Win tickets to see The Drifters Girl in the West End

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You could win one of three pairs of tickets to see this show, which features an unbelievable soundtrack packed full of show-stopping Drifters hits, including Save The Last Dance For Me, Under The Boardwalk, Kissin’ In The Back Row Of The Movies, Stand By Me, Come On Over To My Place and Saturday Night At The MoviesThe Drifters Girl has audiences on their feet night after night!

Discover the remarkable story of The Drifters, one of the world’s greatest vocal groups, and the truth about the woman who made them. Faye Treadwell, the legendary manager of The Drifters, fought for three decades alongside her husband to turn Atlantic Records’ hottest vocal group into a global phenomenon.

From the highs of hit records and sell out tours to the lows of legal battles and personal tragedy, The Drifters Girl charts the trailblazing efforts of the world’s first African American, female music manager and how she refused to ever give up on the group she loved. Thirty years, and hundreds of hit songs later, there is no doubt that Faye Treadwell was and always will be, The Drifters Girl.

The Drifters Girl is now playing at the Garrick Theatre in London. For more information and to book your tickets – from £20 – visit

Plus, over 60s can enjoy best available seats for just £37.50 at selected performances! Full details can be found here.

How to win 1 of 3 pairs of tickets

Comment below and tell us which is your favourite Drifters’ song and why it is so memorable for you.

There are 3 pairs of tickets available to win!

Prize draw closes on 31 August 2022.
Winners will be advised on 2 September 2022.

Three winners will each receive a pair of Band A tickets to see The Drifters Girl at the Garrick Theatre in London. Valid for all performances excluding Saturdays until 14 October 2022, subject to availability. No cash alternative. Travel and accommodation not included.

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91 Responses

  1. Save the Last Dance is my favourite Drifters song. It’s truly timeless and it brings back unrequited love memories, of seeing your crush totally ignore you at the school disco as he finds a new interest in someone else. My heart would feel as if it’s breaking apart.

  2. I just love the drifters and when I was 16 and went to work in Denmark I took my treasured drifters LP with me and nearly wore it out I am 62 now and love their songs they really pick you up and I sing and dance along as I do my housework great songs to make me happy.

  3. Save the last dance. I’m not one for dancing but my husband would dance the night away at weddings and parties, but he always saved the last dance for me.

  4. Back row of pictures it my favourite song always reminds me of my first boyfriend and going to pictures which was a big treat brings back such happy memories.

  5. Under the boardwalk is my favourite drifters song because I trained at HMS Mercury, a long closed down naval base in Hampshire. The area that we had to patrol at night, just behind the wardroom, was known as the Broadwalk, it is now a sustainability centre with a natural burial ground where I hope to end up when I finally die. So I expect to Sir day eternity “under the Broadwalk”.

    1. I forgot to brings back memories of when my now grown up daughter,was a baby,and she was always smiling,the first time she smiled was just an incredible moment,one never forgets.

  6. come on over to my place -evokes so many memories after attending youth group everyone would ‘come on over to my place’ and my mum bless her would open a can of catering baked beans and cook masses of toast to feed everyone -even today so very many years later my cronies still talk about those Sunday nights -special memories for us all

  7. Save the last dance is my favourite – but up on the roof and under the boardwalk are just as lovely to listen too

  8. My favourite Drifters song is ‘Under the boardwalk’ its sooo catchy and used to be on repeat when I was growing up by my grandad so, it brings back good memories of my childhood.

  9. Under the boardwalk is my favourite as the lyrics paint such a picture that when I was growing up and never thought I’d travel to America this song fired my imagination. I have since stood on a boardwalk and I sang this song to myself. I didn’t inflect my rendition on my fellow travels but it made me smile. Such lovely memories.

  10. Under The Boardwalk. Nostalgically redolent of warm summer nights on holiday during my teenage years and the joy and excitement of first love.

  11. Under the boardwalk is my favourite Drifters song. Reminds me of Trinidad where my parents took me to live as a child.

  12. The Back Row of the Movies. That was our first date and we are still together more than 50 years on.

  13. All the music from this show takes me back to my favourite era, so would be an amazing show to watch.

  14. Saturday Night at the movies loved going to the pictures on a Saturday night when on a date and the words are so true Who cares what picture we see aww it brings back some lovely memories i just loved their music.

  15. kissin in the back row of the movies………………………… I always wanted to go to the pictures after I heard this song with a boyfriend to sit in the backrow. The only boyfriend to take me to the pictures didn’t want to sit on the back row, he’d paid to see the film. He is now my ex husband, I should have known he wasn’t Mr Right

  16. Love Under The Boardwalk just such a lovely song with great lyrics it is special because it was one of the first songs I heard once I started listening to music.

  17. In my teens I used to go ballroom dancing with a few friends and we all met up with a group of boys. The last waltz was always the special dance of the night because we generally became special friends with our partners for that dance. ‘Save the last dance for me’ therefore was one of our favourite tunes of the evening when we attempted to make eye contact with the boy we wanted to share the last waltz with.

  18. Under The Boardwalk. Takes me back my teenage youth club days. With the local band playing the latest hits, Coca Cola and Fanta the only drinks available. No mobile phones, just music, dancing and singing.

  19. Under the Boardwalk – saw them in Bridlington in 1976 on one of our first early dates, now been married for 45 years to the same beautiful woman

  20. It has to be “Under The Boardwalk “ .
    I first heard this great song by the Stones , then later by the Drifters. I used to go to Bournemoth and sit under the pier and sing this song and think I was in LA or somewhere exotic!

  21. My favourite Drifters song is ‘Come on Over to my Place’ because it has an epic tune and makes you wanna dance

  22. Under the boardwalk

    I used to listen to this all the time when I was first dating my beau (now hubby) reminds me if our holidays by the sea together!

  23. Up on the roof. The words just sum life up ‘ When this old world starts getting you down” Great lyrics & melody. I loved Robson & Jerome’s version too in the 90’s

  24. Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters was one of the first 45 records I bought with my first monthly pay at 16 years old.. we used to play it on my sisters Dansette record player…and sing along and dance around the bedroom !
    I still have the record!

  25. Kissing in the back row of the movies. Such a nostalgic song. Can’t do that now as full of kids and popcorn. Lol

  26. Met my wife and danced to save the last dance to me, 45 years ago. Played it as t our wedding, it’s our song

  27. I like Fools Fall in Love because the lyrics are very clever and they remind you not to take yourself too seriously.

  28. Saturday night at the movies is favourite although I love all of their songs and I would love to see them in London, thank you for the opportunity.

  29. “Under the Boardwalk” is my favourite Drifter’s song. The music is so infectious and happy. I bet there was a lot of fun on the blanket by the sea!!
    You can feel the real holiday spirit from the lyrics and the music.

  30. Under the boardwalk is my favourite as it reminds me of being on holiday years ago enjoying time with my partner on and under ventnor pier!

  31. Under the boardwalk is my husband and my favourite as we sing along together whenever we hear that song , the drifters are amazing and it would be a lovely special night together for my husband and I to enjoy if I won.

  32. ‘come on over to my place’ I was singing it in a cinema corridor. A voice said ‘O.K. where is it’
    The young man that said it became my husband. Still classified as ‘our song’

  33. Stand by me has to be my favourite Drifters song as I have been happily married to my wife for over 50 years and she has stood by me for all those years. ( Or put up with me for over 50 years)

  34. Saturday Night at The Movies. One of the first records I bought when we had our first record player in 1964. It was played over and over again.

  35. Just love Under the Boardwalk. It just makes me think of the beach, sultry summer nights. I can almost smell suntan oil when I hear it.

  36. My favourite song is Under the Boardwalk. The lyrics are good and the tune is unforgettable. I remember a visit to the island just off Toronto and walking along the boardwalk there and what was I singing? The obvious….

  37. Kissin’ in the Back Row of the Movies is my favourite Drifters’ song as it brings back memories from many years ago and I can never resist singing along with it.

  38. Come on over to my place.
    This was such an upbeat, want to dance to, rhythm.
    It holds very special memories for me of a first love and all the ups and downs of such love.
    Would love to see it performed at The zdrifter’s Girl.

  39. It was the sixties, we’d just got married and Up on the Roof became “our song”,- it still is although my husband is no longer alive to enjoy it with me. From the original recordings of The Drifters we made tapes to enjoy in the car and on holiday and I still have a cherished tape that plays Up on the Roof. I keep this as my fondest memory of young love, dancing in the kitchen, and a magical decade.

  40. My favourite song is Under The Boardwalk. When my children were small we used to love The Drifters they grew up listening to their music on a Sunday it brings back so many memories.

  41. Under the boardwalk is my favourite song. I used to sing it over and over again. I reminds me of happy times

  42. Up on the roof is my favourite, the lyrics are still so appropriate today and is a great wind down song. Over the decades it comes back time and time again.

  43. Saturday Night at the Movies is my favourite, because we didn’t care what picture we saw, it was the best time to go with my boyfriend, sharing popcorn holding hands and kissing on the back row.

  44. Under the Boardwalk – loved this song as a child without really knowing what a boardwalk was. Then I have been lucky enough as an adult to visit the States several times and walk along boardwalks. The penny dropped and I was able to walk along the boardwalk singing this great Drifters song. Great memories made!

  45. Has to be ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ a more romantic song would be hard to find. Timeless.

  46. On 19th June 1985 I gave birth to our daughter Charlotte. The shift had just changed over and I was drinking a much deserved cup of tea. The midwife asked did I mind the radio going on – radio 2. I didn’t and the first song up was ‘When my little Girl is Smiling’ by the Drifters. Has to be my favourite song ever.

  47. Under the Boardwalk. My introduction Black American music, and the inspiration, forerunner and Herald to Tamla Motown artists that were to follow

  48. I was 18 and every Saturday night I went to the dance at Malvern Winter Gardens. I caught the eye of a handsome young man but he didn’t ask me to to dance and I was certainly too shy to ask him! So I took to the floor with a few girl friends and a few spotty young men But finally “Save the last dance for me” started to play and “he” came across and muttered “Want to dance ?”. Of course I agreed but what a let down – he had a Brummy accent and bad breath! I declined his offer to walk me home but I will always remember that song.

  49. Saturday Night At The Movies! Love this song. In my younger days I was an usher in the Theatre and The Drifters came to play one Saturday night, we danced in the aisles all night.

  50. Save the Last Dance was my favourite, just on that song had to start buying their albums back in those vinyl days

  51. It has to be “Under the Boardwalk”! We used to go to the Mecca ballroom on the “boardwalk” our pier in Southampton to dance the night away in the late 60s early 70s. Sadly the pier has mostly fallen into Southampton water. 😥. Still I made up for the the memory by going to Santa Monica and walking the boardwalk to see Cirque de Soleil and the seat where Forest Gump sat. 😂. Memories are wonderful.

  52. There goes my first love

    This song brings back happy times ,my mum loved this song…held so many memories for her

  53. Save the Last Dance is my favourite as it reminds me of my mum dancing to it. It brings goosebumps to my arms just thinking of her dancing and singing to it. Sadly, she has been gone a long time. She was ‘The Drifter’s (original) Girl in my mind.

  54. Save the Last Dance – brings back memories me of my teens and our school discos. Being an all girl’s school, they used to invite the local all boy’s school along to it. This song was usually the last dance. Got to see the Drifters play this at an RAF Officers Ball about 25 years ago, amazing.

  55. I love all the drifters songs but my favourites is like sister and brother as it reminds me of a lad that I worked with many years ago .when we were secretly see each other and did not want any one to know.

  56. Save the last dance for me. Reminds me of happy days and nights at the Palais. Oh to be young again 🙂

  57. Has to be Saturday night at the movies.Takes me back so much.Got me singing the song now and looking up the video .such a feel good song

  58. “Back row of the movies” brings back memories of the double seats in the back row of the Ritz cinema.

  59. My favourite Drifter’s song is When my little girl is smiling. My mum had this single and she said that I would identify a song by the colour of the label and give it to her to play.

  60. My parents were against my husband and I getting together. Our relationship was interracial. It was us against the world. We spent many Saturday nights at the movies in 1969/70 and it was always a favourite song. We’re still going strong after 53 years together, 52nd marriage anniversary in November. We have 2 daughters and 2 Granddaughters.

  61. So many great songs, so hard to choose one! Think I’ll choose Down on the Beach Tonight, but love them all really. Would be great to see The Drifters Girl.

  62. I love many Drifters songs, but I think my favourite is probably Saturday Night at the Movies, as it is so jolly and lively.

  63. Kissing in the back row of the movies has to be one of my favourite Drifters songs. It epitomises the 70s; makes me feel young again and just has a really good upbeat sound to it

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