A guide to successful holidays with your grandchildren

Days out with the grandchildrenGrandchildren are one of the best bits about getting older. Like having children all over again, but without the responsibility, enjoying time with grandkids can be extremely rewarding. One of the best ways of spending time with grandchildren is to take them away on a holiday with you. What better way to bond with cherished loved ones than on a shared trip or adventure? Read on for tips, suggestions and ideas for making holidays with your grandchildren a surefire success.

Formulate a plan

Involve your grandchildren in planning the holiday. Listen to their views on places to go and things to do; you don’t want to take them somewhere they’ll hate, equally, it’s your holiday too, so a little compromise might be necessary at some point. However, decide together where to go as this sets a sharing and inclusive tone for the holiday and should help ensure a great outcome. Ask what activities interest them and which places excite them, you may be surprised by the answers. Some kids might want to take a completely different kind of holiday than those they enjoy with their parents; for example, a sophisticated city break might appeal far more than a rough and tumble activity holiday like they have with mom and dad, which could be good news for granny and grandpa.

Getting there

Traveling can be exhausting at the best of times and with grandchildren in tow it won’t be any easier. Think about how long you want to be in transit. Choosing air travel over car journeys will shorten the amount of time spent traveling as well as opening up the number of destinations available. Consider purchasing air tickets from Flights.com if you want to stretch your wings and travel further from home. Children will find air travel, boat trips or train journeys more exciting than road trips because of the novelty value, and if you aren’t driving, there will be more time to enjoy the scenery with the kids and generally share in their holiday excitement and anticipation. Getting there can be half the fun of the holiday, so an interesting mode of travel will earn you cool grandparent points, right from the start.

Something for everyone

Days out with the grandchildrenA holiday should be enjoyable for all, not just the kids, so consider options that have dual appeal. An ocean cruise with the grandchildren would offer multiple activities for children of all ages whilst giving grandparents a bit of what they like in a holiday too. Modern cruise-liners are like floating holiday activity centers, with plenty of child-oriented diversions. From rock climbing walls to surf machines, discos, toddler activities and water slides, a cruise holiday offers the convenience of all-in fixed accommodation and dining budgets, as well as a constant choice of fun activities to choose from.

Alternatively, why not consider glamping? If outdoor camping is a bit rough and ready for you these days, try your hand at glamping. It’s like camping but with all the bad bits removed. Enjoy luxurious beds and facilities in tents that are kitted out to the highest specification, with heating, showers, cookers and fridges. A tent with all mod cons offers the best of both worlds because the kids will enjoy being close to nature and indulging their fantasies and you will appreciate the comfort of five star luxuries under canvas.

No matter what your age, the charm of living on a farm is irresistible. Seek out working farms that welcome families with children. Often run as successful farms and holiday businesses in tandem, many offer swimming pools and other extras on site. Combining fun and educational visits to the animals, healthy farm cooked meals and plenty of fresh air and exercise, a stay on a working farm will produce the happiest shared memories.

Granny’s ground rules for holidays with grandchildren

Before you depart on holiday make clear to children that your funds are not unlimited. There are sure to be times when souvenirs, trinkets, special activities and other treats will be desired, but be firm and consistent and they’ll soon give up trying to extort money from you.

Successful holidays with your grandchildren are all about finding something that everyone can enjoy. For a fun and relaxed time together, consider trips with lots of activities, combined with a high level of comfort and facilities for the adults. Childhood memories of family holidays remain vivid all our lives; so let’s create some happy, laughter-filled moments to treasure together.

Mini Guide for all the generations

Our mini-guide, packed full of ideas about travelling with grandchildren, is available free. We can send it out in the post or you can view it online or download it – take a look here.

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