Silver Travel Wine Club

April 2024: Spotlight on The Danube

This month’s Wine Club, in partnership with AmaWaterways, heads to the Danube.

Read on to find out more.

Brilliant architectural masterpieces and vine-strung hillsides on the Upper Danube River have inspired artistic creations for hundreds of years. Signature journeys through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary enable you to experience some of the most celebrated wines and sights in the heartland of Europe.

Austria’s Wachau Valley has gained worldwide recognition for its Grüner Veltliner white grape variety. Planted throughout Austria’s vineyards, those coveted vines bring yellow-green berries to fruition. These wines achieve many levels of quality and taste, ranging from acidic and zesty in their youth to complex and nutty as they age. One thing that these varieties have in common is their ability to complement meals.

Boasting peach and green apple aromas, the Rieslings of Austria are often dry and crisp. With a perfect climate, these wines develop to full ripeness and are world-renowned among white wines.

Join an unforgettable AmaWaterways Wine Cruise and delight in one of the world’s most perfect trifectas: travel, wine, and elegant cuisine.

Each of their Celebration of Wine River Cruises is hosted by an enthusiastic wine professional who leads you through tastings and interactive discussions, accompanies you on select shore excursions to vineyards and cellars, and helps curate a special food and wine pairing dinner on board.

Romantic Danube Wine Cruise

See for yourself

Those longing for the romance of Old World Europe will get to travel into the very heart of the continent, where empires were built, kings and queens were crowned and some of the world’s greatest music was composed and performed by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. Grand European cities like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest forever remain timeless. Admire the beauty of Salzburg or the Czech Republic’s charming mountain town, Český Krumlov. From grand abbeys and fortresses perched high above the Danube to plentiful iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, be romanced by the Danube with all her regal and romantic splendour.

Itinerary: Vilshofen to Budapest

  • Day 1: Vilshofen – Embarkation
  • Day 2: Vilshofen to Passau
  • Day 3: Linz
  • Day 4: Scenic cruising to Weissenkirchen
  • Day 5: Vienna
  • Day 6: Bratislava
  • Day 7: Budapest
  • Day 8: Budapest – Disembarkation

Sailing 18 November onboard AmaVerde

Fly-cruise fares:

  • Window stateroom from: £2,549pp
  • Balcony stateroom from: £3,526pp
  • Includes flights from London or Manchester
  • Includes up to £1,500 savings per couple.

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If you would like a quote or to book, call Silver Travel Advisor on 0800 412 5678.

Win a case of wine from the Danube region

Please note: this prize draw is now closed.

Comment below and tell us which excursion you would most like to experience on this wine cruise, and why?

A winner will be chosen in early May 2024.
The competition closes on 30 April 2024.

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161 Responses

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Vienna and having just read a book on famous composers, Grieg in particular, an excursion which includes a classical recital in Vienna would be fantastic.

    1. The cruise has a very appealing itinerary, so much of interest but my favourite would be Vienna.

  2. The Vilshofen to Budapest cruise seems ideal for me! I have visited the countries involved previously and have enjoyed the wines of those countries particularly when paired with their exquisite dishes. Their wines are not so easy to come by in the UK – certainly not in supermarkets and very rarely – surprisingly – from wine clubs. So, what would be better that follow the wine trail in comfortable, leisurely travel upstream!

  3. I would love to do the Passau Castle hike for the splendid views across the river and the town and sense of achievement.

  4. This would be so cultural, I would learn so much about music whilst enjoying some lovely wine and seeing beautiful sites.

  5. i would love any of these trips as i haven’t heard of many of them, so it would be a new adventure

  6. Would love to visit Bratislava, it looks so beautiful with the castle and distant mountains.

  7. I would love to visit Vienna again as last time I went there was a number of years ago and we only spent a couple of hours looking around, it would be great to go back and have a look at this magnificent city.

  8. Would love to visit all the places but Vienna would be top of the list because it looks so beautiful.

  9. I would like to see the Czech republic mountain town as I have seen the other cities visited on the cruise

  10. It would be wonderful to visit Vienna because of the culture and great public transport.

  11. I would love to visit Vienna to see the Schönbrunn Palace and sample the local food and of course wine! x

  12. Budapest would be a delight to visit. I would enjoy going up Castle hill via the funicular railway to see Budas old town.

  13. It would have to be a visit to Vienna, a place I have always wanted to visit.

  14. I have always wanted to visit Budapest. I think this would be a highly cultural experience, a wonderful way to enjoy the scenery with a glass of wine in hand.

  15. Vilshofen to Budapest – I really enjoy river cruising. You can see such a great variety of countryside, whilst the cruise ship is moving from one stop to another. While viewing the scenery, I will be able to drink some lovely wines. At stops I will enjoy sampling various good wines. I have passed through Vienna, on route to Budapest, but would like to see some more of Vienna. Budapest is a lovely place to visit – I still have plenty to see there.

  16. I would love to visit the likes of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest as they are beautiful places and I love classical music.

  17. I would love to visits vineyards and wine cellars and learn about lovely wines in the places where they are made, besides sailing through the beautiful countryside.

  18. The Czech Republic because of the splendour of it’s architecture – spa towns, UNESCO sites, fairytale castles, wonderful wines and beer! With hiking, biking, skiing and water sports what is not to love,

  19. Flight from Manchester, with the ability to take my small mobility scooter on board, to allow destination exploration.

  20. I’d like to go to Budapest, just because I love the film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’!

  21. I would love to visit the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library in Budapest. I’m a passionate reader and writer. What could be better than a tour of this amazing building followed by a lovely glass of Red in one of the cafe’s.

  22. Vilshofen to Budapest cruise
    I’ve always wanted to visit these locations!

  23. I would love to visit Budapest as all my friends tell me it is a beautiful city.

  24. Heading to Budapest ,on the Danube, sounds truly exotic. Third Man (likely spy) can stay in Vienna, while we board the cruise. Indulging and loving it.

  25. Vienna, for all the history, beauty and culture, but really to wander moodily through the streets like Ultravox in their eponymous 1981 single.

  26. Bratislava to meet up with some lovely people who were in a band on a Mediterranean cruise 14 years ago. We have kept in touch via Facebook and it would be perfect to see them I their home city.

  27. I’d love to take part in the Wachau Valley bike tour. A fabulous way to see the scenery and experience the vineyards in an eco-friendly style. Get close to the vines and grapes and see why they flourish in this environment.

  28. Visiting Vienna and hearing a concert there would be magical trip. A glass of wine with my newly knowledge would be great too.

  29. I would love to visit Vienna the home of so much European culture. I have in particular always wanted to visit the state Opera and also hear the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the world’s great orchestras. To wander around the streets where Mozart walked would be just magical.

    1. I would love to enjoy some local wine with the terraced vineyards as a mystery scenic backdrop.

  30. I’d love to visit Bratislava which looks fascinating. Have already been to Vienna and Budapest both of which were wonderful.

  31. I’d love to visit Vienna again. We went years ago but I can’t remember anything about it!

  32. Bratislava – I went about 20 years ago and loved the place, would love to go back and enjoy it all over again

  33. Vienna for me as we went years ago and I would love to revisit as a more discerning adult! x

  34. I would love any of these trips as all sound wonderful and would make such beautiful memories.

  35. I have always wanted to visit Budapest. The numerous spas and baths there I am sure would have a beneficial effect on my ancient creaking frame! Having said that the whole river journey and its various tours do sound rather splendid.

  36. Pest side of Budapest, to see the ‘shoes on Danube Bank’ memorial, to learn more about the history.

  37. Bratislava as we visited there about 10 years ago and I absolutely fell in love with the place

  38. We would love to visit Vienna again. We went when we were newly married and danced the Viennese Waltz at the Kursalon in Vienna. We will have been married 50 years next year so that would be a wonderful thing to recreate. (If we can still remember how to do it!!)

  39. I’ve never visited this part of the world. I’d enjoy any opportunity to learn and enjoy.

  40. Dürnstein forest hike sounds wonderful, but so does taking a bike ride along the Danube through the Wachau Valley. Something active to offset the luxury living on board the cruise!

  41. This cruise is visiting some of the most wonderful cultural places in Europe. It would be a dream to experience them on this wonderful holiday.

  42. It would have to be Vienna for the Spanish riding school alone, but the Sachertorte would have to be sampled of course … and maybe the strudel too 🙂

  43. I would love to visit all the locations of course and tick them off my bucket list especially Salzburg as it looks absolutely stunning and I’m pretty sure I would also love the wine and cuisine there!!

  44. Budapest for me. It looks such a beautiful, quite unique, place and so I feel that it would just be amazing to see it in real life.

  45. I would love the visit Vienna. It looks like an amazing place with so much history!

  46. So many places, but first I would love to visit Budapest, visit the Széchenyi Baths, Buda Castle and poignantly the shoes on the Danube.

  47. It’s has to be Vienna… the music, the art galleries, the stunning parks and the Sachertorte cake!

  48. I would love to go to Vienna.
    Not just for the culture (though this is a large part of the attraction), but also to try and run some of the same marathon route that Eliud Kipchoge used on his sub two hour marathon attempt.

  49. Would love to have a waltz in the home of the waltz Vienna,followed by a refeshing glass of Grüner veltliner.

  50. We love Budapest, so much to see and explore, and the wine ain’t have bad also !

  51. I would have to say Budapest as I’ve always wanted to visit, and would love to try some Hungarian wine!

  52. It’s on my bucket list to do a wine cruise and I have always wanted to travel and now Im retired I can and will

  53. I would enjoy any of the excursions, but should I have to choose one, I would love to visit Budapest.

  54. I’d be delighted to go on any of these excursions! Vienna would be top of the list though as I’d like to learn more about Mozart

  55. We would love an excursion which includes a classical music recital in Vienna. This would be most enjoyable and romantic.

  56. I would pick Vienna, because of the music history & that it looks like such a beautiful place

  57. I would love to do any of the trips however I would love to visit Bratislava, it looks so beautiful with the castle and distant mountains. The scenery reminds me so much of child hood holidays to cape town

  58. The itinery is great but my favourite is Vienna for the fabulous architecture, wonderful music festivals, concerts, and green rolling vineyards. Cheers!

  59. I would love to go on Vilshofen to Passau. Would love to explore the culture and do the sightseeing.

  60. There are some familiar places on the cruise, so I’d like to explore the cobbled old town of Bratislava, somewhere I’ve not yet been to.

  61. “Imperial Vienna” tour as it includes St Stephen’s cathedral where Beethoven realised he had become completely deaf when he couldn’t hear the bells

  62. I’d be most excited to visit Bratislava as I only know Prague and would be fascinated to see a different side to the Czech character

  63. Linz – home of the original Linzer Torte, and no doubt many more delicious sweet offerings!

  64. I’d love to see Budapest – I’ve never been but I’ve heard amazing things.


  65. I would love to go on the full day excursion to Salzburg as I’d love to see the setting for the Sound of Music.

  66. Bratislavia! Would love to visit the Museum of Viticulture. The icing on the cake would be an ‘in-the-dark’ wine tasting experience in a spooky, historical wine cellar.

  67. I would love to return to Bratislava. I first went in the late 1980s when pollution was a real problem, returning in 2010 to find a clean and beautiful city. I’m hoping the castle has reopened and it would be wonderful to visit the restaurant in the rock and enjoy another glass of local wine.

  68. Salzburg has been on my list of places to visit for many years as I have heard it is amazing

  69. Budapest – I have heard it is an extremely beautiful city and have received recommendations to visit from people who have been lucky enough to go

  70. This looks like a super trip. Thr excursion to Vienna sounds like a real treat

  71. Definitely Vienna so I can stand there and sing the Ultravox song ( showing my age!)

  72. What a grand adventure, cruising along the waterways of romantic old Europe, from the city of 3 rivers to the pinnacles of Hungary and most desirable, visiting a local winery in Weißenkirchen in der Wachau, all in the company of an expert wine navigator.

  73. Jg Visiting the local winery in Weißenkirchen in der Wachau is my must do!

  74. Bratislava, just the name sounds thrilling. I have heard a lot about Hrad Castle and it all sounds very exotic to me, I would love to see it for myself.

  75. Budapest as George esra sings about it!
    It’s also supposed to be a beautiful place and definitely on my bucket list!

  76. Such a beautiful area with lots of interesting buildings. Vienna looks beautiful. I would love to visit there

  77. I would love to experience the hike to Passau Castle for the rewarding view at the end and to learn about its history.

  78. I would like to visit Vienna as it looks a beautiful city, and agree with Sarah Hamilton by singing along to the Ultravox classic. R.I.P. Chris Cross.

  79. mine would be the vienna bike tour because it would enable me to see more than on foot

  80. Vienna is definitely on my bucket list so I have to say there. It looks so beautiful!

  81. I have visited Budapest it is a beautiful city and full of history, the spa baths are great to. I haven`t yet been to Vienna but I do intend to go there one day.

  82. I couldn’t even choose they all look so lovely but I would love to visit Vienna one day and Budapest is on my to visit list too.

  83. Having spent a few hours in Vienna, just enough to whet the appetite, I would love to go back and see some more of this delightful city.

  84. Got to be the castle hike for me, looks absolutely stunning and love walking in new countries

  85. Weissenkirchen looks beautiful so scenic cruising through the UNESCO Wachau Valley followed by an evening of wine tasting is my idea of heaven!

  86. Bratislava, I have visited Vienna and loved it but I have not visited Slovakia and would love to visit the Primate’s Palace in Bratislava, silly I know but I just love the idea of a ‘monkey’ palace.

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