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Review: Thai Smile Airways



I wasn't smiling when I saw the snack!

  • By SilverTraveller HMJ

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  • January 2019
  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Rai
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Check in for our Thai Smile Airways flight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, was queue less and security was similar.

Disappointingly, there were few facilities in terms of shops or restaurants at the domestic terminal area and so, after a walkabout, we went straight to the gate.
At 3.30pm, our original boarding time, we were told that due to the late incoming of the flight, we would be boarding 15 minutes late.

As we were in row 46 J&K, we assumed we’d be sat at the back of the plane, but bizarrely, the first row was 35 and so we were in the middle of the plane.

Good fortune prevailed, and although it was a relatively full flight, we had the three seats between us.

When we’d flown Thai Airways out to Bangkok, we’d remarked on the elegant, vibrantly-coloured silk outfits worn by the cabin crew. Although Thai Smile is a subsidiary of Thai Airlines, they are not so fortunate with their outfits. The female crew members were dressed all in tangerine with some of them wearing old fashioned jump suits or worse still hot pants, which with American tan tights was not a good look. They made Easy Jet look trendy.

Still the service was efficient and although the flight time was only 1 hour and 20 minutes, they managed to serve complimentary snacks and drinks. The snack arrived in a rather smart carrier with even fancier cardboard container for the black croissant filled with what was described as a fish patty – it would have been hard to discern the filling if we’d not been told. There was no vegetarian option but there was a bottle of water in our bag and hot tea or coffee and soft drinks were brought round.

We landed 10 minutes late.

374 people found this review helpful

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