Take the Apache Trail in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona is one of the fastest-growing areas in the States, and following an early winter visit, I can see why so many want to make a life there. …

A Glorious New Dawn – Silver Dawn

There’s always a sense of excitement whenever a new ship launches and Silver Dawn, Silversea’s tenth ship and the third ship in the Muse class series, is worth getting excited about….

Going Green in the French Alps

Cathy Bartrop discovers a city/ski/spa combo within 30 minutes of Grenoble, the EU’s Green Capital of the year for 2022….

The Fortingall Yew – if only trees could talk

I had travelled a long way to see the tree, an ancient yew in a remote Scottish churchyard. Some say it is the oldest living item on the planet. Yet when I saw it, my mind was only thinking breakfast….

Drag Queens and Drummers

Finally, I have a travel experience to share with you. Oh, frabjous day!!!! My destination was Tenerife. As the reason was the Annual General Meeting of the British Guild of Travel Writers, I had a load of fellow-scribes as companions. There were over 80 of us, and it was an enjoyable and educational experience….

Spotlight on Buenos Aires

What to see, eat and do in Buenos Aires. Known as the Paris of South America, this city is sensational! …