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French Waterways is the authority on cruising France’s inland waterways. We are specialists in luxury hotel barge cruises and unique inland cruising experiences. And work with expert partners to also offer river cruising and hire boating holidays.

Having explored more than 10,000km of France’s canals and rivers since 2003, our knowledge of each region’s waterways – their special characteristics, landscapes, wines and cuisine – and our first hand experience of the hotel barge – their facilities, services, personality and ambience – is unique and unrivalled. Always impartial, we guide you knowledgeably through this very special travel experience.

Why Travel with French Waterways?

However you wish to explore France afloat, we offer the benefit of close and long-established partnerships with the very best owner operators, fleets, and specialist cruise agents. 

We’ll guide you through cruises, routes, and itineraries, wines and gastronomy, popular cruises and those offering something a little different.

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Speak to a French Waterways advisor for advice on where to go, what to do and how to choose your perfect holiday.

Destinations & Tours

Key Destinations

Wherever waterways are navigable, we can probably send you there! The mightier rivers are suitable for river cruise ships and hotel barges only, hire boats are mostly canal based. Our fifty or so hotel barges cover the waterways of France, and some of the most beautiful, hidden places too.

Alsace, Northern Burgundy (Nivernais & Loire), Southern Burgundy (Canal de Bourgogne & Saône), Rhône, Provence, Camargue, Aquitaine, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Canal du Midi.

Classic Tours

Elegant and sublimely comfortable week-long holidays. Barges inclusive of captain, crew, professional chef & attentive English-speaking staff. Tranquil cruising, private excursions, premium wines & gastronomy.

Charter barges

All cabins booked together as a private cruise for groups of family or friends to enjoy the most memorable ‘holiday of a lifetime’ experience together.

By cabin barges

Sociable yet exclusive cruising – book a cabin and enjoy discovering France close-up with like-minded fellow passengers.

Tailored itineraries

Available on charter cruises aboard some of our 5★ & 6★ barges. Your itinerary wishes are married with the host’s local knowledge for superlative experiences.

Themed cruises

Wine, gastronomy, golf, bike & barge, walk & barge, and many more. Some barges dedicate set weeks of the year to specific themes and itineraries.

Special Offers

We regularly receive special offers and discounts from our travel partners.

For the latest offers and a bespoke quotation, please speak to a French Waterways advisor on 07590 287178.

Ask an advisor

Speak to a French Waterways advisor for advice on where to go, what to do and how to choose your perfect holiday.

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