Why is Adventure Travel So Popular?

There’s no doubt about it, adventure travel is having a moment – and we can see why. It’s not just that the pandemic prompted us to rethink how we live and inspired a thirst for travel. People are now staying healthier, living for longer and can access remote places like never before.

You might have thought that adventure travel was just for those in their 20s but in this blog post, we’ll show you why it’s a fantastic way to experience the world at any age.

The thrill of the unknown

Adventure travel opens up an exciting world of intense experiences, away from the hum-drum of everyday life. As you grow older, you might also have the sense that there’s no time to lose. You’ve worked hard for decades in a career or bringing up a family and perhaps you’d like to remind yourself that you’ve still got adventure in you. The thrill of the unknown lets us know that we’re grabbing life with both hands and living it with no regrets.

The opportunity to connect with nature

Research has shown that nature experiences reduce stress and boost attention. Since adventure travel and nature go hand in hand, it’s no wonder that this type of travel is such a positive experience. Other studies have revealed that exercise is easier for us to do in green spaces and that viewing natural beauty releases endorphins.

We tend to be drawn to, and feel positive about, things that aid our survival which is why trees and other natural elements lift our mood. This type of travel offers a great opportunity to connect to nature with all these positive benefits.

The chance to make new friends and try new activities

Adventure travel is all about having a go at new things, plus you’ll meet like-minded others who are putting themselves out there too. Sharing these kinds of experiences brings you closer together as you share highs and lows and help each other to face and overcome new challenges. Experiencing adventure in a group is something special and creates a unique bond with others. 

The ability to step out of your comfort zone

Travelling opens your mind to things you’ve probably never seen or come across before. Perhaps it’s haggling for a tuk-tuk in India, the physical challenge of a mountain bike ride across stunning scenery or learning a new cooking skill in a new place. As you rise to these challenges and meet new people, so your confidence expands and this will stay with you long after you’ve returned home. 

Stepping out of your usual comfort zone also heightens self-awareness and gives you a sense of your “inner self”. You are likely to find that you become more curious and begin to see the world with entirely new eyes, realising that there’s always room to learn new things. 

The intense self-awareness that comes from trying something new can be addictive. It’s the reason that mountain climbers and adventurers constantly look for new challenges.

What age groups are suited to adventure travel?

You might think it’s all about people in their 20s but adventure travel in your 50s and 60s can be a great idea. This woman and her husband created a wonderful lifestyle by selling everything and travelling the world in their 50s. It opened up huge opportunities and saw them realise some lifelong ambitions, but you don’t need to go to those extremes. 

If you’re going to enjoy adventure travel, the main thing is your positive temperament rather than your age. 

Are there any limitations on adventure travel for older generations?

In terms of finding travel insurance, sometimes age can be a factor so you need to ensure you have a comprehensive policy in place. However, rather than looking at age as a limitation, we’d say it’s a positive. If you’re retired then you can take things more slowly and really immerse yourself in a culture, rather than having to cram everything into a short holiday before you return to work. 

One thing’s for sure: just because you’re another year older, it doesn’t mean that your sense of adventure has to diminish. When it comes to adventure travel, a successful trip is much more about attitude than age.

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