Win a voucher worth £1,000 for a self-catering cottage at Tregothnan in Cornwall

October 2021 Prize Draw

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Pencreek Cottage

We’ve all been loving our staycations this year and this month we are offering a prize that will take our winner to the Tregothnan estate in the south of Cornwall. Situated on the River Fal, a deep sea creek, the gardens here are a botanical wonder with many extraordinarily rare plants, which flourish due to the local micro-climate.

Add to this the remarkable tea plantation on the surrounding estate, where Tregothnan is the first-ever English tea company to have created a range of black tea, green tea and herbal infusions home-grown on British soil. Cornish tea leaves are blended with the finest leaves from Assam and Darjeeling to create a range of distinctive flavours.

Shepherd's HutSituated along the water’s edge are 7 Wild Escape cottages and a Shepherd’s Hut, absolutely perfect for a magical holiday, year round, beside the river, set in plum orchards. Whether you are a couple, group of friends or family, these traditional, characterful, dog-friendly properties are beautifully furnished with all the pretty and practical finishing touches that create a sense of luxury and harmony. Comfortable beds, really well-equipped kitchens and quality garden furniture mean you may never want to leave. This is a place to breathe out and relax. As for the views, they are breathtaking across the river to rural tranquillity. You might want to try out kayaks, paddle boards or rowing boats whilst you’re here: the river calls out to be explored.

Further afield is Cornwall’s county capital city, Truro which is a pleasing mix of old and new, with independent craft and artisan food shops, alongside High Street stores. And the southern Cornish coast is just waiting to be discovered, there are a plethora of coves and inlets, all warmed by the Gulf Stream so exotic plants and gardens feature throughout the region. 

Our winner will receive a voucher worth £1,000 for a Wild Escapes holiday or short break at Tregothnan, to be used by December 2022. The only thing to decide is who you’ll take with you!          


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119 people found this feature helpful

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  • SingingRingingTree
    about 2 hours ago
    I really loved the review of the SU29 Boutique Hotel Valletta.

    Fingers crossed for a win to celebrate retirement!
  • AndyMc
    about 4 hours ago
    This would be fantastic, haven't been to Cornwall for years!
  • Ruth
    about 5 hours ago
    What a delightful place to stay and I'd love to try the English grown tea.
  • elainestravels
    about 12 hours ago
    I returned on Friday from staying at this exact cottage. Fabulous location and standard, but beware the open plan bathroom
  • barney
    about 23 hours ago
    many years since our last visit to Cornwall so this would be amazing.
  • Marmite
    1 day ago
    Wow! Looks amazing
  • Tabbaz
    1 day ago
    a lovely lovey prize - thanks again for the chance
  • Topcat
    1 day ago
    Fabulous prize, thanks for the opportunity to win.
  • Wulfrunian
    1 day ago
    A wonderful idea for family reunion
    1 day ago
    What a great prize. Thank you for the chance.
  • steadius
    1 day ago
    excellent comp !!
  • dragonfly63
    1 day ago
    A fantastic prize from a really useful site. Thanks.
  • Nanjula
    1 day ago
    A great relaxing holiday
  • Nanjula
    1 day ago
    great prize
  • hearmon
    1 day ago
    What a lovely prize in a beautiful part of the world.
  • ccccc
    1 day ago
    love to go to cornwall
  • StephenDoughty
    1 day ago
    I saw the Tea Plantation on Susan Calman's Grand Day Out programme on Channel 5 last night.
  • AnaT
    1 day ago
    Would love to go back to Cornwall again, I have so many happy childhood memories there. We never went anywhere else!
  • Jolie58
    1 day ago
    Would love to holiday with my family in this part of Cornwall - it looks so relaxing
  • LynetteH
    1 day ago
    Such a lovely area to holiday with the family. We love Cornwall and are excited to find places where we can see areas that we don’t often get to visit.
  • snoweydog
    2 days ago
    This sounds like my kind of relaxing holiday, in wonderful Cornwall.
  • cozitsme
    2 days ago
    This would be great to spend time with my family, due to work and Covid I've hardly seen them over the last 18 months
  • SteveP
    3 days ago
    Looks like a great prize and a really relaxing location to get away from it all!
  • Joodee
    3 days ago
    This looks like an idyllic setting, a total getaway from a hectic life.
  • Ruby_4
    3 days ago
    What a wonderful prize.I was bought up in Cornwall & would love a relaxing holiday there.