Northern Lights Cruise with Saga – Chapter 2

Chasing the Lights

Dreams do come true! Yes they do. Wow and amazing are words so often overused. But not here. Above our heads the magical Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are treating us to something so very special. They are all around the ship – a full 360 degree panoramic view. And for once majestic SAGA PEARL II is an insignificant bystander in this wonderful 3D display.

Saga Pearl IISome passengers cry. I almost do. Crying never did anyone any harm. A release of emotion. A delicious tingle goes down my back and my hairs stand up.

Like most things in life it starts slowly. Finger-like plumes emerge from nowhere and gradually pick up tempo and imagination. Extraordinary shapes, beautifully un-choreographed. It’s like a giant spotlight shining into the sky with its beam dancing across the sky. “Look at me” it proclaims, “I can do this … and this … and this”. And a spectacular 3D display begins mesmerising, teasing and leading us in a merry dance. A slow waltz, then a quick step. Freestyle too.

Constantly moving, disappearing then reappearing often with increased intensity and boldness. Above and around our heads. Dancing across the jet black sky. You want to reach out and caress it. Swirling and skipping. Green curtains ripple across the sky – tinged at the lower edge with red. Colours jump and leap. A gigantic firework display all for us. It’s like an artist painting an abstract work of art at breakneck speed.

It’s minus 10 on deck. The frosty air pummelling our faces. But the intense cold is suddenly forgotten as this natural antidepressant instantly lifts our mood.

We can smell the sea. We inhale the icy fresh air.

Northern LightsA shooting star cuts through a night full of twinkling stars. A perfectly clear sky. Ghosts of seafaring Viking warriors, fisherman and oil workers glide across the water, silhouetted under a full moon.

Across the next four nights the lights keep coming – like invaders from a distant galaxy- and we are so privileged to be part of it. I have waited almost 60 years to see this phenomenon and we are in luck. Aurora Borealis rewards my patience by performing night after night. Every performance unique and spellbinding. Magnetic particles of pure joy.

As day turns into night searching for ‘the lights’ becomes almost an obsession. Up on deck as soon as it turns black, down again for evening meal. Quick let’s get back up on deck again once the coffee and petit fours have been served – we don’t want to miss anything. Thermal jacket, gloves, vests, hats all laid out on our beds for quick access.

We have been so lucky.  Many people come to search for Aurora Borealis and many go away failing to see anything. We have all seen so much. A magical warm glow inside. Things to treasure and remember for a lifetime. Life doesn’t get much better than this!  

Was this destined to become our trip of a lifetime? Maybe. It had started well. And as we journeyed through Norwegian waters this wonderful ship again and again delivered exceptional moments and surprises.

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