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Every month we send out two newsletters, a magazine-style version at the beginning of the month, full of news and interesting stories about travel and cruise. You’ll find out about the latest holiday happenings, read reports from our expert writers on new destinations, ships and hotels as well as receive all the details of our monthly holiday prize and other competitions.

At the end of the month, we send out the special offer newsletter, which is jam-packed full of deals, discounts and added-value opportunities, for couples, singles, families and groups. You may be looking to grab a last minute good-value break, planning ahead to take advantage of early booking offers or seeking out upgrades or free flights – this is where you’ll find those money-saving, pound-stretching holidays. There are exclusive offers for members of the Silver Travel Club (join here for free) and even more offers for all on our website too.

If you’d like a copy of our latest magazine, Silver Traveller, full of ideas and articles on holidays in the UK and around the world, request one here.

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