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May 2023: The Vintage, A Great Time to visit our Wine Regions

Visiting the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, the Adelaide Hills, and the Hunter Valley over the past few weeks has been invigorating – because we’re visiting during the vintage. Yep, the harvest is happening, and from now until Autumn, the activity in our wineries is next level.

We can’t wait to see this playing out when we travel through the vineyards of Victoria next week.  We’re creating a new cross-country wine trail through the King Valley, Nagambie Lakes, the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula and you can too.

Make the most of this magical time with these seasonal offerings from some of our Ultimate Wineries during Autumn. If you’re thinking of getting back to grass roots to explore more beyond the cellar door let us know! We are more than happy to host you on an Ultimate Winery Experience and can offer mates rates for your companions.

Autumn Private Picnics, Montalto, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Soak up Autumn’s gentle rays on your very own secluded picnic site at the stunning Montalto estate.

Available 7 days a week, every private picnic begins with a bespoke wine tasting in the Cellar Door then with wine and map in hand, make your way to your covered, private picnic site where you’ll find your table beautifully set with white linen, tableware and glassware and a selection of starters. Main courses and decadent desserts will be personally delivered by the dedicated Picnic Patrol team.

Wine Immersion, Mandoon Estate, Margaret River, WA

Watch the seasons change at Mandoon Estate in Western Australia’s beautiful Swan Valley. As the weather cools during the Autumn months, a golden hue sweeps the region and grape leaves turn from green to russet tones of yellow, orange, and red before falling before winter dormancy. See the Autumn colours for yourself on a Wine Immersion tour, where you will take a guided tour of the historic vineyard (first vines planted in 1895) before tasting wine straight from the barrel, accompanied by a delicious cheese platter.

Month of Moscato, Brown Brothers, King Valley, VIC

In celebration of Moscato, Brown Brothers is holding a month-long calendar of Moscato-dedicated tastings, cocktails, Moscato-inspired desserts and dishes in the Restaurant. If you love Brown Brothers Moscato as much as we do, now is your chance to raise a glass to your favourite fruity sip. While you’re at Brown Brothers this May, why not include a Wine Blending experience, Prosecco Brunch or Food and Wine Adventure to your visit.

Best of Barossa by Bike, Yalumba, Barossa Valley, SA

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a Best of Barossa by Bike, a fun-filled day of chocolate, cheese and fine Barossa wines on a guided e-bike tour hosted by Bike About. Begin at Yalumba and learn about wine barrel making in Australia’s only onsite winery Cooperage. Then ride your e-bike through the spectacular Barossa Ranges with stops at the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company, Artisans of Barossa and the Barossa Valley Cheese Company. Back at Yalumba tour the Signature Cellar, with a comparative tasting of the current vintage and yet to be released vintage wine syphoned straight from the barrel, followed by a relaxed lunch.

How to win a case of wine

Comment below and tell us which one of these seasonal offerings you’d most enjoy!

A winner will be chosen in early June 2023.
The competition closes on 31 May 2023.

Please note: by commenting below and entering the prize draw you consent to your email address being shared with Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia who will contact you on one occasion with more information about their offerings.

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101 Responses

  1. I’d be very tempted to try out an e-bike tour, Best of Barossa by Bike, particularly as the wine tasting and lunch, hopefully accompanied by wine, is at the end of the trip.

    1. It is difficult to chooseas they are all excellent but I particularly like the Brown Brothers Moscato

  2. Autumn Private Picnics, Montalto, Mornington Peninsula, VIC would be just perfect. Beautiful setting, sumptuous wines and excellent food delivered by the aptly named Picnic Patrol team – Just perfect.

  3. Autumn months, a golden hue sweeps the region and grape leaves turn from green to russet tones of yellow, orange, and red before falling before winter dormancy. This sounds exactly the kind of wine visit I would love

  4. The bike tour sounds fantastic but as it’s a long time since I rode a bike,I’d probably fall off so maybe the picnic would suit me better.they all sound good though😀

  5. Best of Barossa by Bike, Yalumba, Barossa Valley, SA
    I would love to win this as it combines three of my favourite things: wine, chocolate and being active outdoors.

  6. I like the sound of the private picnic at Montalto, Mornington Peninsula, sounds like a beautiful place and a great way to experience the wine.

  7. Wine Immersion, Mandoon Estate, Margaret River, WA
    This would be my choice! Wine, cheese and a delicious palette of nature’s colours woven into the vine leaves.

  8. Autumn Private Picnics, Montalto, Mornington Peninsula sounds really lovely. This would be a great treat.

  9. Wine immersion at Margaret river would be beautiful. As a Margaret it just seems fitting. Get me in the mood before my visit to Australia.

  10. A young man who I trained in the hospitality industry and who emigrated to live in Australia, has settled in Margaret River and speaks very highly of the local wines Since he acquired his palatte for quality wines largely at my expense, I feel that his recommendation is to be taken seriously !

  11. The Margaret river is a beautiful area to visit and the wines are very nice as well

  12. I think I would enjoy visiting Brown Brothers in King Valley VIC. A wine blending experience would enhance my knowledge base and tastebuds. The sun glinting off the glowing colours of the wine – wonderful. From a sentimental view, my lovely mother and dear cousin had Brown as their surname so it brings back so many happy memories. And to round the experience off with a Prosecco Brunch with my partner, what could be better.

  13. The Best of Barossa by Bike is my choice. Chocolate, wine and cheese are three of my favourite things so it’s the perfect day.

  14. The Wine Immersion, Mandoon Estate, Margaret River, WA sounds wonderful. The colours of the leaves, expert tuition and pairing of wines and cheese platter sounds amazing.

  15. what a prize , I would love to win the “Month of Moscato, Brown Brothers, King Valley, VIC’ , the combination of food and wine is a real treat

  16. Mornington Peninsula, VIC
    Wine Immersion, Mandoon Estate, Margaret River, WA. Wine, cheese and in Australia what more

  17. Mandoon Estate— a 5* rated (James Halliday) with agood choice of quality wines.
    Only established in 2008 by Allan Erceg–have visited the Barossa in early autumn–it is great time to go wine tasting in Australian Vineyards.
    Having been on a wine tasting tour in the Barossa- W.Australia has a fast growing reputation for producing fine quality wines.

  18. Autumn Private Picnics, Montalto, Mornington Peninsula, VIC
    Soak up Autumn’s gentle rays on your very own secluded picnic site at the stunning Montalto estate.

  19. Autumn private picnic, sounds a most appealing choice. This would really interest and inspire us.

  20. Month of Moscato, Brown Brothers, King Valley, VIC
    I’ve heard its an area of SUN repute, producing amazing wines, no dispute

  21. I would LOVE to try the wines from the Mandoon Estate, Margaret River, WA. The wines from this area are superb!

  22. Wine Immersion, Mandoon Estate, Margaret River, WA – Would be my choice, seeing the autumn colour of the trees and tasting delicious wine with a cheese platter – yes please!

  23. The Autumn private picnic would be my choice good Food and great wine whilst surrounded by nature, pure joy.

  24. I would love the trip to Brown Brothers, King Valley, to taste the Moscato – a lovely wine. There are not many sweet wines on the market these days & Brown Brothers is one of the best I have tasted.

  25. Best of Barossa by bike please sounds a fun way to see the vineyards whilst visiting chocolate artisan and cheese. What a perfect way to spend the day.

  26. Brown Brothers – their Moscato is the stuff of legend, and I’ve enjoyed it for a very long time indeed.

  27. The Autumn private picnics seems like the one I would enjoy the most. The beautiful autumn scenery and the delicious food and wine sounds like a wonderful combination.

  28. Our lovely daughter lives in Australia. We went out to visit her and were able to take a trip to WA and do some wine tasting in the Swan Valley. It was amazing. I would love some wine from the Swan Valley to remember that fabulous trip which happened just before Covid. We could never have guessed that we would not see our daughter for the longest time. Those memories kept us going.

  29. Best of Barosa – cheese, chocolate and wine – three of my absolute favourite things. Absolute heaven!!

  30. The best of barossa by bike would be our choice. We enjoy cycling and couldn’t think of a better way to take in everything the area has to offer

  31. Chocolate, cheese and Barossa wine – Autumn. The leaves changing colour and seeing the beautiful spaces/ranges on an e-bike! Sounds like a dream……..but dreams can come true……..can’t they?

  32. Although we love Moscat We also love cocktails so we think would would have to choose Brown Brothers King Valley in Victoria. The desserts sound intriguing and are calling me. Having chosen we think we would go the whole hog and plump for the Prosecco Brunch, Wine Blending and Food and Wine Adventure. Sheer heaven .

  33. Autumn Private Picnics, Montalto, Mornington Peninsula, VIC sounds idyllic, great picnic food accompanied by great wines.

  34. The Best of Barossa by bike sounds like a brilliant day out. Wine, chocolate and cheese. What’s not to like! A chance to limit the damage with a bike ride too.

  35. My ideal wine tour would be the Best of Barossa by Bike in autumn – what could be more perfect than wine tasting with cheese and chocolate and the perfect vechicle in the form of an e-bike!!

  36. You can’t beat an e-bike tour! You really get to know the character of an area – it’s texture, colours, sights and most important of all – smells! Cycling along dusty tracks, through vines, plantations, lush valleys, flower meadows and rocky terrain helps you appreciate the flavours of the local produce the Barossa Bike Trail introduces you to. I’m really looking forward to it!

  37. I’d love to experience the month of Moscato,King Valley Vic. What could be more indulgent than my two favourite things wine and dessert. Of course the cocktails and other items on the menu would go down a treat too!

  38. would love to try Brown brothers for the Month of Moscato, but unfortunately we are not going to VIC until next march. Have visited Brown Brothers in the past and love their Marsanne wine.

  39. Autumn Private Picnics, Montalto, Mornington Peninsula, VIC would have to by my first choice…what a lovely experience that would be to sit quietly at elegantly dressed picnic tables for a fabulous feast with festive wines! Lovely!

  40. Autumn seems like it’s right up my street….love a leisurely bike ride through vineyards! (Especially when rounded off with a bit to east and a tasting!) 🍷🍷

  41. Did I read Autumn Colours, Delicious Wine and Cheese? Yes, then this is the tour for me. Who could resist the Wine immersion Mandoon Estate tour? Not me.

  42. Well, it just has to be the The Best of Barossa by Bike, as it combines my 3 favourite things, wine, chocolate and cheese, all guaranteed to release the endorphins that will float me up to cloud nine. The trip to the cooperage plant would be a fantastic bonus and something I’d really enjoy, having just read ‘Cask Strength’, a book on the subject by wine and spirit writer Mike Gerrard. Wines have been produced in the Barossa Valley for over 160 years but barrels date back to the ancient Egyptians! Who knew that?
    But, if I’m honest, it’s the wine tasting at the Signature Cellar in Yalumba, that is the main attraction, bold, full-bodied Shiraz from the Barossa Valley is the wine that has given me the most pleasure over the years. It doesn’t have to be Shiraz, I’ll be happy with a Merlot, a Sauvignon or a Semillon, even a Riesling which I’ve only had once or twice.
    Oh! I’m sure I’ll enjoy the bike ride as well, even if my mind is firmly fixed on the last event – the wine tasting followed by lunch.

  43. Best of Barossa by bike with my family feeling the freedom of the open air, followed a nice glass or two of wine, Riesling first choice, and a lunch. Heavenly.

  44. The Wine Immersion; absolute heaven. The Barossa day sounds wonderful but the old posterior and legs would struggle on a bike.

  45. Best of Barossa by Bike, I would be able to convince myself I was doing some exercise to work off the wine, cheese and chocolate, or at least distract myself by looking at the countryside.

  46. Best of Barossa is my choice. I’m not sure how I’d manage if the wine tasting was first on the schedule, but as it’s the ultimate activity I think I could manage a day of chocolate, cycling and cheese, finished with wine and then lunch. That’s a bonzer day out for sure 🙂

  47. The wine immersion tour in Western Australia looks right up my street. Would take my wine buddy who never misses an opportunity to celebrate great food and wine.

  48. Being disabled I couldn’t see myself on a bike going around Barossa Valley which would have been my favourite. It would therefore be Brown Brothers. Their Food and Wine adventure sounds really good.

  49. they all sound amazing but the Mandoon Estate in Western Australia’s beautiful Swan Valley really caught my eye.

  50. If I had the choice I would want to do the Wine Immersion, Mandoon Estate, Margaret River, WA tour. It had my attention at the name of Swan Valley which sounds quite magical but to see the beautiful colours of the trees whilst tasting new and interesting wines on my palate would be fabulous. It did also help with a sneaky last sentence that visitors also enjoy a cheese platter.

  51. I’d love to discover the enchanting Mandoon Estate in the Swan Valley in Australia on an unforgettable wine tour and immerse myself in breathtaking landscapes as vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. I’d savour exquisite wines and delight in cellar door tastings, gourmet food pairings, and meet passionate winemakers. It would be a pleasure to enjoy the region’s long wine making history and indulge in a day of wine bliss. Cheers!

  52. I think I would like to be Immersed in Wine on the Mandoon Estate please, courtesy of Margaret River (who sounds most accomodating and a thoroughly welcoming gal).

  53. A very difficult choice. The Wine Immersion sounds fun, if a bit sticky; I’ve never been on an e-bike so that MIGHT be a good exprience. But I do like Moscato so I think I’d opt for the Brown Brothers `Month of Moscato`.

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