Bhutan: 800 Million Trees, Progress and Tradition

As leaders struggle to control climate change, Solange Hando looks up to Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness and the world’s only carbon negative country. GNH was the dream of Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the 4th King (just 17 at the time), a goal firmly enshrined in the Constitution when he set up democracy in […]…

Bhutan arts and crafts

High in the Himalayas, Solange Hando discovers the soul of Bhutan in traditional arts and crafts….

Exploring Myanmar (Burma) with Wendy Wu Tours

Myanmar (Burma, as we used to call it) is a tricky one – off limits to tourists for so long, it is still finding its feet as far as tourism goes and politically, controversy never seems very far away. That said, travel is all about opening your mind, isn’t it? It’s impossible to understand the full story unless you go and experience it for yourself….