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Currensea allows you to spend in every currency regardless of the destination. Automatically make savings every time you spend. Your money is safe in your existing bank account until you decide to spend it.
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DiamondAir are the ultimate pioneers of an innovative and exclusive passenger assistance concept at airports and train stations. Our services available in over 600 destinations globally now incorporate Covid safe travel measures.
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Driving Miss Daisy provides a safe, friendly and reliable driving and companion service for people unable or not wishing to drive. We cater for wheelchairs and walkers and always offer a supporting arm if required.
Why not start your holiday a day earlier by staying overnight in a conveniently located airport hotel? This is a very good idea if you have an early check-in and gives you more time to rest before a long day ahead.
Why not treat yourself to an airport lounge before you fly and enjoy relaxing away from the crowds with complimentary drinks and snacks for up to three hours. The perfect way to start your holiday even before you take-off!
Why not pre-book your airport parking to save money and time? There are lots of different options available. Holiday Extras offer everything you need to complement your holiday.
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MediPAL is designed for anyone who takes medications and/or has a medical history. It is a hardwearing waterproof plastic card displaying clearly an emergency contact, medication details and medical history, which can be kept in a wallet or purse or held in a clear plastic wallet on a lanyard.