Silver Travel Wine Club

February 2024: Spotlight on The Saône

This month’s Wine Club, in partnership with AmaWaterways, heads to the River Saône in France.

Read on to find out more.

Please note: this prize draw is now closed.

One of the most famous wine regions in the world, Burgundy, is located right in the heart of Eastern France on the west of the River Saône. In the Côte d’Or, the heart of Burgundy, the wines are classified into two main subregions: the Côte de Nuits, celebrated for its exceptional Pinot Noir, and the Côte de Beaune, acclaimed for its elegant Chardonnay. Red Burgundies typically display a delicate ruby hue with cherry-like aromas, whereas the white wine has a more mineral than fruity palate with refreshing acidity. 

Unlike in other regions, in Burgundy there is no blending of the grape varieties taking place during winemaking. This absence of blending allows the wines to showcase the richness inherent in their grape varieties.

See for yourself

Join an unforgettable AmaWaterways Wine Cruise and delight in one of the world’s most perfect trifectas: travel, wine, and elegant cuisine.

Each of their Celebration of Wine River Cruises is hosted by an enthusiastic wine professional who leads you through tastings and interactive discussions, accompanies you on select shore excursions to vineyards and cellars, and helps curate a special food and wine pairing dinner on board.

Flavours of Burgundy Wine Cruise

Experience the viticultural pleasures of the Burgundy region when you embark on this river cruise curated for new and experienced wine enthusiasts alike. Indulge in invigorating wine tastings set against the backdrop of picturesque destinations like Seurre, Tournus, Chalon-sur-Saône, and Lyon. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of graceful vineyards and storied landmarks along the Saône River. The flavours of Burgundy extend to its vibrant culture and captivating history. Delve into the techniques that shape the renowned wines of this region, gaining insight into traditional processes that have stood the test of time. Hosted by a dedicated wine expert, this journey is a must for anyone interested in the best of Burgundy’s wines.

Itinerary: Dijon to Lyon

  • Day 1: Dijon – Embarkation
  • Day 2: Dijon to Seurre
  • Day 3: Seurre to Chalon sur Saône
  • Day 4: Chalon sur Saône to Tournus
  • Day 5: Tournus to Macon
  • Day 6: Macon
  • Day 7: Lyon
  • Day 8: Lyon – Disembarkation

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Win a case of wine from the Saône region of France

Comment below and tell us which French celebrity you would most like to share a bottle of Burgundy with, and why?

A winner will be chosen in early March 2024.
The competition closes on 29 February 2024.

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217 Responses

  1. Not a celebrity but the wonderful couple, Pierre and Marie who we rented a gite in the Auvergne from pre covid. They treated us to a wonderful meal typical of the region. It would be wonderful to return their hospitality.

  2. It’s a bit of a cheat as he’s American French, but I’d choose actor Timothee Chalamet as he’d find my Hull accent sexy!

  3. I would love to share a bottle with the actor Gérard Depardieu. He is love of wine is renowned to the point he allegedly listed his occupation on his passport as a vigneron (wine maker)!

  4. My ideal evening would be to chat with Vanessa Paradis over a glass of wine or two. I remember her appearing on top of the pops in the 80’s singing “Joe le taxi”. Since then she has been a model and actor, and won many award’s. She has led a very interesting life, including marrying a Hollywood star. It would be an entertaining evening.

  5. Bridget Bardot would be my choice. I’d love to discuss her transitions into and out of her “sex kitten” persona. Her later years contentment, plus – like me – her love of animals. Absolutely amazing woman.

  6. Marco Pierre White; who better to share a bottle of Burgundy with?
    Along with a perfectly paired meal cooked by him of course!

  7. If it was possible Napoleon Bonaparte. Just such a fascinating man and I have always loved history – talking to people who were actually there would be brilliant.

  8. Raymond Blanc … If I share the wine with him, he might be tempted to cook a meal to accompany it!

  9. I would love to share a bottle of burgundy with Barry Mannilow because he Nose a good wine.

  10. President Macron. Especially if he brings his lovely black Labrador. The one who expressed his feelings about a meeting so eloquently in the palace fireplace.

  11. President Macron, just to get his views on the world. Also he must have access to the best wines from France.

  12. Claude Monet as I love his paintings and would love to get him drunk and then persuade him to do my portrait!

  13. I would choose Claude Monet as I admire his paintings and I would aim to get him tipsy enough to agree to paint my portrait but not drunk enough that it turns out a disaster!

  14. Patrick bruel… so he can teach me a few poker tricks whilst sharing a cheeky bottle of Pinot Noir

  15. Juliette Binoche to talk about her work in films, living in Paris and I could ask for style tips!

  16. It would have to be Brigitte Bardot and I would love to discuss her work on animal rights. She has led a fascinating life.

  17. The enfant terrible of French fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier. I love his irreverent style and immense sense of fun. He will have so many fabulous stories to tell!

  18. I would love to share my bottle with Bridget Bardot on one of her visits to St Tropez.

  19. Would love to share a bottle with The King – Eric Cantona – a childhood hero of mine! To talk about his early career, moving to England, all the controversies from his side, playing under Ferguson and his ventures since he hung his boots up.

  20. It would have to be Vincent Cassell , a fantastic actor but I think the night might get a bit wild !

  21. I’d love to share a few glasses with Jean-Paul Belmondo. He was my first crush when I saw him in movies while working as au pair near Paris in the 1970s. Not classically handsome, but wow what a wicked twinkle! I’d be too tongue tied to speak!

  22. Vincent Cassel is the French celebrity l would share a glass of wine with because he is drop dead gorgeous !

  23. Raymond Blanc would be my choice to share a glass with as I would have wonderful conversations about fabulous food combinations and favourite wines of the world

  24. I would share a bottle with Laurent Baffie. His TV sketches provided many laughs whilst improving my comprehension of spoken French.

  25. Jean-Paul Belmondo. I loved his films, and would be very interested to talk to him about them.

  26. Clemence Poesy definitely, i’d love to hear about Harry Potter and In Bruges, and she is stunningly beautiful!

  27. Albert Camus! It would be fascinating to hear more about The Stranger and how he came to write it. His thoughts about existentialism are clearly laid out in the novel, and surely a nice glass of French wine would be the natural accompaniment to the conversation!

  28. Antoine Dupont. we’d have a couple of bottles watching the 6 nations and he can share his secrets to success

  29. After meeting him once such a lovely man who cooks great food and has such enthusiasm for growing your own food it has to be Raymond Blanc.

  30. I would love to share a bottle with the lovely Juliette Binoche. She would be fun, entertaining and would be able to share her great appreciation of French culture – particularly the wines of Burgundy!

  31. For me it would be Jacques Cousteau. He’s brave, intrepid and would have plenty of very interesting conversation. I’ve been a fan of his for many years and although he may find me dull in comparison, I would certainly enjoy asking him about his underwater adventures and documentary making. I think it would be an evening full of intriguing delights and new experiences.

  32. Eric Cantona – I might persuade him to change his drink from Kronenbourg to Burgundy wine!

  33. Christian Louboutin – just love the shoes and handbags so would be amazing to talk about how he decided to go in to the fashion business and where the ideas come from.

  34. Eric Cantona! As a massive United fan I’m not expecting much conversation from him, but what an interesting character!!

  35. I would love to spend an evening with Gaspard Ulliel, I’m sure he’s really great company, and very easy on the eye.

  36. Zinedine Zidane (Zizou) the greatest living french footballer would be my choice with whom to share a bottle of Burgundy.
    At the same time we could share an informative discussion about football and then put the world to rights. If there were any issues with the Burgundy Zizou could have some lovely non-alcoholic drinks and the Burgundy wouldn’t be wasted !
    Quelle perfection.

  37. David Ginola because I love football and he was a great footballer and throughly nice person.

  38. I’d loved to have met the composer Erik Satie because he sounds like such an eccentric, interesting and talented man

  39. I am bringing someone back from the dead for the night – Edith Piaf. She had a complex life knowing great hardship and suffering personal problems as well as knowing the intense joy that comes from doing something you love and are talented at. I would love to hear about the two sides of her life and personality and what better way to do it sharing a bottle of Burgundy. Je ne regret rien

  40. I’d love to share a bottle of burgundy with French author Antoine Laurain. As author of Vintage 1954, a humorous time-travelling tale in which wine plays a very important ‘plot-progressing’ role, I reckon he’d be up for sharing ‘une bouteille de vin’!

    I first discovered this author when I picked up ‘The President’s Hat’ in a charity shop, and have since read everything he has written – well, everything he’s written that has been translated into English. His books are all so quirky, and they are all so different. I’d love to know where he gets his story ideas from, especially for his most recent novel ‘An astronomer in Love’ which is my favourite of all his books.

  41. Gerard Depardieu as he is so charismatic and would make me laugh but also could be a delight to dine with.

  42. I’d have a Curly Wurly with Liz Hurley, Stir Fried Rice with Katie Price, a slice of Madeira with Alan Shearer and a bottle of Vin with Jean-Claude Van Damme!

  43. I would love to have a propoer night dishing with Marion Cotillard, she just seems like such a closed book i bet she has some stories. In vino veritas!

  44. Jean-Christophe Lovelli as I’m sure he could provide some wonderful food to accompany the wine.

  45. Emma Watson, technically French as she was born in Paris. It would be great to chat with her, I think with her acting, environmental and activist pursuits it would make for great conversation.

  46. I would choose to share a bottle of wine with Henri Toulouse Lautrec. To take a moment out of time, I would join him at his table in the Moulin Rouge. On introducing myself, I would ask if I could join him, and would he like to share a bottle of Burgundy with me. Whilst waiting for the wine to arrive, I would watch him paint. Henri liked the ladies, I would think, for he loved painting the tall, willowy
    Doris’s girls, who would be kicking their legs above their heads, holding their frilly dresses high, whilst dancing the can can. “Tell me about yourself Henri?” I would ask…,……….

  47. Zinedine Zidane (Zizou) the greatest living French footballer would be my choice with whom to share a bottle of Burgundy.
    At the same time we could share an informative discussion about football and then put the world to rights. If there were any issues with the Burgundy Zizou could have some lovely non-alcoholic drinks and the Burgundy wouldn’t be wasted !
    Quelle perfection.

  48. Alain Chabat the French chat show host who had interview many interesting stars and would have a wealth of anecdotes to share.

  49. Raymond Blanc would be my choice, love his food and I’m sure he’d have some good tips on wine pairings.

  50. Sharing a bottle of Burgundy with President Emmanuel Macron would be a fascinating experience for several reasons. President Macron is not only a prominent political figure but also known for his intellect, eloquence, and vision for France and the world. A conversation over a fine Burgundy could provide a unique opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, from politics and governance to international relations and global challenges. A meeting that would be both entertaining and educational!

  51. Eric Cantona to discover the man behind the enigma , listen to his pearls of wisdom and discover his knowledge of football and all things artistic

  52. I would love to share a bottle or two with Jean Paul Gaultier. I would love to hear some of his stories from the fashion World and from co hosting the cult tv show ‘Eurotrash’. How he found working alongside Antoine de Caunes and the infamous Lolo Ferrari. I think a whole case of wine could be drank with the amount of stories he must have!

  53. I would choose Thomas Pésquet to share my bottle of burgundy. I can imagine the stories would get more interesting as we got further down the bottle! Thomas is a French astronaut who was a two-time resident of the International Space Station. He speaks 6 languages, is a Judo black belt and plays the saxophone, including playing the final notes of La Marseillaise on the International Space Station to celebrate the Olympic handover for Paris 2024.

  54. I would like to share a bottle of Burgundy with Fred Sirieix. I am sure he has lots of entertaining stories to tell and I think both the company and the wine would make it a memorable occasion

  55. my chose would be Raymond Blanc love to shared a bottle of wine as he could make me dinner

  56. I would love to share a bottle of Burgundy with Raymond Blanc because he is such an inspiring chef and could give me some cooking tips x

  57. I could listen to Eric Cantona philosophise all day long – and apparently he sings too 🙂

  58. I would share my wine with Juliette Binoche who is a wonderful actress. I have recently been watching her films and am hoping to see two new productions this year.

  59. I would like to share a bottle with Nathalie Delon. She lead an interesting life both in front of and behind the cameras and I think we would both have a good evening.

  60. Fred Sirieix-slightly edgy, and risky but always fun, just like the reds i can enjoy if I won

  61. Gérard Depardieu
    French actor
    because he seems like he would be a good laugh and have loads of stories to tell

  62. I’d love to share a bottle of burgundy with Omar Sy to find out how much he enjoyed his role in the Lupin series.

  63. Fred Sirieux knows about wine so he would be interesting company and he appears very personable.

  64. Eric Cantona he’s always been a big favourite of mine and I would love to just talk football and anything else with him.

  65. I would like to share a great bottle of wine with Macron while we discuss the problems in France

  66. Not strictly French but Dick and Angel from Chateau de la motte Husson would be my dream!

  67. I would have to pick Cedric Grolet – he is an incredibly talented pastry chef (and I love pastries nearly as much as a bottle of Burbundy). He also seems friendly and funny, so would be great company I’m sure!

  68. Forgot to say why – just amazing funny films that will live on forever – especially the swing doors at the Hotel in Deauville

    Please merge with my original entry – thanks

  69. Élisabeth Depardieu to discuss her performance in Jean de Florette, a truly great films.

  70. I’d pick Jodie Comer. She’s a fellow northerner like myself, and after a few glasses of wine, I’d ask her to teach me how to nail different accents. I’d also ask her what she REALLY thought about how Killing Eve ended.

  71. I’d love to share a crisp bottle of wine with creative director of Celine, Hedi Slimane. He can teach me how to be effortlessly chic!

  72. I’d love to share a glass or two with Gérard Depardieu… he seems like someone who’s had a lot of experiences and would have some stories to share.

  73. Raymond Blanc to enjoy listening to his knowledge of french cooking & hopefully pick up some tips on what to enjoy with the wine.

  74. I would love nothing more than to share a bottle of Burgundy with Marion Cotillard. The thought of sitting across from her, savoring the rich flavors of the wine while engrossed in conversation, fills me with excitement. Marion’s elegance and talent have always captivated me. Her ability to effortlessly portray a wide range of characters on screen is truly admirable. I imagine our conversation would be filled with laughter, shared stories, and perhaps some insights into the world of cinema. Plus, her French charm and sophistication would undoubtedly add an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience. Sharing such a moment with Marion Cotillard would be nothing short of a dream come true for me.

  75. Would love to spend time with Marcel Marceau to hear the stories he could tell, including his involvement in the Jewish Resistance during World War 2. And we could have a fantastic game of charades afterwards!

  76. I would love to talk to David Attenborough because he is truly inspirational and a great role model.

  77. “Coco” Chanel to ask her why she designed what she did and where the influences came from to create a perfume like no.5

  78. For me la vie en rose with Edith Piaf, the celebrated voice of france, I’m sure id have no regrets in my choice

  79. Fred Siriex, as he seems like a good guy, has a good sense of humour and I think he’d have a lot of interesting stories to tell!

  80. Kylian Mbappe the great French footballer, then when he’s had a few glasses of your Burgundy,
    I could try and get him to sign for my beloved team Manchester United 😉 🙏 👍.

  81. I would love to share with Christopher Lambert 🙂 Because with his movie he made me dream a lot <3

  82. Raymond Blanc because he loves good food and wine and of course he is a good looking man. What else is there to say 😁

  83. Jean Reno the actor. He has played some amazing characters and I am sure would be great company.

  84. Luc Besson would be my choice. Would be sure he would have some great tales to tell from his long career of directing.

  85. Vanessa Paradis – would love to discuss the enduring appeal of Joe Le Taxi and hear stories about her amazing life…

  86. I’d love to share a bottle of Burgundy with the mime artist Marcel Marceau, although the conversation might be limited !

  87. I’d share a bottle with Carla Bruni (French-Italian) as she has had such a varied and interesting life and she probably has a lot of stories to tell!

  88. Bridget Bardot for the stories she could tell about her amazing career and famous acquaintances

  89. I would love to share a bottle of Burgundy with Jean Paul Gaultier because I used to watch him on TV on Eurotrash back in the ’90’s and he seems like he would be so entertaining and such a laugh, plus he would also have some very interesting behind the scenes stories about other celebrities from his years in the fashion industry!

  90. Arsène Wenger: He’s a known lover of a good red, it would be easy to pick his brains about football but I am more interested in how his philosophy has moulded him and would like to talk all things Europe / Brexit with him and his thoughts on it all

  91. Eric Cantona, because he has a great sense of humour and it would score huge kudos points with my son, who is a Manchester United fan.

  92. He may not be a celebrity to most, but I would love to share a bottle with Neige from French metal band Alcest. His music has been incredibly inspirational to me and he also seems like the kind of guy who would appreciate a good glass, which would be ideal!

  93. Gérard Depardieu Because he’s a fabulous actor and I’d swoon over a glass of wine with him, voulez vous etc

  94. If I can choose a fictional character, I’d pick Jean-Luc Picard because he has his own French vineyard and lots of fun space stories!

  95. I would love an evening with Eva Green, who is absolutely fabulous. I also love that she does lots of independent films!

  96. Raymond Blanc – preferably over dinner at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons. We wouldn’t expect him to cook though!

  97. I’d love to talk to Brigitte Bardot as I’m sure it would be fascinating to hear all her stories.

  98. I would love to share a bottle of Burgundy with Jean Paul Gaultier. I would love to hear how he comes up with his “naughty” designs. He’s certainly a lover of life and I would be very excited to hear his stories.

  99. Antoine de Caunes. I used to watch him on Eurotrash when I was a teen, funnily enough we were talking about how funny he was at work yesterday.

  100. I would love to travel with my late husband he passed away 10 years ago he introduced me to the world of cruises

  101. the late Edith Piaf, the little sparrow. What an amazing life she led and that voice oh wow! l am singing her songs now in my head, and not just ‘Non! je ne regrette rien!’

  102. Louis Pasteur if only I could go back in time : I’d like to thank him for his advances in science which saved the lives of so many people

  103. French Chef Michel Roux Jr – I’d love to know what it would pair well with, and maybe get some top cooking tips along the way!

  104. Giles Servat, the singer, songwriter and sailor, to discuss his inspiration for writing his many dearly-loved chansons.

  105. i would like to meet jean reno star of the 1993 film les visiteurs because that film made me laugh a lot

  106. Isabelle Huppert! We’ll talk about our favourite films, including hers! (It might need two bottles of wine).

  107. Gabriel Fauré, the brilliant 19th century composer. I want him to know that today, 130 years after he composed his initially-controversial Requiem, we all regard it as being one of the greatest Requiem Masses ever composed.

  108. If I could go back in time I would invite Jacques Cousteau to hear about all his beautiful adventures

  109. Sara Mortensen, who plays the Autistic title lead in Astrid, Murder in Paris. I have several Autistic people around me, who are all clever and difficult to understand at times, so it is fascinating to see Sara’s portrayal of Astrid, and heart-warming to see her character is valued for her brilliance. It cannot have been an easy acting job to have got her head around & I’d love to know how Sara tackled it. Fortunately, she is also fluent in English, as my French is not so good nowadays.

  110. I Would Have Chosen Gérard…
    However With The Recent Accusations About Him. I’ll Decline.
    Gaspard Ulliel He Would Be My Next Choice. His Good Looks & Charm Would Definitely Woo Me!
    I’ve Not Shared A Meal With Someone Of The Opposite Sex For A Long Time. He I’m Sure Would Be Perfect.

  111. Raymond Blanc!
    He just seems so much like my type of person, I could speak to him for endless hours about cooking, wine, nature etc!

  112. It would definitely be Eric Cantona because he played for Man United and is an absolute legend, also my son would be really impressed because he loves football.

  113. I would like to share a tasty bottle of Red with Eric Cantona. He is one of the most interesting and fondly remembered footballers of the EPL.

  114. Marcel Marceau-cut the chat and concentrate on the wine! Also he can’t come so all the more for me!

  115. I would share a bottle of red with Thierry Henry. An amazing footballer who could offer me an amazing insight into football; which i could then share with my husband and show him I know the off-side rule

  116. I’d like to share a bottle of Burgundy with Fred Sirieix. I’d let him choose the perfect food from the menu to go with it too!

  117. I would love share a bottle of red with the most Elegant French lady/actress i have ever seen, and i’ve been in awe of her acting talent. She has stared in many of my favourite films and she has many out spoken views on life.
    This lady is Juliette Binoche.

  118. I’d love to share a delicious bottle of Burgundy with the lovely Catherine Deneuve. What a fascinating life she must’ve led…

  119. No contest Gustave Eiffel he was a civil engineer he comes from Burgundy and built the Eiffel Tower he would make a very interesting drinking companion

  120. Raymond Blanc because he could suggest tasty meals for a Vegan (lactose intolerant – so don’t have a lot of choice when eating out)

  121. King Eric ( Cantona ) – I could get him to sign the photo I have of him scoring for Man United versus Man City and he could help with my fantasy football team 🙂

  122. Edith Piaf – to see if she had any idea how strong and iconic her music would become (and to ask her if she did have any regrets)

  123. I would love to share a bottle of wine with Jacques Cousteau. His underwater adventures inspired me from a young age and I went on to learn how to scuba dive and have, because of this, enjoyed many exotic water based holidays. I can remember seeing him on the TV when I was a child and not believing that someone could enter that wonderful underwater world. I don’t dive anymore but would like to thank him for inspiring me.

  124. I would go back in time and share a bottle with Victor Hugo and thank him for writing Les Miserables: I have to admit I’ve never read the book but I saw the stage adaptation three times and was lucky to be a supporting actor in the film, some of which was filmed at Chatham Dockyard. I was a peasant and sang ‘At the end of the Day’ and then chopped off fish heads in a market scene while Javert (Russell Crowe) rode past on a horse – one of the best films I’ve been an ‘extra’ in.

  125. Raymond Blanc would be my choice to share a glass of excellent wine with, he is such a nice person and an amazing chef.

  126. Jean-Paul Sartre. I didn’t understand his philosophy when I studied it at university, so maybe a bottle of wine would help 😂

  127. Thierry Henry he’s a legend we could talk about football while having a drink my 2 favourite subjects!

  128. If I could go back in time it would be Edith Piaf. What a fascinating evening that would be.

  129. For me, it would have to be Thierry Henry – just the absolute coolest guy, and someone whose brain I’d love to pick about the game!

  130. Marie Curie , a physicist and chemist who pioneered research into radioactivity and its use in medicine .

  131. It would have to be Claude Monet… he and his fellow Impressionists inspired me to study art at school, and eventually becoming a professional designer.

  132. Eric Cantona – I’d love to share time over a drink with this enigmatic giant of sport and entertainment and get to hear his philosophy first hand.

  133. I’d like to share a bottle of Burgundy with Jean-Christophe Novello, whilst enjoying a delicious classic French dish prepared by the master chef 😊

  134. I’d love to chat with Raymond Blanc and find out where he gets the inspiration for his amazing food. Would practice the French I’m learning in my evening classes!

  135. Brigitte Bardot
    Beautiful in looks and Beautiful in ways and Beautiful in her love for animals x
    I would love to talk to her about her careers

  136. I would like to share (several!) bottles of Burgundy with Fred Sirieix. He’s adventurous, funny, well travelled and would love to learn how to taste wine properly from him … (and then get unashamedly drunk ! :))

  137. Sara Mortensen, she is actually French Norwegian, but she is my favourite character as an autistic criminologist in the French television series Astrid: Murder in Paris. I would love to find out how different she is in real life from the character she portrays so well :0

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