AmaMagna from AmaWaterways – Double the Luxury on the Danube

What do more than 210,000 British travellers do that has been growing by 20% a year in recent times? Take a cruise down Europe’s rivers and waterways. In response, AmaWaterways has risen to the challenge of creating ever-more gorgeous ships from which to enjoy Europe’s most scenic rivers and cities. And 2019 has seen the arrival of a new ship on the Danube that resets all the luxury dials: AmaMagna….

Healthy river cruising with AmaWaterways

I travelled with AmaWaterways, a company that has recognised the importance of blending an active component to what has historically been a sedate experience. They are rolling out a wellness programme to most of their 19-strong fleet. I was sailing on one of them, the AmaSonata, a contemporary-styled ship, with around 160 fellow sailors and a crew who could have been handpicked for their lively personalities and their eagerness to serve….