Hawaii with Princess Cruises – Part 2

Princess Cruises ships sail to the Hawaiian Islands to give you a ‘taster’ of this volcanic, archipelago set in the Pacific Ocean. I say ‘taster’ because that is what it is, a day on four islands just to give you a brief look at ‘paradise’….

Hawaii with Princess Cruises – Part 1

My ‘bucket list’ was overflowing as we set foot on the Star Princess in Los Angeles for our trip to the Hawaiian Islands. I have wanted to visit the islands since I was a young woman when Elvis Presley sang in the film Blue Hawaii. Drinking Mai Tai and enjoying a Pina Colada on the Pacific Islands, was a dream come true….

Crown Princess

Year after year holidaymakers fly thousands of miles to discover faraway scenery and history without realising what stunning scenery and history there is within our own borders. England, Ireland and Scotland all have so much to offer as I discovered on a recent cruise aboard Crown Princess….

Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion

How can something so small be so powerful? The Medallion itself is not much bigger than a 10p coin, but it’s a little disc that packs a big punch; think of it as a high-tech way to provide the smoothest of customer service, and to make your cruise an even more relaxing and enjoyable experience. So how does it work? Find out….