Spring In Your Step – Visiting Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, TurkeyTaking a vacation in Turkey is always a terrific option when you’re looking for something that little bit different from a holiday destination. You can splash out and live the high life, or instead opt for saving some money on your travel with cheap holidays in 2014. Either way, it doesn’t matter because you’ll still have a top time. One part of Turkey that particularly stands out is Pamukkale, which literally translates as “Cotton Castle” but is also commonly known as the Cotton Mountains. For those that want to sample the delights of a hot spring it is a magical place to visit. If you want to sample the delights of a hot spring, it’s the place to visit.

Where is it?

Pamukkale sits in the Inner Aegean region of south-west Turkey, with the nearest city, Denizli, being around 65km away. The Denizli-Cardak Airport is located here, although most international travellers will pass through Istanbul to get there (why not stop off for a few days and visit this famous city too?). Shuttle services are available from the airport to get to Pamukkale, with a small village just to the south having the closest accommodation.

Why not visit the main attraction?

The travertine terraces site features a series of pristine white stone terraces known as travertines. The stone is deposited from hot water flowing out of volcanic springs and over the years this has created many pools filled with mineral-enriched water. This area’s beauty is one of many reasons to visit and there are some incredible stone formations to see. The area has also been used as a natural spa for thousands of years and many people come to bathe in the hot pools. It’s now a protected World Heritage Site and visitors must walk barefoot and stay on the main pathway. Some of the smaller pools are still open for bathing and anyone that wants to do this should bring suitable swimwear. 

What about the rest?

Hierapolis AmphitheatreThe Roman city of Hierapolis once stood at the top of the slope above Pamukkale and many of its buildings can still be seen. The most famous is an amphitheatre, which was capable of holding up to 12,000 people in its heyday. Guided tours of the city and the terraces are available during the day and the cool of the evening. If you prefer an easier route, you can take the bus to the top of the slope and walk back down.

Pamukkale’s white travertines are a sight to behold, as is Turkey itself. The country may be one with plenty of history, but it’s also one that has outstanding natural beauty. If you want experiences to take away and stay with you, you want Turkey.

Images by chrisobayda and eleephotography, used under Creative Commons license.

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