Why Is Saga Popular Among the Over 50s?

Saga has a unique offering of cruises plus all-inclusive packages and group holidays that are geared towards people over 50, making them a popular choice among an older demographic….

Ethiopia with Saga Holidays

Saga’s ‘Antique Land’ led us on an amazing cultural trail but as we travelled across the Ethiopian Highlands, natural wonders added their own magical touch….

The Seychelles with Saga Holidays

If there’s one thing I really appreciate, it’s value for money. So when we discovered that the buses in the Seychelles operate a flat rate fare of five rupees (about 30 pence) for any journey, we decided to go exploring….

Cyprus in September with Saga Holidays

Saga Holidays offer a range of different accommodation across the south of the island ranging from all inclusive beach resorts, boutique hotels and interesting cultural tours….

The Saga Experience

Saga have a long history of arranging holidays for the more mature traveller and the holidaymakers I spoke to on a recent trip to Cyprus, were all repeat guests many times over, and very satisfied with the Saga service….