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July, 2015

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We have bought the air tickets from Lufthansa (route: Moscow – Frankfurt – Bilbao (flights No.LH1145 and LH1144 correspondingly). Taking into consideration that we have my disabled older daughter and my father-in-law and mother-in-law of 83 and 80 yrs old correspondingly, I put an order for three (3) assistants in Frankfurt (Comment: I’ve tried to order minicar – it was the wishes circle – the airport directed me to Lufthansa and vice versa). Also in order to be on the safe side additionally during the flight Moscow – Frankfurt we advised flight attendants to remind their ground staff about our order to have assistance. Although the scheduled time between 1st (Moscow – Frankfurt) and 2nd (Frankfurt – Bilbao) flights is 50 min, before we have had successful and in time transportation experience with the same time limit in Paris/Amsterdam/Munich, for instance we have the team who handled our delivery in Paris airport between terminals by van, and as you may be aware Charles de Gaulle airport is not small place at all.

Our flight LH1445 left Moscow as scheduled and arrived without any delays in Frankfurt. But the plane was landed to different position vs. Lufthansa’s info at website when I had bought the tickets. Moreover we were not informed by Lufthansa about it upon our landing. Nobody at Lufthansa cares about that in such a case they should spur up the process in order we will be in time to arrive at the boarding counter until after the boarding deadline. And although it was meeting group of ground staff with ‘BILBAO’ sign at the entrance of the plane – they advised us that we should go by standard bus.

Only two (2) assistants instead of three (3) ones met us after we have had to spend additional and unwanted time to get into the terminal due to Lufthansa inappropriate info. The a/m assistants spent residues of our limited time again inappropriate way – they talked over the phone more than necessary …to know the route, as a result of this firstly we have had to go thru security and only after this – thru passport control. And it’s real contradiction to standard practice – firstly passport control and then security one. Let alone about rude and impolite way how security procedure was made in Frankfurt airport/Germany, the main point was that as a result of assistants error we lost additional 10 – 15 min. But although the assistants saw the situation – they didn’t make any efforts to help us to go to the gate asap. Also the manager of the gate No.38 didn’t want to persuade the flight crew to wait additional 10-15 min. It’s a shame. As a result of this we have had to wait the next flight of Lufthansa more than 5 hours.

And our replacement Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Bilbao was delayed without any visible explanation on ~ 15 – 20 min. As a result of this we missed the last bus from Bilbao to our hotel and I have had to pay for two (2) taxies additionally.
I’ve put the claim to Lufthansa with the full description of all the above ~ one (1) month ago. And asked them to reply:
1/Why nobody at Lufthansa didn’t care about us whereas the plane was landed in different place vs. we found at the booking at Lufthansa website?
2/Why we started to go thru security whereas the standard practice to go thru passport control firstly ?
3/Why vs. usual practice we have had to go thru security control twice for the same flight ?
4/Why Lufthansa assistants didn’t know the route how to get to the gate of our 2nd flight (Frankfurt – Bilbao)?
5/Why Lufthansa assistants were so impolite and didn’t make any efforts in order to spur up the process for us to be in time at boarding gate ?
6/ Why Lufthansa replacement flight in which we have had to fly to Bilbao after 5 hours waiting in Frankfurt airport could be delayed on ~ 15 – 20 min and our flight LH1144 (from Frankfurt to Bilbao) couldn’t be delayed on even less time which was lost fully due to Lufthansa improper and unpleasant assistance service ?
And you can imagine my annoyance and resentment that instead of answering on my questions the above – I got just formal apologize emails from Lufthansa Customer Relation that their ‘…great concerns is to be a reliable partner for our passengers…’ etc. It’s a shame to write such dole letters when we have had to suffer more 5 hours in Frankfurt airport with elderly people, my disabled older daughter yrs with severe spine diagnosis and my younger daughter of 3 yrs due to full lack of responsibility and any care of Lufthansa.

Last but not a least having put of all the above I would like to share my family bad experience to protect from ‘care’ and ‘great concern’ of such company as Lufthansa.

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