P&O Cruises Oceana: Norwegian Fjords – Ch. 2

Our travelling pharmacist Dave Harcombe, a cruise virgin, has chosen P&O Cruises for his first expedition on the high seas accompanied by his wife Babs. Dave’s first-timer blog is not to be missed.

Starlights - Oceana, P&O CruisesDave can’t believe what some people find to moan about

A customer came into the pharmacy this week. She had just come back from a fly/cruise in The Med. Did she enjoy it?

No came the reply.

The cabin was a long way from the restaurants and when she eventually got there she was over-faced with food. There was too much choice and just too much food to eat!

Two things spring to mind. Well it is a big ship. Yet she knew this when she booked it. And she didn’t have to eat it all. Did she?

It just proves my point. Some people moan for moaning sake. Or is it to try and get some compensation?

Today I had my tyre ripped to shreds by a pothole as big as a moon crater. That to me is something legitimate to moan about. In the weekend press other classic cruise complaints are listed.

Read these and be amazed and thankful that you don’t have these travellers on your cruise. Or maybe you did?

A couple from Yorkshire moaned that the staff  were so kind and helpful that it cost them too much money to tip them all. (Can’t be me then!)

A woman on a cruise from England blamed the cruise company for not reminding her to bring her passport. She said they should have texted her.!

A grumpy man moaned that “there were children in the swimming pool”. Where else? Did he want them to swim in the sea?

Pool Deck - Oceana, P&O CruisesOne woman said the loud sea prevented her from getting a good night’s sleep. She demanded but didn’t get a sound proof cabin.

On an Alaskan cruise, a man demanded compensation to buy some warm clothing as he had packed only “minimal clothing” for the expected hot weather. Alaska is the coldest U.S. state!

Take That madam. A girl moaned that she hadn’t seen Gary Barlow on her ship even though he had only once been on it and that was the year before.

And  my favourite.  A female who had booked on Celebrity Cruises demanded a refund because she hadn’t seen any celebrities on the ship.

Suddenly our choice on OCEANA for freedom dining seems to be a wise choice. Would you want to sit next to idiots like that?

In my opinion all of the above should be blindfolded and made to walk the plank into shark infested waters. Where is Captain Hook when you need him? Probably looking for Peter Pan on that mythical celebrity cruise!

Enjoy your cruising…

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