Win a cultural and creative holiday in rural Andalucia

November 2021 Prize Draw

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Granada ConciergePainting, Flamenco, cookery or writing – what better way to improve your skills, or learn new ones, than on holiday in the charming village of Moclín, whilst being looked after by our friends at Granada Concierge.

This month, you could win a superb 2022 holiday in Spain on one of these immersive cultural courses. Expert tutors will help you develop, maybe even start, a new creative pastime. The choice of course is yours. On a short break, you’ll benefit from small group tuition, just 6 people on each course, full board accommodation and the wonder of staying in an authentic Andalucian village with outstanding views, hosted by people who are keen to share its joys with you.

Granada ConciergeThe peaceful atmosphere and rural situation will inspire you to develop creatively. There’ll be the opportunity to learn more about the local culture too and to sample the traditional cuisine. 

If you’d like to bring a companion with you, either attending the course too, or as a non-participant, this can be easily arranged for a fee. And if you’re visiting solo, rest assured you’ll have an ensuite twin room all to yourself.

Read more about Granada Concierge.

Granada Concierge
Granada Concierge


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90 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 87 Comment(s)

  • Jacks10
    10 minutes ago
    Stunning part of Spain often overlooked in the race to the beaches. Would love to experience the area and it's history!
  • Allie
    1 day ago
    Learning flamenco in Andalucia sounds perfect. Seems a long, long time since I was last in Spain.....
  • Laume
    2 days ago
    This sounds wonderful, I hope to live in Spain and this would give me the opportunity to explore a bit more.
  • Karla
    2 days ago
    I have always wanted to go to this part of Spain; winning this great prize would really enrich my life and would make me very happy .. fingers crossed!
  • Jason
    3 days ago
    Great Prize - I would love to win It is ages since I have been away on holiday. Some warm spanish sun to provide some heat for these bones chilled by the English winter would be just the thing.
  • Lynden
    3 days ago
    Great opportunity to learn a new skill and enjoy a beautiful area of Spain.
  • reenwelch
    3 days ago
    A very interesting and attractive prize!
  • Fivestar
    3 days ago
    Absolutely love Andalusia; lived in Andalusia for 12 years and should never have left. Would love to revisit after all these years.
  • Suzie912
    3 days ago
    What a fantastic prize. Hope I win as I would love to visit Andalucia.Good Luck everyone.X
  • Ken-Baines
    3 days ago
    Visited Andalucia in the pre-Euro days - would love to re-visit!
  • GH53
    4 days ago
    A good prize to win by the sound of things and being single it certainly appeals to me.
  • anirisa
    4 days ago
    A fabulous prize! An extraordinary chance to visit fairytale places, to meet wonderful people!
  • CaroleAngela
    5 days ago
    Wonderful opportunity to combine travel abroad with learning
  • Johnny99
    5 days ago
    I would love to take my wife on this lovely trip which just sounds so different with all the options available. I`ve never even thought about painting before but I`d love to give it a go.
  • LindaF
    5 days ago
    What a wonderful prize, made a lot more attractive with the mention of single travellers
  • Patricia48
    5 days ago
    I love to paint, only took it up in retirement, I love Andalusia and am attempting to learn the basics of the Spanish language. What a wonderful opportunity this holiday would be.
  • Ruth
    5 days ago
    A wonderful chance for a peaceful and enjoyable experience giving a lifetime of memories to treasure.
  • Lordship
    5 days ago
    Lovely competition
  • Greebbottle
    5 days ago
    Love a trip to Spain, chance to try out my language skills.
  • Niela
    5 days ago
    I can hear the swish of a paintbrush already!
  • ArtLover
    5 days ago
    Granada Concierge looks such a peaceful place. I would love to go on a watercolour painting holiday there.
  • scrumpy
    5 days ago
    I could really do with a lovely holiday!
  • fozzies123
    5 days ago
    How refreshing,not a tribute band,nor a venue full of people worse for wear,no hens or stags,just a lovely break in a real Spanish location,Silvertraveladvisor comes up trumps yet again,
  • Jena999
    5 days ago
    What a wonderful idea for a holiday! A week of 'me' time!
    I like to "think' I can write. What better way to devote time to find and develop skills in wonderful surroundings.
  • traceyjgrey
    5 days ago
    was supposed to go on a holiday to the Canary Islands with my sister who I havent seen in over 25 years, but because of the Pandemic, this was cancelled. It would be marvellous to have the opportunity to win this prize and reunite with my long lost sister.