Bhutan: 800 Million Trees, Progress and Tradition

As leaders struggle to control climate change, Solange Hando looks up to Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness and the world’s only carbon negative country. GNH was the dream of Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the 4th King (just 17 at the time), a goal firmly enshrined in the Constitution when he set up democracy in […]…

Bhutan arts and crafts

High in the Himalayas, Solange Hando discovers the soul of Bhutan in traditional arts and crafts….

A Russian river cruise with Jules Verne

A river cruise between Moscow and St Petersburg seemed a perfect way of seeing two of the world’s most historic cities as well as enjoying a relaxing holiday navigating the waterways of the Tsars….

Grand Tour of Morocco with Jules Verne

Beyond the familiar imperial cities, this Grand Tour highlights the diversity of the land from windswept ocean and mountains to green valleys and palm oases meandering across the desert. At the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Med., the ‘gateway to Africa’ opens a whole new world….

Dolphins and dancing on a Jules Verne river cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam

The Mekong rises in the Tibetan Plateau, cutting across six countries, and Jules Verne’s Original Mekong Cruise travels from Kampong Cham in Cambodia to My Tho in Vietnam, following the old river trading route. It was lovely to meet and get to know the couples and other lone adventurers who’d selected the same one-week itinerary….

Splendours of Southern India with Jules Verne

This fascinating tour takes you right across southern India from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea, exploring the cultural highlights of Tamil Nadu and the natural wonders of Kerala….

Uzbekistan: On the Golden Road to Samarkand with Jules Verne – Part 2

Arts and crafts have long flourished in Uzbekistan, reflecting the diverse culture of ethnic groups and ever-changing layers of history. Today, spurred by independence and growing tourism, traditional skills are proudly handed down from one generation to the next. From the old trading domes and Aladdin’s caves to glittering stores, the stunning displays simply take your breath away….

Uzbekistan: On the Golden Road to Samarkand with Jules Verne – Part 1

Cradle of culture for over 2000 years, Uzbekistan follows a legendary Silk Road lined with UNESCO cities. Natural disasters and troubled history have caused substantial destruction, but palaces, fortresses, madrassas and mosques still dazzle visitors, beautifully restored with a fair degree of artistic licence….

Grand Tour of Namibia with Jules Verne

I travelled with Jules Verne on the Grand Tour of Namibia. Namibia is clean, safe and has excellent guides but if you want to see it all, expect long drives, often on gravel roads. Our accommodation was superb, full of character in stunning locations. Namibia is a great destination to discover the natural world, away from it all….