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by JR P via are living longer these days, we all know that, but it isn’t just that their lifespan has increased, people packing more into their twilight years than ever before. Travel is the main area where more mature travellers are turning their backs on the traditional holiday, and exerting a sense of adventure many have suppressed for decades.

Holiday cottages have long been an accommodation type favoured by families and couples as they are the ultimate providers of both privacy and freedom. These are also becoming increasingly popular with the over 50s, both at home and abroad, as they allow people to come and go as they please. Hiking and cycling holidays are no longer restricted to the young; they are now also enthusiastically pursued by the young at heart.

There is no reason why age should stop anyone having the kind of holiday they want. Adventure holidays are great for all ages, and the older traveller in particular is very well catered for in this area. Diving, rafting, kayaking and climbing are just some of the many activities readily available for those who want more from their holiday than wandering along a seafront eating an ice cream.

There are, of course, adventure holidays for the mature traveller to far flung, exotic locations, but these are all organised tours with itineraries etc and accommodation thrown in. This is fine if you want to go and explore new places as part of a large group and have it all planned out for you, but the activity holidays where you do what you want when you want is very appealing to the over 50s.

Anyone who has ever hired holiday cottages will pay testament to the fact that if you have spent a long day exploring, or taking part in activities, it is wonderful to have somewhere to return to at the end of the day. There are no meal times to be tied to, no worrying about noisy neighbours in the next room, and, as they are widely available, both by the coast in the countryside you will have no problems finding one that perfectly suits your needs.

These homes away from home are now the first type of holiday accommodation thousands search for, and with so many great websites offering a huge choice of cottages you can find one at your leisure without any pressure. Ranging from one bedroom up to a multitude if there is a group of you going, these are set in some of the most scenic and idyllic spots you can imagine, and give you the freedom to discover some of the most outstanding areas of natural beauty you can imagine.

Ultimately, everyone has their own idea of what they want from a holiday. There are those who are perfectly happy to fly to Benidorm every year but there are a growing number who want a bit more from their trip.

Don’t be put off in any way if you have a condition that restricts the activities you can take part in, the whole point of a cottage holiday is that you can go with the flow. You may wake up one day and want to take a countryside or coastal walk, then the next day you may be feeling the effects and just want to relax in the garden. This is the beauty of this kind of holiday, you call the shots and do what you want to do, resulting in a holiday that is tailor made for you.

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