Celebrate in style with Tropical Sky

This is the time of life when many Silver Travellers put the dog in kennels, cancel the newspapers, and head off on that long haul trip they never had time for when they were working. And whether you fancy South America or South Africa, the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean, Silver Travel Advisor partner Tropical Sky and its sister companies can help you create your dream getaway….

Antigua for Tropical Sky

I love travelling and have an insatiable appetite for new places and adventures. But there’s one place in the world that keeps drawing me back year after year….

Planning for our Silver wedding with Tropical Sky in Tobago

My engagement ring had made its way to a paradise island safely secured inside my soon-to-be fiancé’s Speedos. The rest of our boat party were busy snorkeling so the only witnesses to his romantic proposal were a sea turtle that regally waved its flipper before diving back into the reef, and an osprey that eyed us warily from a tall treetop….

Jennie Bond visits Sanbona Wildlife Reserve with Tropical Sky

Lying by the pool, after an early morning game drive, I was distracted by a flock of mouse birds, long tails silhouetted against the blue sky, swooping into a nearby tree and disturbing a small troop of baboons. It struck me as a particularly exotic moment, during a two day adventure on safari in South Africa. Read more….