs. Whether you’re an Olympic champion or a beginner, you can visit one of many ski resorts across Canada, all of which promises fun for all ages and abilities. 

While those who prefer the more relaxing side of travel can still enjoy the resorts that can be located within various Provincial Parks that feel as though you’re walking through a Bob Ross painting. 

Canadian Culture and History

Canada is rich in fascinating history and culture which may not be so well known to some,  so here are five quick facts to get you started: 

  1. Canada first became a country on July 1st 1867, banding the different colonies living there and giving the country its name.
  2. Canada then remained part of the British Empire until 1982 when they officially gained independence signed by Queen Elizabeth II. 
  3. Canada has two official languages which are French and English (perfect practice for those learning French).
  4. The Maple Leaf on Canada’s flag derives from the indigenous people’s use of the maple tree and its sap to create what we now know as maple syrup, this syrup had a lasting impression on the first colonies to settle there.
  5. Ice hockey is the second most practised sport in Canada, coming after golf but before football (or soccer as they would say).

Canada’s culture and history expand much further than this and can be explored in the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau. Or visit the historic city of Quebec or take a guided tour of the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

Canada’s Food Scene

Maple Syrup. Poutine. Bannock. Butter Tarts. These national dishes have our stomachs rumbling for a taste of Canada’s finest. Each province and city offers a range of delicacies for your taste buds to try, from Montreal with their smoked meat sandwiches to Vancouver where you can find fresh seafood on almost every restaurant menu. Visit a Canadian bar to experience a Bloody Caesar: a cocktail mixed with vodka, clamato juice (clam and tomato juice), hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce (don’t knock it till you try it!). Or perhaps, a maple syrup tour for travellers with a sweet tooth, where you can learn about its history and how it’s harvested. 

Canadian Festivals

Canada has plenty to offer avid music fans. The Montreal Jazz Festival is one of the largest Jazz festivals in the world and is a huge celebration of all things jazz. You can also experience a Canada Day celebration; a day when Canadians mark the occasion of their independence from Britain, celebrated with fireworks, parades and lots of maple leaf flags. 

Warm Canadian Hospitality

Canadians are known for their warm hospitality. Locals are often eager to help tourists, teach them about their history and culture, willing to share their own dishes (and maybe even the recipe too) and, they will even offer you a lift to your next stop if you ask politely. Whether you’re travelling alone or as a couple, or with family, in Canada, you will never be far from a friendly face. 


Whether you’re over 50, looking for a family holiday or travelling alone, Canada has something for everyone. Stunning scenery, astonishing wildlife, fabulous food and lovely locals. For all of these reasons, consider adding Canada to your places to visit this year.

To start planning your perfect trip to Canada, speak to Silver Travel Advisor who can create a start to finish itinerary including flights, accommodation, days tours, excursions and more. Call 0800 412 5678.


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