Travel insurance for seniors and mature travellers

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Travel insurance for seniorsOne of the frequent questions we are asked here at Silver Travel Advisor is about travel insurance. It’s an essential requirement for travelling abroad, and there’s no doubt that as we start to age and may develop medical conditions, this pushes up the price of insurance, sometimes to a level where it becomes very expensive, and can become a deterrent to travel.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has caused a few bumpy moments for the travel insurance industry.  However, several companies have already added insurance for this illness and repatriation as a result should this be necessary. We advise you to carefully check with your current insurer on their position for any existing policies. If you are buying a new policy or renewing a previous one, it is important to know what your insurer’s cover is for Covid-19. We suggest that you consult Which? for travel insurance information and in particular the latest policies which offer Covid-19 cover.

We don’t sell travel insurance at Silver Travel but we would like to help you to find the policy which best suits your own individual requirements. Many of our members have recommended their preferred travel insurance companies based on their own experiences. Here are some suggestions which we hope that you find useful.

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Travel insurance for seniors
Travel insurance for seniors
Travel insurance for seniors

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Other Members' Thoughts - 5 Comment(s)

  • dibdab
    over 1 year ago
    So hindsight is marvellous, buy the best insurance you can get. Last year on holiday in South Africa I injured my back and ended up in hospital in Cape Town for almost 3 weeks before medical evacuation (1st class air travel with nurse escort). I paid over £20,000 directly to the hospital but was able to reclaim almost all of it back home. I dread to think what happens if you have no savings to pay on the spot, it was incredibly stressful having the finance people arrive at your bedside every few days demanding several thousand for your on going care. That cost was purely for bed rest and pain relief , 2 scans and a daily doctors visit. Thank the Lord for our amazing NHS.
  • Elainedk
    over 1 year ago
    We have just received our annual renewal travel insurance and are shocked to find it has increased from £170 to £304. We have never claimed and have no illnesses. We have been with Aviva for a few years and have always mentioned high blood pressure under control with medication.
    When I rang Aviva to ask about the increase the explanation was that they have had lots of claims in the last two months with floods and cancelled holidays.
    I am now looking for another travel insurance company as the explanation given is rubbish
  • Julez
    over 2 years ago
    My Mum and partner have just been on a 3 week cruise. My Mum who is only 70 had a heart attack a few years ago and was upset at having to pay approx £800 travel insurance but did so anyway.
    How glad she was. Her heart was perfect but she picked up something on the plane to Barbados she ended up with pneumonia, cracked a rib coughing this causef a bleed into her muscle. She went to hospital in Tenerife, la Havre and Southampton. Spent days in the ship's sick bay and had the Dr. to her cabin several times.
    Always make sure you have travel insurance.
  • dibdab
    about 3 years ago
    I took out an annual travel policy as I have rheumatoid arthritis and a chest condition. I ended up paying an extra £450 when I developed a chest infection prior to the holiday and had antibiotics and steroids from the GP prior to travelling...…...buyer beware, when you're honest and declare short common infections you get charged exorbitant extras. Needless to say I won't use this company again.
  • Ceejay
    over 3 years ago
    I get so annoyed when I hear of people that don't take insurance as they think it won't be needed. I had a fall in Tunisia around 18 months ago resulting in the need for a hip operation and extended stay in my holiday hotel after the operation. Without good insurance this would have costed me over £10,000. I also cringe when I am away and people tell me they are going quad biking, or on banana boat rides and most travel insurance policies do not cover these activities.