July 2024: Win a six-month flower subscription

Please note: this prize draw is now closed.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful bunch of flowers to brighten your day, and brighten your home. Whether it’s the scent of lilies filling the living room or the sight of sunflowers warming the dining room, a colourful bloom is sure to bring a smile this summer.

So, for this month’s prize draw, we’re giving one lucky Silver Traveller the chance to receive not just one fresh flower delivery, but a monthly bunch for the next six months!

This lovely seasonal bloom subscription is here to bring a bit of cheer and delight to the everyday. The flower stems will arrive in bud ready to burst to life within 48 hours, so you can make the most of their long-lasting bloom and will be delivered through your letterbox, so you never need to worry about missing a delivery.

Every 28 days for six deliveries, the exact bouquet and contents will be a surprise hand-picked by expert florists using special seasonal stems for a varied and beautiful bloom you will enjoy for weeks to come.

How delightful!

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Silver Travel Advisor – July 2024 prize drize

  1. The prize includes a six-month seasonal bloom flower subscription – courtesy of Silver Travel Advisor.
  2. The prize draw is open to residents of the UK, aged 18 years or over, except employees of Silver Travel Advisor and their close relatives, partners or friends and anyone otherwise connected with the organisation of the prize draw.
  3. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this prize draw.
  4. By entering this prize draw, an entrant is indicating his/her/their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  5. This competition is not in any affiliation with any other company or the flower subscription provider.
  6. The prize is as stated, and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. The prize is non-transferable and is subject to availability.
  7. If a winner does not claim their prize within one week, the prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be selected.
  8. By entering the prize draw each entrant accepts that the winner’s name and city of residence may be used for promotional purposes by Silver Travel Advisor.
  9. No responsibility is accepted for entries, notices, acceptances, tickets, goods or other documentation lost or delayed in the post.
  10. Winners will be solely responsible for any tax liability incurred as a result of this offer. The organisers’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered.
  11. Entries for the prize draw will be accepted until the closing date 31st July 2024.
  12. The winner will be notified in early August 2024, and full details of how to receive the prize will given at that time.
  13. Images are for illustration purposes only and are not representative of the exact flowers offered as part of this prize draw.

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208 Responses

  1. Starlette Lilly – The burst of colour combination that explodes from this flower is truly mesmerising to view

  2. Very difficult choice; zinnias are my favourite annual as they are bright and butterflies are attracted to them but parrot tulips are hard to beat for a special spring bouquet.

  3. Has to be snowdrops, pushing their way through frozrn ground to tell us ” here comes spring”

  4. If I can only choose one it has to be giant sunflowers, so much joy to watch grow, huge sunny blooms and the seeds attract birds in autumn.

  5. Daffodils are my favourite as they pop up after a nasty winter cheering us with their lovely colour.
    Also it’s a Welsh flower and as my son was born on 1st March – St. david’s Day – he always gets (and really loves) a bunch of daffodils on his Birthday!

  6. I love any white flowers, especially lily of the valley which are delicate and smell beautiful.

    1. Roses are my favourite flowers, we have several in our garden, climbers, ramblers and shrub roses. Their fragrances are beautiful. They fill me with joy.

  7. My favourite is the daffodil – a sign that Spring is on the way – and particularly because I am a proud Welsh lady

  8. My favourite flower is Lily of the Valley as it reminds me of my Nan’s garden and the smell was just heavenly.

  9. I love fuschias! They come in so many pretty colours and formations, plus they have fabulous names!

  10. Agapanthus is our favourite flower. We first saw them in Jersey many years ago and then named our house after them . We then grew Agapanthus in our front garden and enjoy the beautiful blue flowers every Summer. Lily of the Nile!

  11. My favourite flower is the daffodil. It heralds the spring and I will always buy my wife the first bunch I see for sale so as we can enjoy them opening at home.

  12. My favourite flowers are gladioli as my mother used to grow them on her allotment and our house was always full of them

  13. My favourite flowers are gladioli as my mother used to grow them on her allotmaent and our house was always full of them

  14. Forget-me-nots remind me of my dearly departed Mother. They grew all over her garden & are the Alzheimer’s Society appeal emblem, which I support as my lovely Mum was diagnosed with the terrible condition.

  15. My peony is over a hundred years old started by my grandmother, it travels well and has been grown all over England. Our son and daughter have a piece of it so it should go on forever.

  16. I love a lot of different flowers so much but my top ones have to be ranunculus, roses, peonies, pansies and tulips just too many beautiful ones that I can’t decide on just one!!

  17. Jersey Lilies – Their pink flowers, in my front garden in the autumn, draw a great deal of comments of admiration from passersby.

  18. PEONIES – as so beautiful and the memories they bring to me of my Mother. Such a short lived flower but so so precious you want to stop time.

  19. Dahlias, the variety of size an colour is fantastic, they were my fathers favourite flower, we had loads in the garden at home.

  20. How to choose just one when I love so many?!? Maybe the daisy. Love seeing the joy it brings to so many who make daisy chains, or decorate things with them. Such a beautiful, sweet, simple flower that looks lovely as a little posy, and also so accessible.

  21. Sweet peas – cut and come again with a heady scent and range of colours – excellent for display at home

  22. Lillies they are so elegant with lovely smell & they remind me of Princess Diana. (the floral display in Harrods window)

  23. My favourite flower is the stralitzia or bird of paradise. It’s such a beautiful tropical flower that looks modern in arrangements. It stands out for me.

  24. The fragrant but oh so short lasting Lily of the Valley. Really wanted them in my bridal bouquet, at the age of 67, but the florist denied she would be unable to obtain them. Such disappointment!

  25. I love sunflowers & their happy faces, they are a symbol hope and warmth, bringing positivity and strength . I’m an anthophile so it was difficult to chose a favourite.

  26. Got to be alstroemeria. Exotic and beautiful, easy to grow in the garden, flowers for months and lasts well as cut flowers.

  27. All flowers are beautiful, but scented varieties like Dianthus (Pinks) are my particular favourite

  28. I love the old English roses in particular, they are usually very large, full blooms and are full of fragrance. All roses are beautiful of course but I do have my favourites!
    One we have in our garden is Super Star, a large salmon deep pink bloom with such a captivating scent. You cannot seem to buy it any more but every year we have fantastic blooms, long may it continue.

  29. My absolute favourite flower is the humble daffodil, it tells me that sunny days are just around the corner!

  30. Tulips
    Tulips in the garden
    Tulips in the park
    But the tulips I like best
    Are the two lips in the dark


  31. Really love Sweet Peas – the smell, the delicate look of them, also they were my Mum’s favourite who is sadly not with us.

  32. I love roses as they have their own special scent and remind me of my mother, who loved them so much.

  33. Freesia’s are my favourite flower. Their aroma is amazing and always puts me in a beautiful mood
    I had Freesia’s in my wedding bouquet.

  34. Lily of the Valley. These flowers were in my mum’s wedding bouquet and we had them in her funeral flowers. I took a cutting from her garden to plant in mine and every year I love to see them in bloom.

  35. My favourite flowers to grow are geraniums. They have different and strong colours, require little effort and don’t take offence if you don’t water them. They provide copious flowers that light up any house however dull

  36. I have always loved roses, especially tea roses – the pinks and yellows look fantastic and they all have a wonderful perfume.

  37. I have a huge mock orange I planted as a stem 30 years ago. Every June it it a riot of the loveliest, sweetest perfumed flowers. This is my favourite by far!

  38. Freesias. The scent takes me back to the birth of our first child.I had been admitted to hospital earlier and my mother gave me a bunch of freesias to put on my locker. The warmth in the ward released the most wonderful scent that filled the room. Every time I catch the aroma it takes me back to that moment in my life.

  39. I adore roses, I remember my nans garden was full of of stunning blooms, their scent was intoxicating. My favourite one in my garden is Blue Moon, while it can be tricky to look after, it never fails to impress, with it’s delicate lilac/pink petals and amazing scent.

  40. Gerberas because as a child I remember my Mum searching them out. How theatrical they are.

    1. I LOVE white lilies! My grandmother carried a solitary one on her wedding day – and she was so very special to me. Their unmistakable fragrance instantly reminds me of her.

  41. Dandelions! They’re joyful, tenacious and full of goodness, they never fail to make me smile. My mum used to say I was like a dandelion, not sure if that was a complement or not, mmmm?

  42. My favourite flower is a yellow rose. When I was ten, my late father was trying to grow a rose bush in our small orchard. It never did well. At Christmas, he popped out for a minute and brought in a most beautiful, fragrant yellow rose. The only one it ever grew and at such a cold time of year.

  43. My favourite flower is carnations because they look and smell amazing but that’s not the only reason why I love them so much. They were my Grans favourite flower and every year on her wedding anniversary while he was alive my Grandad would cycle miles along busy roads (he didn’t drive) to the nearest florist (which was also a garden centre) to buy her a bouquet of them. When my Gran passed away I was on holiday in Nice during their Carnival period and during the daytime carnival processions they throw flowers from the floats and I managed to catch just one flower which happened to be a beautiful light yellow carnation. Later on after returning to my hotel room I saw a very cryptic message on Facebook from one of my sisters, so I called home and they broke the news to me that my beloved Gran had passed away earlier that day, I was completely heartbroken so cut my holiday short and flew home the next day on the earliest flight I could get, sobbing my heart out and holding my carnation in my hand the whole time. I dried the carnation out and still have it sat on my shelf placed in a little brass ornament that used to be my Grans 5 years later.

    1. My favourite flowers are Freesia’s, they have a beautiful fragrance, such a lovely delicate shape to them and most of all I had them in my wedding bouquet 50 years ago!

  44. I absolutely love jasmine I love the little white delicate flowers and beautiful aroma I planted one at my door and weaved it in an arch on summer nights the smell when I open my door evokes lovely memories for me

  45. Sunflowers hold a very special.place in my heart. They were my mums favourite flower. When she passed away we placed a beautiful sunflower on her coffin off her great grandchildren. When I look at a sunflower it reminds me how beautiful my mum was, always bright and happy. She brought light and life into any room just like the sunflower 🌻.

  46. Sweet Peas – their delicate frilled petals are always in fashion, smothering any space with amazing colour and welcoming tones of sensational, exquisite scents.

  47. My favourite flowers are sweet peas as they give a splash of colour and when cut scent a room .

  48. Lilies, my beloved mum was called Lily and just like lilies she was tall and beautiful. My daughter has planned to put lilies into her wedding floral display, how sweet!

  49. Has to be carnations, for a sweet smelling, long lasting flower great on their own or as part of a bouquet.

  50. used to be freesias but the lovely smell seems to have almost gone ,so now it’s chrysanthemums as i love the autumn colour ones and reminds me of my mum as i always bought same for her. She died a month before lockdown ,age 92y, so avoided all the horrors of that time.

  51. Peonies are my all time favourite. We had them in our garden
    when I was growing up. They look gorgeous and definitely
    have that feel good feeling when I’m around them.

  52. Sunflower is my ultimate favourite flower! They’re so bright and beautiful. And they tend to be around during the start of my favourite season – Autumn.

  53. Anemones, they are so beautiful in the spring. As a young girl I would buy a bunch for sixpence for my mum.

  54. Proteas – they are beautiful when fresh and when they dry off can be used to make amazing, dried flower arrangements. You really get full value from them!

  55. Roses (my namesake), particularly English roses with their evocative fragrance and repeat flowering blooms.

  56. I love eryngium otherwise known as sea Holly as they have the most beautiful purple stems and heads.

  57. Rose called Gertrude Jekyll = double rose, glorious colour, repeat flowering, wonderful scent – all you could ask in a flower!!

  58. Daffodils are my favourite for their gorgeous colours and of course they’re the national flower of Wales.

  59. Sunflowers are one of our favourite flowers, because they remind us of sunny days in France in our caravan.

  60. Alstroemeria is my favourite flower – it goes on flowering all summer and lasts for ages in a vase. Lovely warm colours too! Great for the border or for pots. A definite winner!

    1. Roses all the way, especially tea roses. They’re classically beautiful and the scent is gorgeous.

  61. My favourite flower is the Forget Me Not. It’s often overlooked, but I think it’s so cute with a beautiful shade of blue that it always brings a smile to my face.

  62. Lillies are my favourite flower because I love the smell of them that fills the room – unfortunately my daughter is sensitive to the smell so I have to cut the smelly bit out.

  63. I love daffodils. They are so cheap to buy and look just as amazing as the dearest bunch of flowers if not better. I love seeing them in spring out in the garden too. It makes everything so fresh and inviting and happy looking!

  64. My favourite flower is a Peony because they are so beautiful and are available in so many different pretty colours.

  65. Ranunculus – because they remind me of my Mum, it was her one of her favourite flowers, but we know them as shrivelled up spiders as that it what they looked like when she tipped them out of the packet.

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