Secrets of the Douro

I could envisage my husband relaxing on deck, occasionally glancing up from his book to enjoy passing scenery: me joining onboard EmeraldPLUS activities – from early morning yoga to cookery demos and cocktail mixing – and onshore adventures in new and different places….

A literary cruise on the mighty Danube with Emerald Waterways

I started my river cruising adventure in beautiful Budapest, bound for a history lesson through the Balkans, from Hungary into Croatia, then onwards through Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. And as Literary Editor of the Silver Travel Book Club, proudly sponsored by host Emerald Waterways, I would be reading books set firmly in destinations along this fascinating route….

Emerald Waterways – Sensations Lyon and Provence – Part 2

We were getting used to life onboard – peaceful early mornings, gently gliding along the water, with the promise of an interesting town ahead. What consistently struck me was the wealth of history in each of our stops: it drips from the chimney stacks, rooftops and gable ends, soaking the stones and bricks below….