Secrets of the Seychelles

Tortoises, treasure and tropical paradise islands are all part of small ship sailing with Variety Cruises….

Sightseeing in Dakar

Whilst sailing with “Variety Cruises” on their “Rivers of West Africa” cruise, we had a brief city tour of Senegal’s capital, Dakar, before heading out for lunch on “Gorée Island”. Prior to this visit, the only thing I knew about Dakar is that it hosted the finishing stages of the Paris to Dakar Rally. Google […]…


Whilst sailing with “Variety Cruises” on their “Rivers of West Africa” cruise, we took an optional excursion to the port town of Janjanbureh on the island of the same name. The town was previously known as Georgetown and the island MacCarthy Island (after the anti-slavery campaigner, Sir Charles MacCarthy). I thought we were early leaving our Motor […]…

Sightseeing in Banjul

Whilst sailing with “Variety Cruises” on their “Rivers of West Africa” cruise, we had a free afternoon in The Gambia’s capital, Banjul, which is located on an island. Although the taxi fare from our mooring into the city centre was only 100 Dalasi (£1.50), we walked as we’d read it was a compact city with […]…

Unexplored Greece with Variety Cruises

An authentic sailing through the Aegean with Variety Cruises. As well as exploring well-known hotspots such as Santorini and Mykonos, the Greek-owned line goes out of its way – in every sense at times – to showcase the side of Greece that most visitors never get to see….

Rivers of West Africa with Variety Cruises – Part 3

During the first few days of our Rivers of Africa trip with Variety Cruises, we were joined onboard the Harmony V by a number of guests, with links to Variety Cares™. As the name implies, this is a foundation established by Variety Cruises to support the communities that share their landscapes, culture and heritage with passengers….

Rivers of West Africa with Variety Cruises – Part 2

Whilst on Variety Cruises seven-night cruise, Rivers of West Africa, we participated in all the daily optional excursions. Many involved boarding a pirogue either to go from our Mega Yacht, the Harmony V, to land, if moored up in the River Gambia, or as part of the excursion….

Rivers of West Africa with Variety Cruises – Part 1

A beach holiday to The Gambia over 25 years ago, still evokes vivid memories: hospitable people, rusting taxis, fish-head curry, playing golf on ‘browns’ and Imodium. However, knowing The Gambia had more to offer, Rivers of West Africa with Variety Cruises seemed an ideal way to explore what is essentially a narrow strip of land on both sides of the River Gambia….

Around the Peloponnese with Variety Cruises

I have come to the conclusion that early November is the perfect time to visit Greece. The temperature is a pleasant twenty degrees as opposed to the sweltering heat of July and August and there are none of the swarming hordes of tourists….

Variety Cruises – Glories of Spain & Portugal: Part 3

Variety delivered another great cruise where we were treated to impeccable service by the captain, hotel manager, cruise director and the rest of the crew. This was combined with the interesting and enjoyable company of our fellow passengers, in an intimate environment….